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Super Mario Galaxy 2- What? Why? When? and How?

The Nintendo Wii console is to be considered a benchmark in all of the next-generation consoles, but the console itself is just the beginning. SUPER MARIO GALAXY may be a whole new introduction page of all franchises Nintendo. SUPER MARIO GALAXY sets Nintendo at it's highest standard yet, with it's visually outstanding and mezmorizing graphics and level design, as well as keeping the run-and-jump platform gameplay of the Mario franchise that everyone knows and loves, and it's fantastic usage of costumes and boss fights. Really, SUPER MARIO GALAXY is the perfct game, not just for the Wii, but out of the whole Mario video game stockroom.

Nintendo have made some great games that have expanded from a video game, to a series, then to a huge money-printing product. With such outstanding gameplay like SUPER MARIO GALAXY, Nintendo should take it to even higher standards. Nintendo's much-loved SUPER SMASH BROS. product remained popular because of the game's endless characters to play as, great level design, and fighting modes. Nintendo's METROID PRIME recieved rave reviews because of it's surreal and lucrative sci-fi elements both tagged on in the story and gameplay, and, strong character personality. Both of these titles have transformed from a video game, to a series pf them, and, now, a label of a Nintendo product.

SUPER MARIO GALAXY doesn't even have to be a famous franchise to make it work, just like HALO, SUPER MARIO GALAXY could be a series of something special.

Post your comments below if Super Mario Galaxy should be Nintendo's new series, or, if it should be just a standalone game.

Funny Halo Picturebook- Season One- Halo Kitty- Episode 1/7

Hello, everybody! I am CC-Ledges 1, but you can just call me CC, and I am here to tell you about a new blog I will be posting for the forthcoming half-term. Halo is, unarguably, the most much-loved video game franchise on GameSpot. Well, I will be posting a series of funny pictures of Halo from the little collective gem that is the internet. There will be seven to start with, and if fans like it, there will be more to come. Enjoy!

Nintendo Wii Debate

Nintendo Wii: First-Aid Kit Server or Pure Entertainment? Debate:

Hello, everybody. I amCC-Ledges1 (but you can just call me CC), and for mynew blog post, I will betalking about a debate for my profile. Along with the Nintendo DS (my favourite Nintendo product), Nintendo Wii is the fast-selling console, making the X-Box 360 and the PS3 look like tourist traps. The Nintendo Wii is doing everything right. It sells at a moderately low price, it has a unique concept, a long line of sucsessfultitles for video games. But, the Wii does more, than performing an iconic image.

Experts have proven that the Wiican also harm people and players on the console.

Do you agree with the experts?

Here are a few quotes from popular websites and costumers of what they think of theWii:

"I see repetitive use injuries in our collective future.

It's a risk I'm willing to take... for a Wii".


Nintendo Wii Specs, Nintendo Wii Info, Nintendo Wii News, Nintendo Wii Games ... You know you guys, being harmful to others is not the right way to go.

From our very own Gamespot!

Please leave a message wether you agree or not with these point of views.