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PS Move !!!! Help me !!!!!!!!

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PS Move is about to release juz a mere 5 days to go and my small brother keep on talking about it .... My decision to buy PS Move is about 70% however I felt a little unsecured buying those gadget ?? PS move is only applicable on few game which have good used in motion however i doesn't feel it's applicable to other shooting game like killzone 3 or resident evil 5 .. I would rather use a controller to move rather than a move to aim for me which feel sometime going to be sluggish ... However i am really interested in playing other game such as arrow, ping pong and those mini game which i can have fun with my frens and family ... Do u guys think is it worth it to buy ?? Help me guys !! Help me with some advice and decision , is ti really worth the money spend or buying another game ??

PS Move

Mass Effect 2 on PS3 ????

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One of the most feared incident which could actual spoil the console future is jump shifting of exclusive game !!! Finally all of u guys dream Mass Effect 2 to appear in Ps3 is finally realize !!! Previously it was all started with a code in MAss Effect 2 contain PS3 name file on it, however it was denied the speculation and in the end it turn out real guys !!! they were juz conning U guys to stop believe to spoilt the surprise !! I was not a huge fan toward Mass Effect 2 because I have no idea what this game previously talk about except the Mass Effect 1 contain some nudity and 18+ age above to look at it !!! Let me know guys if u really enjoy the move of the MAss Effect 2 to PS3 ........May be and I say "MAY BE" HALO is on the way to PS3.... hahaha :D

Marvel Vs. Capcom Legacy !!

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Marvel vs. Capcom was 1st started out for me was at Playstation 1 .. It was the best crossover game I ever play ... I have play Xmen Vs Street Fighter, SNK Vs. Capcom, and Marvel Vs. Street Fighter but nothing come close to the champion of Crossover in my opinion which is Marvel Vs Capcom ... I do really Enjoy the crossover because it has all my favorite character such as Spiderman, Ryu and War Machine ... The first game when release was kinda interesting in the way as I say in order to get certain character u require to complete the character to get the special character such as Rockman to unlock Roll and also hidden character such as Akuma location located at the top middle (in case if you guys don realize ), 2nd version of Morrigon, Gold version of War Machine ... Compare to now which some game to still remain the way such as SF4 and others given out all character ready for you ... The 1st was limited number of character around If i still remember which is 17 + The first game I would give it a 9.5 for a good PS1 fighting game

Marvel Vs Capcom : Clash of the Super Heroes

Later the 2nd generation of Playstation has launch which is PS2, the world best selling console so far ... The main topic we back again was the clash of the crossover .. the release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 : New Age of Heroes was unavoidable as the legacy stay by M Vs.C 1 was one of the best fighting game .. This time they are going beyond which include total of 56 character into it .. I think it was one of the largest fighting game rooster ever created so far !! (tell me if i am wrong ) ... We a huge cast and My all time favorite is back Spiderman , Warmachine and also finally Iron Man !!! The game was so fun that the game still attract me till now even in Arcade which i can play in my PS2 but I still when out to play when I am going out with my friends ... my all time favorite group was Cabal, Iron Man and War Machine !! The legend of this game was well know until today which they have ported over to latest generation which is the PS3 and X360 !! Although there are still ppl complain as there are some balance issue such as character which doesn't give chance to enemy for a single move by spamming Aerial combo and unable to come close to you .. in my opinion it seem like a technique rather than cheat ...

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 : New Age of Heroes

After 8 Years (PS console ) waiting finally we have our champion back again which is Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds .. So far not much detail have been given in term of number of character but so far we have know few and keep expanding which is Captain America, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Iron Man, Super Skrull, Wolverine, Chris Redfield, chun li, Dante, Felicia, Morrigon, Trish and Ryu.. character wise in seem added new addition whcih so far I do enjoy which is Dante and Trish , the trailer look Uber Cool with their aerial combo and super power .... Graphic wise have been given a so called 3D, Cell Shaded, comic book ****.. It look colorful to me compare to previous M vs. C . the year release for this game would be Spring 2011 so another year will be added ... I wish the game could release fast and give me the best fighting game I ever play in 2011 !!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds

Let me know what u think of this game and Do u have any interest in this game !!!! PEACE !!! :)

My second YLOD !!!

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My Ps3 has been fixed since 3 or 4 months ago and now i have meet my worst enemy again which is YLOD !!! This is my second time gotten the YLOD since March 3rd ... Y is it so fast broken ... I put a fan infront to avoid overheat , bought a back fan for ventilation of the pS3 but no matter how i try to cool it down but it still cause this problem ... I was playing MW2 hald way and then suddenly it freeze , after it auto shut down and i try to reboot the game and it go "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" ... I was like WTF !!! Noooooooooo !!! the horror , the horror has arrived again .. I was so waiting for PSmove and now it give me this XXXX !!

Haih ~~~ What can I do to avoid this happen the next time i fix again ?? I couldn't always fork out MYR300:USD75 to fix it always !!! I so miss my BFBC2 !! Miss my FF13 .. sob sob sob ... While free time i have review my BFBC2 after so long keep playing is now time to fix and let it rest !! See u online guys in the next week !! (take 3 days or more to fix ) ~~~~ lonely I'm so lonely ,

E3 looking bright for SONY !!!

