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Holy heck, it's been a while since I've actually posted something. Last thing I did was cancel something I had brewing up, but never got around to finishing. I'm quite sure most of the people who have been following me have left a while ago; however, I'm aiming to reinstate my activity here on GameSpot.


I can't current to that in this current, uh, form. So, to begin anew, I have started a new account where I will be hopefully be able to make blogs and other content on a weekly basis. I can't promise anything, as I've been dodgy in the past when it came to making blogs and such. I aim to review all kinds of games at least once or twice a month, keep you up to date with my gaming happenings (and am willing to relate them to yours!) and to be more social with those who own a Nintendo console or Steam.

The new account's name is Camzerker. I hope that we can have a great time chatting about video games. Thanks for reading.

PokeMonth Cancelled, Pondering Future

Something short. I've come to terms that the interface for the new GameSpot is dreadful, keeping up with friends on here is not only a hassle, but now an inconvenience due to the sites poor optimisation. As such, I've decided to cancel PokeMonth (on the day X/Y comes out, no less) due to these changes and the fact that I've noticed significantly less activity from friends and the site just in general. I know these changes were to benefit the community, but it's become more of a hindrance than anything. I'm also currently unsure of my future status on this site and the changes are contributing to this. We'll see what happens.

Oh, Wow (Ten Characters, Really?)

Unrelated to PokeMonth or something but... man. This looks really, really bad. This new interface will take time to adjust but first impressions aren't very good. On the bright side, I do like the new system for writing blogs. I'm assuming that it's buggy as all hell right now, so let's see if I can adjust quickly. Oh yeah, first blog of PokeMonth tomorrow. Kinda starting late, but school and personal life are things, too.

Ten characters for titles. C'mon.

Making Some Changes to PokeMonth

So, in the last post, I said that I would write fourteen blogs about several aspects of the Pokemon series. Today, I'm here to clarify that I will now be writing six blogs, one for every Generation. However, all fourteen original posts will now be crammed into six posts, so I'll discuss more than the games in the blogs for PokeMonth. I apologise about this, but since school is starting up in a couple of days, I will no longer have time to make consistent updates throughout the month.



PokeMonth: Introduction/Schedule

Welcome one and all to this series to celebrate Nintendo's flagship RPG and cockfighter: Pokemon. For seventeen years, Pokemon has been played by millions and millions of people worldwide, most in their childhood and still many well into adulthood. I've grown up with Pokemon since it was first released here in the west, living through every generation past and present It's been a huge part of my life, as if it was a sibling, friend or parent. Cards, figurines, anime, games and even hardware seem to have Pokemon everywhere. What's not to love about all of the creatures that developer Game Freak has blessed us with. With the number reaching over 700 as of the upcoming X and Y versions, it seems like Pokemon won't slow down any time soon.

The following is the schedule. No dates are set, to maintain an element of surprise, similar to shiny Pokemon:

  1. First Generation Lookback: Red/Blue/Yellow
  2. First Generation Spin-offs: Puzzle League/Pinball/Snap/Stadium
  3. Looking Back At The Anime
  4. Second Generation Lookback: Gold/Silver/Crystal
  5. Cinematic Joys -- The Movies
  6. I Trade You, Pikachu! -- Card Game Retrospective
  7. Third Generation Lookback: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen
  8. The Gamecube RPGs: Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness
  9. Becoming A Pokemon -- Mystery Dungeon Lookback
  10. Fourth Generation Lookback: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver
  11. The Online Experience of the Forth Generation
  12. Pokemon and Smash Bros
  13. Fifth Generation Lookback
  14. Welcoming the Sixth Generation

It will be quite the month for me and I'm hoping that you can all join me for PokeMonth.

Let's go on this journey together and become Pokemon Masters,



October is Pokemon Month! (PokeMonth)

To celebrate the release of Pokemon X/Y, I want to reflect on all of the games that have come out in the franchise and talk about what I liked and hopefully, what you liked too! I won't talk about the new games, because this'll be the first time where I don't get a brand new Pokemon game at launch, but let me know how it is and I'll give you a huge PokeHug~

Steam Machine

Well, Valve, looks like you'll be getting more of my money. I hope you're happy. (Because I am.)


And there's two more announcements to go from Valve. Hopefully a new IP will be one of them.

I've Been Marked By A Ninja

...And I'm loving it. Mark of the Ninja is perhaps my favourite game from the Humble Indie Bundle. I love the cartoon graphical style, the gameplay, the stealth -- especially the stealth. I'm someone who dislikes stealth since I'd rather go in guns ablazing unless the stealth mission at hand is simple. However, I've finally found a stealth game that's amazing and I implore those of you who haven't played it to try it out. Or buy the bundle, since you get great games with it and an iPhone game that's not on an iPhone.

I'll talk about all the games once the bonus games come around.

Humble Indie Bundle IX

Amazingly, I haven't seen a post about it on Gamespot yet, so I'd just like to say that the ninth Humble Indie Bundle is underway and the games for it are great (except for one that seems like an iPhone game). I've bought the pack, which makes it my first Humble Bundle purchase. I'll talk about the games in a later blog once I've tried them all out. The link for the bundle is below, so buy the bundle and contribute towards charity.