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Wii might have a problem Nintendo

Why in god's name do you have to stupid things like this? This is just...insane. Completely depriving your current console of good games until the end of the year is one thing but naming your next generation system a ridiculous name like Wii is another. Who in their right minds would name their product such a thing  ? I don't know whether this is a cruel joke on their part or if they actually want to alienate their fanbase. Practically being disappointed with the Gamecube, I'm really not even sure anymore how the RS will do in the next generation. This seems like deja vu all of again except with more third party support.

On an unrelated note, I completed Dreamfall five to six hours ago and the ending owned even though it was partly didn't explain enough and felt quite bland in sense.Since there might be a third TLJ game in the works it makes me feel all the more better regardless of it not being fully confirmed. Here goes to hoping  .

Great. Just Great

So some hours or so ago, I had recently bought Dreamfall and installed it. Well now it appears that when I try to start it up, I get an error saying "The application has failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found"  . I'm basically going to have to re-install the game now and hope nothing goes wrong a second time.

Upgraded my comp's speed by a bit today

Since I didn't go to school today, I decided to go to this local computer place. I did bring in my computer tower of course. Since it was a Dell, I couldn't or won't be able to switch out the motherboard like I wanted to resulting in me getting a second computer. While I was there, I got a RAM upgrade to a gig and a half.  Between now and April, I'm hoping the guys over at Altex can build me a new high end custom comp.


P.S. Today's my B-day. Praise me 8)

Went under the knife in the hospital today.

            Damn am I still tired. You would think you wouldn't after you were in the hospital 7 to 8 hours ago. Anyways the reason I had an operation is because I've been having this keloid on my left ear for some months or up to a year now since after I pierced my ear almost three years ago during spring break ( I wanted to try it for the hell of it and to impress). The keloid was bothering the hell out of me for a while until now that is. Last night after 11:30ish I couldn't drink or eat anything or else I would vomit when I was having surgery. 

             I left from my house at about seven something in the morning. Once we left and was on the road, the highway was PACKED. Seriously. It took us nearly 30 to 40 minutes ,I think, to get to the place because of that and we didn't know where it was. After we got there, we went up to the 200th suite and got me registered for the operation. We waited at least a good 5 or more minutes before they called me. I went in, undressed, put on patient clothes, and got on the usual hospital bed. The nurse I was with stuck an IV in me for use later. Once they got the right information down, it was off to the "room" as I'd like to call it. When I was in there, they put a "mask" on me to put me to sleep and the stuff that was in the IV to kick in or something. Then, an hour or two later, I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. I felt a little dazed since I was...well sedated and all. My left ear was hurting for a bit and had some blood coming from it (not rushing down if you think that). I thought I was going to stay in the hospital for a day longer but apparently I didn't have to :? . My family members helped me to get in a wheelchair and one of the nurses then strolled me outside. We didn't have to wait too long for my mother to get the car and drive along the pickup/drop off area.

             I'm still a little dazed from the surgery. It may take a while for me to fully be back to normal. For now, I'll take things easy a bit.



My computer got owned

Or at least I think it did, while looking at "stuff" I clicked on something that seemed to install a trojan. A ******* TROJAN!   Thankfully this problem can and might be fixed. Later

GS hates my OS

I haven't had this many IE crashes in a long while. It seems when ever I try and exit a topic here, IE crashes. What's the deal GS? Is there something going on with IE or do I need to switch to Firefox  ? Any help would be useful

Son of a...

I'm pissed. Just when I was done doing the last race with Webster in NFS Most Wanted, the god damn game freezes on me. ****.

What in the bloody hell?

So for the past 3 or so hours I've been running a scan checking for viruses in Norton Antivirus. After the scan was complete, there were 6 detected which 3 of them read: Adware.GameSp.something else. :|:|:|:|

I'm hoping that that's standing for another site I was linked to in OT some days ago. 

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