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Varsity! and COD MOD 3

Today I made the varsity summer league of volleyball! I am so happy, there were so many amazing girls out there!

Anyway on Friday I am having a scary movie sleepover and I was wondering about these scary movies: The Ward and The Devil Inside... Thanks!

Also today I realized I like a guy who I never talk to and it's the end of the year and if I talk to him now it would be awks... right? comment about that please!

COD Modern Warfare: 3 came out today! It is so awesome I am getting no sleep tonight! How are you guys doing on the game??

I hope to talk to ya'll soon

Haylie (Isn't that weird spelling??)

I'm Back!!!

So you might have noticed (Or not) but it seemed that I totally fell off the face of the earth!

It has been a little bit more over a year and I want to tell you a little about me because, let's face it: It's been awhille and people change.

I am just finishing my freshman year at Stanford University and I LOVE IT!

I broke up with my boyfriend from 2010! Wow what a long time ago!

I still dont like heavy metal but I'll listen to rock :)

I LOVE SCARY MOVIES! If you know any really good scary ones and maybe realistic ones I would love you forever!

I love playing video games, like most people on here :)

I'm friendly! Don't be afraid to email me at

I hope someone out there will read this! I'm glad to be back on game spot :) Hope to talk to some of you very soon!

New Years.

Good bye 2010, i have to say i hate to see you go :(

There were some bad parts :

Like school "wannabes" and "gleeks" but it all turned out well in the end

My boyfriend and i are spending the night together so its a good ending, and a fantastic start to this new year coming up. I have to say that some things in this "new year" will have to change and that I have a new resolution:

To be nicer and.. ROCK IT OUT ON 360 AND PS3! ALL FOR COD AND HALO!

But basicly that's it. I've had a wonderful break but it has to go so i can go back to school, and face all the people i would dread to face again.

Thank you for an amazing 2010 everyone:roll: I hope to talk to you all next year and i hate to say bye, it's better just to say hello.

My where-a-bouts.

I havent been on gamespot for about... Oh yeh like more than a week! Wow what a long time! Haha, I was sooo bust with vacation and stuff that i couldnt check my account. But I had fun :D

About me!! ;D

I am blond and have blue eyes! I love to show off my beautiful eyes as long as they have make-up on them! Haha. Tomorrow I am getting the new 4g i-phone! I want blue! I have volleyball camp at 2-6pm. I am writing this on my new mac laptop while listening to 3OH!3! They are THE best no doubt about it!!! :D Love Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!