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Whats up GameSpot?

i havent been here for a while and i just came here to let you all know that im fine,and doing great.School starts on the 23rd for me,and i dont want that :/,but i guess seeing my friends is a cool thing.Also i still remember all my good freinds on here(SG1,Naju,Supertrunks,Collmilos(the amazing picture creator),supergoten,and xxlibs jus to name a few.

But last time i made a blog about me coming back,and idk if all of you know the reason i left....GS just looked to crowed,i became lost.I wish it was the old 2007 GS(yes i am a 2007 boy,get at m,lol).But i do love the site,and will come check it outonce in a while.

Also i love watching my old DBZ AMVs because it brings back memories of the great times i had makin them for the GS community.Ill be honest though i think i forgot how to make them lol,and thats because i got a new computer and the windows movie maker is different,so its harder for me.That reminds me..SuperGohan if you read this,do you still make DBZ AMVs?If not,why?

But yea thats preety much it,i got a 360 in2008 Christmas,if you guys ddint know,and i mostly play halo.Ill leave my GT for you noobs out there that wanna play ;)

In the end this became a very long blog about my life after i left the site,sory for the long read,and have a great night,cause right now it is 1:38 AM lol,*yawn*


Peace GS!

IDK....Should i come back?

hey guys yea iz me cabecao,yea the reason i left is because i think gamespot page looks crowded i couldnt find blogs n stuff but if u wunt me to come back reply to diz blog,but if i dont get enough im leavin for good

Free XBOX 360 Referal!

Hey guys i just need 9 referals on this website,also if u guys wunt to use it,go right away.Here is the link:

Free xbox 360

The way to do that is signing up,wich is free,but u have to use my name marcos silva.Pleas dont use my name on anuthing else,thanks.

1 year Annivesary!

3 days ago was my 1 year on gamespot.Its Amazing that i was here for a year,but i was inactive for the last about 4-5 weeks cause of school.Anyways im planning on making an amv wich i already started and i this time i will finish it and show that i still am one of the best amv makers out there.Also there is a hurricane coming my way,named IKE,you might have heard of it,but well im not going to explain,wish me luck guys!

No!!!!!!Not Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

School is tommorow for me so yea these past days i was unnactive cause of it,anyways anyone esl starts school tommorow?and if u love going back tell,cause im going to 9th grade new school,wish me luck

Awesome AMV!

DBZBT3 AMV inspired me to make another amv,but this time i wont tell u wut is going to be about,trust me is going to be good,but i haave to say i might use a song form linking park,so who knows,okay ad i really hate that school is almost here,and i still have to finish my project,it starts 07/25/08,school thats is,and should i go to my orientation for school?is it worth it?

Anyways here is the amv:


Level Up!

Finnaly lv.up to lv.25,defias brotherhood,whatever that means,anyways school is about to start in two weeks,well thats all for now

Upcoming AMV Message!

Well thanks to supertrunks11 his new amv insipired me to make a new amv,and it will be about the fight against bojack,also now im starting to make only movie amvs for nw,so wait for that,thanks!One more thing,are u guys fans of my amvs?plase answer