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For Elektrixxx.

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My new sig; dedicated to one of the Legends of GSAU. May he find happiness beyond.

See you 'round buddy.

COD4ME's Designs for No-one.

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Well not entirely, but my design thread has sunk down a few pages, and I really have no will to keep it going. I'm quite happy to take a break from making sigs for people, at least for a while, so I can do more works for myself and hopefully sharpen up on my skills a bit.

But I don't want to leave everyone out in the dark, so the 2 people I had left to do (I think it was just the 2) OzchickaDee and PerilousWolf, if you still want me to do your sigs which I said I would, (and am still happy to) just say so here and I will. I don't want to just completely ignore you.

So yes, in other news.. go to The League you lazy people!

Ok that's all I can be bothered to type. I'm gonna go work on the community profile now. Should be up in the next hour or 2..

Happy Birthday Shinedown!

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How did I not think of this earlier!? Happy Birthday man! Was going to dedicate a thread to you, but I'll just give you a slack blog and a 5 second done pic instead. ;)

Tomorrow: Last day of holidays and first day of Metal Slime

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Yep well, level 19's been pretty fast so far; I've been taking notice because of whats coming up; and since I've been on 96% today.. yep, it looks like tomorrow I'll be the dreaded Level 20 Metal Slime!

So tocommemorate such a monumental occasion (or you know ..not) I think I'll make myself a new custom Metal Slime sig (or a least a mini thing to go in my sig). It'll have a theme with something to do with Metal Slime, maybe some Level 20 here and there, and a bar and percentage which I will update to show how far through the level I am. Cool I know.. :P

But yeah, tomorrow will be my last day of non-school, then it's back to school-work, Shinedown (possibly the same thing) and whatever else the next clump of school brings. I'm not sure how I went last term, but I think that now I know how Year 11 operates and how much effort I need to put in, I can figure out how much I should not be on xbox live (or anything else xbox for that matter) and how much I should be finding my missing Physics textbook.. :P

Don't worry though, I'm always on MSN (WLM for those who can't handle my incorrectness) and Gamespot if I'm not on Live, so I'll still be nice and distracted from my work.. (get ready for all those 'SCIENCE PR4XX0r = T3H H4XX0r!! D:" Twitters.. :lol:

And If my level decides to flick to Metal Slime tonight.. well I don't know what ever I will do! :cry:

Oh and also, should I be worried about that World at War games night emblem I was promised, I mean that was a while ago.. :P

Oooh It did tick over tonight! Woooo! And I had my sig ready too.. :P

(link to a full version)

Just wait..

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Hey guys sorry for the lack of bloggage. I'll make this a quick one. Basically tomorrow I have a 2 hour exam straight up then I can come home, and you'll see me a lot more for a few weeks.. :P I've just been busy with assignments and study (as you do) but yeah I'll be back soon.


You know where I'll be..

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Yeah I bought the lost and damned at JB today and got another case with it (the display gta iv preorder ones I think) with 500ms points and exclusive gamerpics, so it ended up actually being a pretty good deal. I don't know if they do that with all the shop ones, or maybe jb was just clearing old stuff, but I won't complain (bring on fallout dlc or braid which is only 800 points this week...) So yeah I'll probably not be on for a while, while this sucka downloads, but I always have Killzone 2.. :P

Oh yeh, should I got braid or some game dlc (I'll have 1300 points total, and yes I've played the braid demo) I thought braid was pretty awesome, but shinedown's against it just like he's randomly against halo haha.


My first official complaining blog

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(the others weren't offical see) ;)

Well it won't actually be a massive complaining blog, because then I'd be complaining about wasting so much type complaining but here goes.

Basically, my profile banner annoys me. Yep. It just does.

The animation isn't smooth and the whole thing just screams TRYHARD! It was smooth in photoshop. :(

I also have great plans for my avatar, and a new sig is due too, and they're all no problem really, since I can make them easily enough and I enjoy it.

But I'm finding now, that I may not have much time soon, to be able to spend as much time as I used to on them, moving into senior years of school and all that. Ok so today was only the second day :P but I think this is going to be the year where I really put my head down. (Well I know it is because I'm going to force myself to)

Eh I don't even know what I'm complaining about anymore. All I know is that this year I'm not going to be able to cruise along as easy as I have in previous years, and that between school and soon getting a job my game time is going to be limited, moreso by a lot of my time being spent on Gamespot with you guys, rather than in games.

It's just such a great place to hang out, to relax, talk to random people over the internet about what's going on in your life, it's just swell. (yeah that's right, swell)

I don't think this is much of a complaining blog anymore, but I feel better regardless.

But yes, I think that I'm just too drawn into this place now, and even though I have to cut down my game time and my whatever else time with all the extra work and responsibility, I'll still be coming on here daily. That's right guys, I'm not part of the school holidays rush, I'm here to stay! :) (please don't quote me in 6 months time..) :P

Oh and I feel inspired to work on my big-blog (or was it the super blog) :? :P

Yeah don't ask me what that was about, but you guys are here to keep me sane and make sure I don't turn from video games! Just keep me sane. ;)

Damn this complaining stuff is hard. I guess I should spend more than 5 minutes randomly blurting out thoughts at night.. :lol:

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