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Looks like that time again..

"All life we work but work is a bore if live is for living then what's living for?" That was a great statement in a song called, Oklahoma USA by the Kinks, Ray Davies really brought to light a simple question with not much of an answer but anyways that has nothing to do with my blog. 

Obligatory Ray Davies pic - 


It's been quite a while since I have made a blog(since December exactly), so there's some things to update on but not much. 

Lately, I've just been working, playing video games here and there, and watching tv and movies. 

Back in February I went to Katsucon, which is an anime convention. Had a lot of fun there and saw tons of cosplays and got a lot of pics during my time there. I bought a few figurines while I was there and a FLCL tshirt. I can't wait for Otakon this year even though that's not till August. 

Anyways here's pics of my figurines and a couple things I bought at the convention - 


Now onto other things, I recently went to a movie theater(first time since I was 2) and saw Evil Dead. I really liked the movie and thought it was a great "not-remake" of the original especially since that part I added of "not-remake". If you haven't seen it, you should totally do that. 

Also, I did play Bioshock Infinite and I loved the game to death, I definitely recommend it to anyone that likes Bioshock already or even doesn't because it's different than the other two. Another game I really enjoyed was, Tomb Raider and I definitely recommend that to anyone that's on the fence about getting it. 

Not really much more to add other than it's getting warmer again so it's time for sniffles and dying of allergies again but I shall end this on a positive note and that I won't wait this long between blogs again or try not to lol. 

Happy image time - 




That's enough of that, Choas shall return blog. 

Be good, the Forest Spirit always watches you. 

Sooooo yeah....time for a post. :0

Lately I haven't really been extremely busy but I have been working a lot and forgot to post a blog up. Anyways, onto the blog!

I got a job back in October at Amazon as a warehouse associate(full time), which I already had done before as a temporary employee so it wasn't much of a shock when I got back into working the job. As far as the job goes, the job has been going alright but I just want to transfer back to the department I started in cause I like the people better there. Thankfully for me we are almost done the peak season which has consisted of 60 and 50 hour work weeks, which get tiresome even though the money is worth it just can't wait to get my 3 days off a week (40 hour week) back though.

Now onto things other than work...

I recently watched Excel Saga, which I haven't seen in years and I love it to death. Also I finished up all the Sailor Moon mangas I have bought which sucks cause they aren't releasing any more till next year. :(

On a happy note, I bought Tenchi in Tokyo and Howl's Moving Castle which I have been wanting for years. I'm probably going to go on a buying spree with some of the animes I really like, so that will be updated in the next blog(which won't be long away like this one cause I will be back to normal work).

Ontoooooo gaming.

Bought a Vita and I really like it, can't wait for more games to come out for it.

Games I got so far on it -

Assassin's Creed Liberation

Mortal Kombat

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

MGS HD Collection

NFS Most Wanted

Wipeout 2048

Also some other games I have bought recently -

Halo 4


Zone of the Enders HD Collection

On another note about gaming, I got a laptop now that can do gaming so I am looking to buy some PC games in the future. The laptop is an Asus Notebook with an i7 Intel Processor that runs at 2.4 GHZ and with the NVIDIA video card and all can go up over 3GHZ which is pretty neato. Anyways, enough with that silly computer talk.

Just wanted to also mention my Zetaboard: The Roll Call. It's not meant to take away from Gamespot but is a fun place to hang out and where I usually am(and some other users are) when I'm not on GS. Here's a link if you are interested in joining - (hope this isn't considered advertising)

Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope this didn't sound rushed cause I didn't want it too.

Felt like I was trying to cut bread with a door stop with this one.

Let's just

Choas out! :3

Some New Info for you Stalkers(update :0)

I haven't made an update in quite some time now so I figured it's about time I did. Not gonna lie, until recently I have not been doing to well as far as just the way I have been feeling. I kind of felt bored and tired of living here(which I still am) and I just was so tired of not having a job or much of a life for that matter.

My feels on the matter.

Anyways, now onto more recently. I went to Otakon down in Baltimore last month and had a great time which helped me forget about a lot of the stupidity that's been going on and I actually got over some of my social anxiety there. I got a lot of pictures of random cosplayers and had almost no problem talking to them, while I was there I got a Haruhara plushie and a Snake Eater t-shirt. All in all it was a great experience at Otakon and I want to go back next year definitely. Next month I will be going to Comic Con in Baltimore with a friend, so that will be another new experience especially since it will be my second convention ever.

Now onto very recently: yesterday I found out I got hired at Amazon and I will be starting there in late Sept probably so I am quite happy that I finally will have a job again. My mood since Otakon has gone up a lot and I have just been feeling a lot better about life in general now.

Now that all that's updated, on to more fun things.

Lately I have been getting back into anime especially after Otakon and I shall list the animes that I have been watching.


Rozen Maiden (completed)

Madoka Magica (completed)

Elfen Lied (completed)

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (working on)

Dance in the Vampire Bund (working on)

Also, I have been reading the Sailor Moon manga which I definitely recommend to anyone that likes Sailor Moon.

If you perhaps have a My Anime List and want to add me and stalk my anime watchings then please feel free to do so - don't keep things completely up to date so bear with me as I update my info.

Now anyways, in conclusion I just wanted to say tell everyone how my life has improved and that I just want to really thank some of my GS friends for helping with the improvement(you guys know who you are :P).

Well, I'm off to eat some sweets, so have a great day.

Nom nom nom

Also before I end, time for random pics!



Finally beat Mass Effect 3.

The ending was really just stupid in general but I did enjoy the game itself. I'd suggest getting the game to anyone that liked the other two, just don't have your hopes up for the ending is my only warning.

Random Mass Effect 3 blog

I love the game and I don't want to stop playing it but I just cannot contain my anger when I keep dying over and over in missions. I know..random but I just needed to say that.

Sigh...time to make a new blog.

Well to start, I know I have not made a blog in quite some time so this might be TL;DR.

Anyways, I have now been layed off for 2 months from work because they decided to cut back. I've been putting in for places to work at and really have had no luck. I just wish I could get a job. :/

Well onto the better news, I got a PS3. I got MGS4, Killzone 2, Wipeout HD, and Motorstorm. I am looking to find some new games but I can't really think of any games so if anyone can suggest some then please do.

All in all life has been alright but seriously I just can't stand not having a job. I really need one so I can eventually go back to college. Also if anyone has any kind of suggestions as for getting a job then please suggest away. I'm just running out of places to put in for where I live because there isn't a whole lot of jobs.

One other thing, I would like to welcome back my friend Deihjan to GS. Been a long time and I am glad to see her back to her old self. :)