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First Time

This is like totally my first time on but I've been on Gamespot for a couple of years now. Lol Just thought I would check out the site seeing as I'm a giant fan of music :P

Ninja Gaiden 2

I am thinking about buying this game but I'm not sure. It seems incredibly tricky like the first one but does it have any replay value and is the difficulty a little too much. Is it a bad choice in game??

Level 21!

I am now officially out of level 20 and into 21. My dark ordeal of the 20 is over. WOOHOO!!

New Union!

I would just like to say that I have made another new union and you are all welcome to join. Its called The Lord Of The Rings Clan. Feel free to invite friends and aid us all to make a great union:D

Saints Row

I bought this game yesterday and its fantastic. I love it. Ive played on it so much already and I think its amazing.

I recomend it to everyone.

Brand new game

Ive just bought Ninja Gaiden for Xbox (360 Compatible) and its awesome. The levels are incredibly hard and long. Im still on Chapter 2 because this guy on a horse keeps smacking me fifteen feet with his spear.

I hope Ill be able to do it soon.

New Union

I am now the leader of a new union called the 360 Gamerz Union. Everyone is welcome to join and I promise it will be a cracker!!!

In Fact skip the break

Ive decided to skip my break, Im not getting as much homework as I used to and Ive got nothing else to do so I might work on getting my new union up and running. Anyone who would like to be a Charter Member of the 360 Gamerz Union tell me in a comment for this blogg:D:D