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System Wars? More like Forum Wars

It seems these days in SW it's the same old thing, some fanboy bashes another, a game is either praised or bashed, news is always either treated as the second coming or the apocalypse. The stuff going on around us is also effecting it, reviews being treated as biased, the way we work collapsing before our eyes. No it seems a different war is going on, how it should be run.

As you know the mods/admins have gotten a bad rap by some for being too strict. Others however praise them for removing the leafs from the gutters. Rather than look through the topics in SW for a real show, one must only look at the blogs and actions.

First we got the people who think SW should be rid of all fanboys forever. People I can't name, though if you're experienced in SW you probably know. Their argument, want a chaotic SW, there's plenty of bad sites out there. Here is the best community on the interwebs, and we're not letting you ruin it.

On the other hand, there are those who think SW should be sort of a "Laugh with you" place, where reviews are revered far more than usual, off-topic topics are aok, and all around it's like a frat party where no one gets hurt. These people believe back in the day before the mods cracked down this was normal, and they're trying to get everything back the way it was.

Where do I stand? Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is. We're talking about a place on the internet where several people talk to each other about different systems. Aren't there more important things going on the world that we should focus our attention on instead of this? I'm just here to watch the show. Grab a seat, because you aren't getting a soap opera like this anywhere else.

This blog needs an update

1. Happy New Year!

2. I'm still working on GUFU: The Fallen.

3. PS3 coffin came yesteray, mom tells me that dad will have to put the PS3 and stuff in it. What I don't get is why I can't do it. I'm 17, and I know a hell of a lot more on technology. Then again when you're single, and your 19 year old sister whois a hippie who is always trying to get me on her sidecame back home with someone who is looking more and more like my brother-in-law, I'll always be seen as a kid. At least he's actually ok with me getting my own space.

As for the future of this blog, I'll probably post a list of animes I watch and animes I'm looking forward to, and the perfect console for the world. Until then, be sure to look at this little bit of space to kill some time between posts.

The PS3's BC is just as good as the Wii's and Xbox 360's! Here's how!

Right now I have a Wii as my only next gen system at the moment. I plan on getting the 360 and PS3 as well. At the current moment Wii wise I'm playing Super Paper Mario and Wii Sports. However VC wise I currently have been playing Starfox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. When I get the money I'm owned for my grades, I plan on spending most of it on Wii Points cards to get VC games! The only Wii game nearby I want at the moment is Mario Party 8!

However, recently I've noticed that the Wii VC games and retro XBLA games are pretty expensive. Sure all GC games are free to play on the Wii, but if you don't have past Nintendo systems, you're gonna have to pay to play. Also for some games you need the classic controller. Sure you can use a GC controller, but that's gonna cost ya, unless you got it went you got a Gamecube. Some Xbox games are BC on the 360 and can all be used with the 360 controller, but only some are. 100 points on the Wii sets you back a buck, and 100 points on XBLA is $1.25. In some cases the prices for a gen's game are equal. Star Fox 64 is $10, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is $10. Arcade games are a different story. Though XBLA actually has arcade games, they cost $5, the price for a NES game on the Wii. XBLA has extra features, but in most cases aren't worth the extra money.

So where does the PS3 come in? It can play all PS2 games and all PS1 games, unlike the Wii and 360, of course not all PS1 and PS2 games are exclusive, so that argument is null and void, excluding the exclusives. But how will you be able to play the old games on the PS3? All PS1 and PS2 games can be played on the PS3, and among those are retro game packs. For $20-30 or cheaper, you can get several games that would be more on the VC and XBLA. For example, Mega Man X1-3 would normally set you $24 on the Wii and $30 on the 360. For the same price, you can get that, X4-6, and a Mega Man racing game.

However the thing that pulls the PS3's BC back to the Wii and 360's level is that not all retro game packs are exclusive to the PS2. Some retro game packs can be found on the GC and Xbox, which in turn can be played on the Wii and 360. I don't know if Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is BC on the 360. And with the case of Sonic Gems Collection, some retro game packs aren't even on the PS3. First party Sony games are on the PS3 only, but Nintendo has made far more first party games along with Sega and Hudson Soft, unlike Microsoft. It's just a matter of Nintendo releasing them all. Also while it has more third party exclusives than the Xbox, Sony does not have as many as Nintendo, Hudson, and Sega, which they are releasing. And some games that were exclusive to the PS1, are now on XBLA, such as Castlevania. Retro game packs don't carry all the games that were on past Nintendo, Sega, and Turbographix systems. Finally Nintendo hasn't released games that can be found in retro game packs for the PS2 and 1, unlike MS.

