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Awesomeness. I just got this game and have been immersed in the city of Dunwall all weekend. I was curious about these trials and now I am def getting this DLC as soon as I finish the story. Thanks.

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I can never find anyone online. I think I have found one person since I got the game but he was like 30 levels above me. I am currently on the last level of the blood zone and would like to get into some multiplayer. If anyone plays this game or sees this post and is interested, respond or shoot me a friend request Keenan307.

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So I was reading that this is going to be a $40 game. Pretty much just fixing the original and re-releasing it with some extra content. This is really pissing me off. If I'm not mistaken, this means I can get rid of my original copy because I'm going to have to spend $40 for the new content which includes the original game. Most of the stuff they fixed could have been done through patches and updates. I'm usually not one to complain about DLC because if it's a game I like, I'm always happy for new stuff, but this is a complete slap in the face to people who originally bought the game. There isn't even an option for people with the game already to just spend less for just the new content. Hopefully this changes, but this is Capcom we are talking about so I don't see that happening. I hope I am mistaken.

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It has online multiplayer and it is very good.

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I just picked up Assassins 2. I have never played the game but heard the first was not that great so I figured I start with the 2nd game of the series. I really want to like this game/series. I'm about 5 or so hours in (just left Florence), but I am not really finding the game very entertaining. It seems ridiculously easy and not too fun. Can someone please tell me if this game gets better or is this pretty much it?