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Just Hangin' Out

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Having posted on gamespot in awhile. Been playing a LOT of Stronghold Kingdoms since March '13. Lots of fun and made a few friends as well. Steam has taken over as my main way of acquiring pc games. If anyone here on gamespot is on steam as well, send me a friend request, I'm TheCloser17 there as well as also on Raptr with the same gamertag. Just started Playing Monaco:what's yours is mine, has been pretty fun so far even though I just started on it, has the feel of a real good came and in ways reminds me of the awesome pc games I used to get back in the '80's and '90s. Not to really diss the current games a ton, there are a few good ones now and then but other than sports games that have become so increasingly difficult to actually play and have fun with it's mostly zombie shooters, which I have no interest in. I did really enjoy playing call of duty: black ops online with my husband but the 2nd one just didnt look that good. We bought battlefield 3 to play together but once we got it home found out we could not play online together. We've not really played much on the xbox in nearly 2 yrs now, very few games we can actually play online together is one reason. The other is we've really got back to pc gaming more.

Star Wars the Old Republic

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Been playing this since just after Christmas last year, have mixed thoughts about it. It is a good time killer and has it's high points. My biggest complaint is that the crafting in the game hasn't been that fun or useful til a bit recently. In fact I have switched all my toons crafting skill to biochem just so i can have the purple meds and not have to worry about buying them since i use them so much. I was playing one of my toons as a synth-weaver but it was pretty useless once I got to level 50 and it seems most people just do with the drops in the game for clothes til they get to level 50. I do enjoy the guild raids etc though. You real have to know what you are doing in those and learn strategies. I've been playing a lot of pinball on the xbox as well, Pinball FX 2 right now but also have williams pinball. Trying to get my scores up a great deal too many of the tables I'm low on. Looking for friends who play pinball fx 2 as well right now. Also trying to decide whether or not I have time for or want XCOM Enemy Unknown. I had the original game and absolutely loved it. We shall see!

Civ V concerns and new pc/xbox games

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Ok, I bought Civ V even though I had to deal with steam, but I haven't gotten to play as much as I would like but it seems whenever I do get to play it's a crash fest. I have a brand new lap top that is fully updated so it's not that I'm trying to run on outdated system. It crashes when I try to gift units, actually did get that to work and now it's crashing when I try to set up a custom game. Hope they get this patched quick it's frustrating. On to other things, Rock Band 3 is very good like the new game, the only thing I don't like is you can only have one band. My husband and I like to have a band of our own to know our best scores together and also like to have another band to play online with. Wish they would have left that alone. Pretty happy with the game other than that. Right now we are playing through all of our songs and rating them so we can make good use of the party shuffle. We got a few games for Christmas all for PC, hubby got Zuma's Revenge and Football Manager 2011. And I got Lionheart: King's Crusade. Haven't got much time on any of them yet but plan on doing so soon. The Football Manager game was very welcome as we hadn't gotten a new edition since 2007, mostly because of the old desktop pc getting outdated and slow. Nice to see that FM 2011 and Zuma's Revenge also has achievements, not a bad thing! Now if I can only get the husband to leave the FM disk out of his pc when he shuts it down, so I can get time with it while he's at work!

Rock Band 3

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Picked it up Tuesday, only got to play it a couple of hours so far seems to be pretty good, glad to see what seems to be a better career mode. Still haven't played it enough to give it a rating though but it will probably be pretty high. Thinking about the keyboards for Christmas though, was surprised they were so high ($120), the hubby and I would boh like to give them a try. He fiddled a bit with a keyboard his family had and I learned the organ and also had a few piano lessons so it wouldn't be foreign to me either. Still having a lot of fun with toy soldiers, just so many things to do in that game, best arcade game we ever purchased. I'm in the middle of the campaign+ career. The hubby has completed all but the latest add on with the aliens in it I think. He's pretty much quit playing COD WAW to play this game, that's how good it is. I've been looking over Lionheart: Kings Crusade for the pc lately just read the review and will probably end up putting it on the old Christmas list too. I like to see a genre I like (Roleplaying) put into things other than fantasy which I don't like or play. That's why I was disappointed in marvel ultimate alliance 2, they pretty much dumbed down the areas that were most like rp in the game. Still trying to get some other games rapped up fast but seem to be at a standstill. Call of Juarez BIB and COD WAW are two that I'm getting close on. I want to get on to DIRT, Forza 3 and COD MW2, among others lol seems I have too many games at the moment.

Civ 5

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Got it and really like it. The new graphics are awesome, I also like the no stacking of units too. The new city menus are taking a little time to get use to but I like them. So far a few things I don't like, #1 having the game on Steam no hard copy, #2 the way the govenrnment policies are and #3 the way the great people are used. Overall though the improvements out weigh the negatives. Awaiting Rock Band 3 now we will be excited to get that, possibly get the keyboard accessory too. Hopefully we won't be diasappointed. Oh yah, another guitar went out on us a few weeks ago, now we have no backups, we'd bought 3 or 3 of them from circuit city at the cut rate price of about 12 bucks when they were going out of business. Most of the time it's one of the buttons on the neck that goes out, usually red or orange. Once in awhile the strummer quits. Well this time the strummer was on it's last strums when the orange button went out.