In conclusion, the PS3's BC is better IMO than the 360's. However in the case of the Wii, it comes down to preference of systems, because retro game packs don't cover all the games that Nintendo is capable of putting on the VC.

My view on video games causing death and the VT rampage

Seems in a telephone interview on Fox News Jack blamed, wait for it, wait for it......... VIDEOGAMES! Despite the fact that no information has been released on why the gunman killed 31 people before being killed. Not only is this a tragedy that so many people died, but now video games are gonna be blamed, no one is gonna look into the gunman's profile, and us gamers are gonna be treated as "Victims" while video game companies like Rockstar and Epic are gonna once again be criticized for what clearly should be the parents job. What disgusts me most, is how I'm hearing at the end of the interview Jack started crying and talking about the 14 year old beside him and how he hopes video game companies won't take his mind.

My parents recently allowed me to play M rated games, BECAUSE I'M RESPONSIBLE. I'm 16, my parents let me watch R rated movies, I don't go around killing people. Sure some of the movies my friends and me make are based on these movies, but it's acting with toy guns. When I get mad, I play video games. I don't blow the head off whoever pissed me off. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation.

Parents, SEE IF YOUR KIDS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PLAYING THE MORE MATURE GAMES. If they're not, DON'T LET THEM PLAY THEM. Take note of your kids, make sure they don't get into trouble. Don't neglect them, and when they do something wrong, don't use games as a scapegoat. The future depends on these kids, so know your kid.

I'm sure if Jack saw this he'd think I had just been brainwashed and since I'm not a father, my opinion is moot, but I feel it needs to be heard. My condolenses for the victims of the shooting.

My Wii is (Finally) online!

After a pain filled trip of a crappy router, annoying ineffective third party devices, I finally got a USB Connector. I just voted and got some of my friends and messanger's PMs on my address book! Now all I have to do is wait till June to get some online games. Hopefully I can also get a Wii Point card to get Virtual Console games as well.

I got a Wii!

While I was sleeping my mom went to Brown Deer and went to a Best Buy with Wiis! She got Sonic, Rayman, and we're gonna trade in Trauma Center (She got a second copy) for Warioware to see if it's as good as Jeff says! We're also gonna get some Wiimotes and nunchucks! Goodbye society, I'm waiting for my Wii to come home! I'll fill you in on my friend code soon!

Edit: So here's what I have so far.

Games: Wario Ware Trauma Center, Wii Play, Wii Sports (Duh) Rayman, Sonic

Accesories: 2 Wiimotes, 1 numchuck, a Wii backpack for bringing to friend's house, stands. things to protect my stuff, and 2 classic controllers.

Friend code is 0574-6160-7128-6360.

I WON A CAR! *Caps*

For winning February 19's Create a caption contest with this pic. My captions were

"If you think that's bad you should see how Mom and Dad met!"

"He has his father's eyes, and whiskers!"

"Which one is the zoo attraction?"

"However the kid died on his first day of school, swimming underwater with seals for hours = bad"

"And they said Global Warming would only bring sadness!"

"The kid has to bite horns to get his food!"

"Socom Antartic Navy Seals"

"The seals attempts at avoiding extinction became more and more desperate"

The bolded underlined one won. Here is my car!

Ain't she a beaut? I now join the ranks of posters that have won thsese, such as Omni-Slash and someotherguy654! 8)

Our town is consoleless!

For the past few days my Mom has been going to every gaming store looking for Wiis, and no luck. As in few days I mean since Tuesday. TUESDAY! :|

Now today I went to EB Games and see a bunch of Wiis. Now I think to myself, "HALLEUJAH!" But they're just boxes, 5 empty boxes. I also see 4 PS3s, but they turn out to be boxes too! Not only is our town one of the few places without PS3s, (See above blog) but there are no Wiis. The PS3 kiosk doesn't work either! (The back of the controller feels bad :?) The final kick to the balls, my Mom says that when the stores DO get Wiis, they get 2. 2! NO WONDER WE CAN'T FIND ANY!

I thought living in a town away from Milwaukee meant more consoles due to less people. Instead it turns out we just don't get that kinda stuff to have, because we're not Milwaukee! WILL I EVER GET A WII BEFORE SUMMER?! AND FOR THAT MATTER WILL THERE EVEN BE PS3S?!

Colleges noticing me!

The following colleges have contacted me about trying to apply!

Miami (Florida)

More as they come!

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