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I'm actually really happy with the life I am getting out of the Xbox ONE controller with the official play and charge kits. For comparison my PS4 controllers are really bad and much shorter life than my PS3 controllers. I got the play and charge kits shortly after Christmas and so far I have had to charge my PS4 controller 3 times and my Xbox ONE controller is still going on its initial charge. I can also say I play my ONE a good amount more than my PS4 since thats the console I have Ghosts on and more friends online.

My only complaint about the Xbox ONE controller thus far is the design of the battery bay. I wish they would have used the design from the 360 where the battery pack fills the entire bay and had the nice little charging stand. The ONE version I have to use the console to charge and the battery packs themselves do not seam as easy to swap during game play if needed.(I know there were other options with contact charging but I admittedly usually like first party accessories and didn't really research it since I thought the 360 kits were great)

I can also agree they need to have a battery status added asap. A lot of the OS seams like a step backwards like I miss just hitting the guide button to check messages or see what friends are online to invite and etc. I think they will fix it at some point though and overall I am happy with it.

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GS: CBCstillmatic

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Gamertag: aKa DaShiznit

Timezone: Eastern

Currently I have Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 (Hoping to get CoD and Ryse for Christmas)

Age: 31

I'm really missing out on good cool people to play online with since most of my friends also do not have a One yet. Having been on Live for 10 years I have recently lost a lot of game time to starting a family. Guess that is a part of growing up lol. For this same reason I have added and lost a lot of friends I enjoyed playing with online that also started a family or had life changes that just had them move on from gaming. I still(probably always will) find time to game and like having cool people to actually enjoy a game with which seams much harder now a days when rolling solo into matchmaking.

Good idea for a thread and its pretty popular in the playstation forums (I got a PS4 aswell).

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This was also a concern of mine owning both a PS4 and Xbox One. I ended up investing in a UPS Battery Back Up to give me some time to properly shut down both systems in case of a random power outage. To answer your question and completely shut down the Xbox One you just hold your finger on the power button on the console itself for 8-10 seconds until the light goes out. Microosft claimed it can be done even if the console is already "off" in instant on mode. Microsoft also told me no harm should be done if it loses power in instant on mode but did recommend a full shut down before disconnecting power.

So I bought a 900w UPS and only the consoles are hooked to it. I know the PS4 is not as simple to shutdown but is easy enough to do blindly, all I gotta do is wait for it to turn on completely hold the ps button for 2 seconds hit down 3 times then x. I wish I could just hold down the PS4's power button to make it as easy as the One. With 900w I should get a couple hours on standby if I happen not to be home during an outtage and its resolved quickly. if the power is out longer than the backup can last and I am not home then I'll have to take my chances. The UPS was $100 on sale and eases my mind about the whole issue so was worth it for me.

On a side note I think if this standby or always connected thing is the future of these consoles then something should have been built in for this. Example like the One has an external brick so they could have had the brick able to detect when power has been, tell the console to do a quick shutdown and hold a slight enough charge to do so. Not sure if that is possible or would drastically increase the size of the brick but if it were possible I wouldn't mind the PS4 having an external brick also. Just a thought.

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Was thinking about investing in a UPS battery backup for my PS4 so when it's left in standby I have some time to shut it down properly if I lose power suddenly. I don't have problems with frequent power outages but during storms or downed line from an accident or something it does happen. I been researching UPS's but wanted to see if I could get any opinions from anyone else that may use one. I will also be using this for my Xbox One this friday.

Anyone have any input or suggestions on how big of a UPS I should get? Not sure I need one to power my whole home theater since the PS4 is easy to shut down blindly. Hold home button then 3 clicks down though I am not sure how easy it will be for the Xbox. I was thinking of a 900w one so at the minimal draw in stanby mode it would last a couple hours or so incase I am not home to shut it down. I just don't know if thats overkill cause all I see is ratings at full load and half so I am not sure how long it would actually last at only a 10w draw(or whatever the PS4 is).

Or am I over thinking this whole thing? I just been reading some debates on shut down vs standby and just thought that if this is the way consoles are headed the a battery backup would be a good investment so nothing gets corrupted or messed up.

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Dude look like a cross between Sam Fisher and Drake. I wonder what the gameplay will be like. Zombie games are being done overkill lately though IMO.

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Oblivion looked better on ps3, so who knows.

I will be waiting anyway to see how buggy the game is. If the ps3 version is borked, I shall possess the PC version.


Didn't PS3 Oblivion come out a year after the 360 one? and have more time to be slightly polished up? And didn't they release a patch for the 360 to bring it up to par?

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It's simply because with almost any multiplat there are usually more copies of the 360 version floating around.


This exactly...The 360 version of games usually always sell more than the PS3 counter part. This probably leads to more copies of the 360 version being traded in thus decreasing their trade in value and lowering their used prices. This is why a used copy of Modern Warfare is only $10-$15 on 360 and $20-$25 on PS3. It could also mean PS3 owners hold onto their games longer.

New they are usually always the same price. Nothing to do with the fact one is on DVD and the other Blu-ray. I asked this question at my local Gamestop once when I noticed the used price difference, this was the explaination I got from the employee. Not to say he knew what he was talking about but it made sense.

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I am glad I have both systems and have always preferred LIVE anyway but my only gripe with this whole PSN down time is the timing. I just picked up a copy of Socom 4 and Portal 2 but haven't been able to play them on line, that and I am a Plus subscriber so I wonder if I will get anything for the downtime being that I do pay. I know they give you enough stuff for free(though mostly junk, I did like the free Killzone 3 maps though) but Plus subscribers should receive some sort of compensation if it stays down another week or so.

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Yes the lighting in Crysis is some of the best I have seen. The environments are not as vast as you claim it's fairly straight forward go from here to there with some different ways of approaching a situation . For your claim that people need to accept that the 360 can do just as good if not better than the ps3, I don't. As I said this is the closest the 360 has been to claiming the best in console graphics in how many years and again the game doesn't quite cut it. I don't care if the lighting is as good as it is if there are low res textures everywhere and pop-in and very low dips in fps. Have you seen all the stuff going on in Killzone 3 ? It's like a non-stop action movie. The single player looks better as a overall package and the multiplayer , well thats not even debatable. Do you not think that the developers could have added in some extra eye candy with Killzone if they made those types of sacrifices ? sure they could have, and Killzone still looks better without those sacrifices. It's pretty sad that one game in the last 3 -4 years that can compete but still falls short of the ps3 exclusives, I really wanted to be amazed when I rented it for my 360 for all the good things said about it, as I wanted a 360 game that could compete graphically with the exclusives in my ps3 collection, and while it is the closest it's been in a LONG time I came away disappointed again. xxtg82xx

Yes I have played and beaten Killzone 3 and it is not as impressive as Crysis 2...IMO...just like it is your opinion Killzone 3 is better. For years the 360 has gotten better looking multiplats including Crysis 2 which even Playstation magazines have stated is the best looking shooter on PS3. Take Mass Effect 2, the PS3 version came how much later and uses a newer engine and is still only marginally better looking than the 360 version. I am sure if Naughty Dog went multiplat and worked on the 360 they could amaze us just as much with the 360. So again I stand by my statement that when compared to the PS3 the only thing the 360 is lacking is development talent not graphical power.