Wow nearly been a year

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Can't believe that, but my gaming slowed down as shoulder problems worsened and ultimately had surgery. But on the rebound now. Been playing mostly some apps on myspace lately, Mobsters and Dog Wars are my favorite also play Dead on Arrival. On the Xbox been quite a few games I'm into off and on. Rock Band 2 (can play guitar again), Call of Juarez II, Dirt II, Forza, Williams Pinball, COD WAW and MW 2 and Toy Soldiers. Want to get back into the godfather as well, but trying to finish up WAW and COJ II first. I've also got a new sweet laptop so getting back into pc games and couldn't resist picking up the stronghold collection while I wait for Civilization 5 to come out. The husband and I can't wait for Rock Band III as well as the new World Soccer Manager too. If you haven't tried Toy Soldiers and you like strategy games, I highly recommend it. It's very good, well worth the price. Oh yah...Anyone know a good casino game that is compatible with windows 7, lmk if you do we are looking for one.

ODST Blues

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Well we got ODST, tried to play the campaign amd got the cannot read disc error. We did what the box said to do (clean disc and restart machine) but to no avail. We exchanged disc and had same problem. So I got on and found out A LOT of people are having the same problem and that it even spread to their halo 3 disc. Since I didn't see a definitive answer about a fix on the forums we went and got our money back. IF/WHEN they get it fixed I guess we will get it. Was pretty excited about playing new campaign and getting new maps for H3, but now we are out both since maps are only available to ODST owners. We did pick up DIRT 2 I guess in place of ODST, it's seems to be ok so far, although they really dumbed it down to almost an arcade game. I wish they hadn't done that. I think companies over think things and change way to much between games. They did the same for Marvel UA 2. Don't get me wrong I like the game, but I miss being able to pick from 4 different suits and pick my own powers, I think they focused too much on the somewhat new fusions. It's basically a changed special power. I also do miss picking up gear as well. The new team bonuses are nice but there are so many of them kind of overloaded. The story is pretty good though and it is a lot of fun other than the things I've mentioned, it's a pretty good follow-up. I'm now excited for Forza 3 to come out..can't wait!

Call of Juarez BIB and Dirt update

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We picked up Call of Juarez BIB, it's pretty good. A good western so far, still trying to get the hang of the duel though lol been stuck on the 4th or 5th mission now with a tough hombre giving me fits. The online is pretty fun although I haven't found my niche with any particular character setup though. Haven't played it enough. WAW and Halo Wars are still taking up most of my online time. Into my 4th prestige on WAW now, I'm finding it a fun go through each time, trying to get on #10. Halo Wars has seen a big break-through for me as I am now wining 60-70% of the time now. I'm just under a million points away from getting to general now. I did finish DIRT and came up 2 achievements short of getting all achievements for it. Both were online racing goals. I tried my best but just couldn't come through. The online was so much different from offline. Right now we have Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and HALO 3: ODST on pre-order so I'm trying to make headway on all the other games we have right now. We've got the most games we've ever had at one time. Plus, there are so many new ones coming soon or just out we'd like to try: NCAA '10, Forza 3, GH 5, NHL '10, Dirt 2, FIFA '10, Alpha Protocol along with the two we've already pre-ordered.

Random game playing

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Well since I've completed Quantum of Solace and nearly have Dirt completed, my attention has turned mostly to Halo Wars and Call of Duty WAW. QOS was a pretty fun game, I enjoyed it, I think GS rated it too low. I think they (GS) need to see great innovation in every game (usually in graphics) to give something a good rating. QOS was very enjoyable, not ground breaking but a fun game that was worth the $ spent. The campaign was good and also the multi player. I completed all achievements as well, some were tough but there were none really impossible. I've been playing COD WAW off and on since it came out, but I've been playing it much more and I'm now level 45 on my 4th go around on prestige. This time through I've been concentrating on using all the guns in the game and completing at least the first level of marksman on each as well as first level expert. I've found I like some of the rifles much more than I thought I would. I love playing Halo Wars, very fun. Multi-player is fun, but I don't get to play often enough with the same partners and having matchmade partners can be frustrating. People quit or have no clue what they are doing way to often. So if you play HW send a FR to me if your also looking for a steady partner. I really only get to play weekdays though. We've also picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance again ($10) we loved that game and got the itch to play it again. This time we've paired up all the characters and are playing through the whole game with each set. It doesn't take us long to get through the whole game (5-10 days) so we are working on play through #7 since we started again and are nearly halfway done with the 16 pairs. We are hoping MUA 2 will be just as fun as the first game. I've also been dabbling with The Godfather, I've found it very interesting to play and glad I finally got it, I waited for the price to come down alot, just in case I didn't care for it. No reason to pay steep prices for all games hehe, no multiplayer really so don't have to worry about people not playing anymore. It was worth the $20 for me. I've also got Burnout Paradise sitting here, been waiting to finish up Dirt before I start another racing game. I'm sure I will come up two achievements short of getting all of achievements for Dirt now. The two online achievements, win a rally and win a hill climb. No matter what I do I am absolutely terrible racing online. I can't control the cars and since I can't change the cars settings it's pretty much hopeless. So once I get the 1000 mile and the world championship in the rally mode done I'll be trading it in.


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I beat freebird on hard level!!!!
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