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Agnostic...I don't know and neither do you.


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1. Huh? It iss early access...for people that got Ascension. I don't understand what you're saying. The demo is not up on Playstation Store for everyone to grab. Naughty Dog said they probably aren't even going to put up a demo on the Store until much after the game has released. 2. The game has gotten 3 perfect reviews so far. They know what they're doing. They don't want to spoil too much of this masterpiece. This really should have been blog or something, honestly. lol
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YASSS. love the old school kind of vibe


Ok,now, you did say to be brutally honest...


IMO you have potential and congratulation's and doing this material from the ground up.

My MAIN problem with it is you're delivery... I't feel's liek you're readig out of a paper and it's not just flowing out of you with meaning("great girl",I think, is the exception, with that track you can tell you're connected to the song and meant every word, It was authentic. That chorus was very bad though :/ you don't have a nice "singing" voice.) Lemonade stand was another good one, interesting song and story and a nice delivery/flow. That is something you def. have to work on, I mean that is why Biggie, tupac etc. transcended to the "mainstream" because the way they delivered the song was just awesome-sauce, you felt every word and could connect even if you've never experienced what they were expressing(Kendrick Lamar is a good modern example). Idk what to say about "song for the skinny", couldn't take that seriously at all lol.

Idk what intention's you have, If you wanna "get big" or w.e BUT I feel that the sound you are currently using is very generic(it seem's like every amateur rapper that start's out goes to this sound automaticaly...90's was amazing for rap and hip-hop but I think that specific sound and vibe is gonna stay in that decade) so it might be hard to accomplish that :0 

I think that covers my feeling?...anyway good luck and "never give up on you're dreams" ;3


lol I understand the disconnect with Song for the Skinny. That's a difficult one. I wrote that song when I was younger because I was self conscious about my weight. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you have to understand that in the song I said I 6'1, 116 lbs. Picture that. lol The song was serious/comical when I wrote it. I had girls in school that thought I was 'cute', but too skinny to date. My niece could pick me up when she was 9 years old. I've talked to people that have the same INSANE metabolism as me that really connected with it. One thing that has to be acknowledged is how accurate the song is. No BS. Of course I like to write stories and battle raps, but most of my material is, I know it sounds cliche, but real. It is what it is. I wouldn't say my style is the cliche. I actually think it's quite the opposite. Aside from my battle rap, which is supposed to brag and boast, I'm actually staying on a specific subject. Most of the radio stuff the best. I got this. I got that. Trust me, most of the artists in my area are about that and that only makes me work harder at being different.

I definitely know I need to work on my delivery. It's inconsistent. I just gotta find that right one and be 100% at all times. Next project, I'll make sure of that. Don't think I didn't listen to what you said. I guess I'll have to try to be even more different. You're the first person that has said that so far, but I'll definitely remember that. I was thinking about doing an acoustic hip hop album in the future. Don't really see that much, if any.

I'll leave you with this:


Btw, sorry if some of this doesn't make sense.  I'm tired as hell atm.

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The beats were very good. I thought your rhymes were OK I couldnt really tell on the songs if it was  a "serious" or "joke" song. I like rappers who can do both like Eminem and Tupac and most the rappers it says you like. I've had a few friends try to rap they were real serious but you are better. The lyrics are pretty solid but we all know its more about delivery and catchy beats to "make it" now adays.


The other guy said you sounded a little nervous on the chorus and I agree but I felt kinda like that on all the songs. You just gotta go balls out full swag mode and not care. (not saying I could ever do that no way I could) but thats what you gotta do.


Good work keep going

Yeah, I'm assuming you feel that way about Song for the Skinny. Honestly, when I wrote it, I felt a certain way about it. lol It was an insecurity of mine at the time. However, I also teased myself about it. You can take the song however you want. I've had people say that they feel/felt the same way and I've had people laugh. Either way, man. As for Lemonade Stand, that was my twist on gangster stories, you could say. lol Threw little bits and pieces of my childhood in there. Sonic, Lemonade Stands, Rugrats, coming home right in time for dinner, etc. lol I'll get better. My delivery has definitely grown from where I was before. Appreciate the honesty.
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[QUOTE="DarkGamer007"]One sounds loud and noisy while the other sounds natural, and more powerful. Music, especially beats have a far greater oomph and punch when a track features natural dynamics. VanHelsingBoA64
ok i've heard stuff like this tons of times on forums, tutorials, and such but from my experiences in comparing music i've found the case to be pretty much the opposite: all the best producers i know compress the hell out of their songs and hit their limiters hard. if you take a song like say 'slasherr' by rustie, the difference between the peak level and rms level in the transients is miniscule at about the 0:53 mark. however, i doubt anyone would consider that part of the song lacking in oomph or punch. OP, when it comes to mastering a lot of it is up to the preference of whoever's doing it. but i can tell you that a lot of compression is necessary to compete with most contemporary hip-hop producers. of course you can still make good tracks mastering the way they did 10 years ago but if i were you i would just pick a song or two as reference for each track and go from there (that is unless you're already doing so) just my 2 cents on this

To respond to both of you, I appreciate that. I'll show your posts to my friend. He's the one that did the mastering. (And also produced Lemonade Stand.) What I didn't point out is that I'm a huge fan of 90s Hip Hop. The Golden Age. We did kinda go for that feel, whether it fully came out that way or not. Wu Tang had/has a really raw sound like that and that's what we went for. He's still studying the art of mixing and mastering. Definitely not easy as you may know. lol Thanks guise
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I will give it a download and a listen, and report back with what I think.

Word. Brutal honesty is appreciated btw.
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[QUOTE="supa_badman"]not much you can do on GS OT where most of it are metal heads Saturos3091
Ain't even true anymore. Far more Pitchfork-humpers nowadays on OT. Anyway you sound pretty good TC. Keep up the good work. One small thing bothers me though and it might be a personal taste issue, but your voice is mixed a bit high so it overpowers the beats.

Word. I appreciate it. Yeah, we're no professional sound engineers, but we'll only get better at it. We did it all on our own. Thanks for feedback, man!
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[QUOTE="CR00K"][QUOTE="Fightingfan"]You go hard in the paint my *insert synonym for African American/Black in Spanish*Fightingfan
Your Waka Flocka reference was an insult to one of the points I try to make, but I still laughed.

To be fair Waka is completely different from you. Waka makes ignorant shit. I call it black people screamo.

lol Touche. I've described his music as the same.
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You go hard in the paint my *insert synonym for African American/Black in Spanish*Fightingfan
Your Waka Flocka reference was an insult to one of the points I try to make, but I still laughed.