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E3 this year will be a Big Bang for SONY as the date is coming close .. Although E3 is juz a mere months away but we have been hearing great news so far !!! So far a lot of news have been release for SONY fans, I listed it at bottom :

1) Killzone 3 : 1st I wasn't believe it will release so far like 2011 will release the news because it was juz a year happen Killzone 2 ROCK the PS3 graphic . and now here come the news for KILLZONE 3 !!!!! OMFG !!! So far it looking bright and few people have play it and I envy it !!! Jet pack, snow storm and improve melee is one of the news have release !! So far KIllzone 3 will be one of my top list

2) LittleBigPlanet 2 : who doesn't love this cute little sackboy . This time LBP2 is coming adn confirm with thier latest release trailer it seem to really pack a lot of new things witing for us !!! with flying car, racing car, improve graphic, what more could we ask !!! And the past LBP1 map created by user will also be ported over to LBP2. What a good idea !!!!

3)Infamous 2: One of the latest news juz recently by GS ... Gameinformer have release the all new looking Cole and new city. so far no trailer or any news beside the front cover of gameinformer release .. Hope is being high with Sucker Punch good production of this game and all of us PS3 user can't wait to get this electrifying hand on this game !!!

4) Uncharted 3 : so far juz a small quote has been release regarding the U3 will going to north Pole this time but it juz a rumor and I am sorry for unable to find the article regarding it bec i lost the website address ...

5) Many more lots to come : ..........

I hope u guys enjoy what's waiting for u and hope keep me posted for any new news !!!!

COD : Black Ops impression !!!!

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I think most of u guys have watched the new trailer of COD : black OPs... in my opinion ... it is GOD damn good !!!!! With epic scale like previous and may be possible more epic than MW2 !!! Love It.. In the trailer there are a lot of new thing exposure .. from the trailer , few weapons can be confirm such as Ak-47, AUG HBAR, a shotgun similiar to L4D2 if u have played ... and my favorite from it all is the new crossbow arrow.. when it shoot, it will stab for a moment bec the arrow is stick with a bomb.. as it pass any enemy it will explode together .. COOL idea !!!!! Love it !! And one more thing i have seen something new in the trailer which is a explosion push.. in previous COD .. when a greande or explosion happen beside u .. u will mostly die on the spot u very stand but this COD :black Ops now have a explosion push where, when a explosion happen beside u, it will flung u away far far away !! Nice technique !! love it !!! With new improve graphic seen form the trailer it seem it has a new graphic upgrade !! Love it !!

Overall after watching the trailer, I am really sure I will get my hands o this treyarch new COD as it previous COD:WAW was quite a let down... So far the single player shown was very epic, good, and nice weapon.. Hope they will learn form the previous which plague the COD:WAW multiplayer badly ... Hope they will shows us the new Multiplayer preview !!!

Let me know if u have seen it !!!

Tired of traveling Indonesia and Singapore !!!!

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2 Weeks back 2 back, i have been traveling to Indonesia and Singapore ... 1st trip was on the 14 April till 18 April for Indonesia trip.. we went to Lake Toba .. it was a college class education trip .. the place was quite poor but yet interesting with their culture and fauna available in the area.. lush green forest , lake, and even kind people.. although they are poor but yet they are much nicer than my country ppl ... hahaha :) after coming back juz rest for 2 days , den i on my 2nd trip to Singapore.. another class trip .. we have to sit train in the middle of night 10.30pm and reach singapore on the next morning 8.20am ... it was bumpy, shaking and noisy... OMG !!!! How am I going to Sleep :? after reaching we have a full day trip until 12 am ... sweating, sticky, tired, powerless ......OMG wat A trip !!!!! The trip was on the 20 April night till 24th April. Singapore was a beautiful and modern city .. Well planed country and good community involvement !!! However Singapore is really a "FINE" city .. i mean FINE !!! as in giving ticket such as smoking u get fined $500, walking in unwanted area fined $500, Chewing Gum fined $500 and worst of all having piracy in ur laptop or any possession fined $10000 !!!! WOW !!! Everything also fined !!!! But the country is well behaved and clean city !!! This is why few days, i have not blog so much !!! so as playing games !!! T............I........R......E.....D..............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

GOW3 review and Shifting to BBC2 !!!!

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Finally I have written my GOW 3 review .. Guys have a look and coment about it .. give me some idea wher to improve or wat would u like to know from my view ..

Also i have juz bought Battlefield : Bad Company 2 .. After watching review and u guys shifting to BBC2 it make to have a try on the game .. I was shock with the online component of the game .. Large scale and epic battle is like really playing in battlefield rather than MW2 in a small map keep dying ...... and spam rocket launcher and grenade launcher... Angry with it and i make myself move to BBC2 .. Love the game RUSH which move layer by layer look so EPIC and at least have a meaning of defending it rather than juz defend for wat so no reason ... ENjoy it and thanks Guys bec u move and looking at u guys have made me to change to a good side .... But i will still play MW2 for FUN or when the new mapsrelease !!

PS3 UPDATE V3.21 and GeoHot Hack !!!

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As u all know, 2morrow 1st April 2010 will be the day OS install in old PS3 generation will be remove . This is not April's Fool joke !!!!! .. Some of u maybe could be using Linux to operate but i have no idea wats the real deal about Linux ??? AS this guys which also know as the iphone hacker "Geohot" has actually find out a way to hack PS3 and allow to play Pirated game on PS3 .. Some of u will think SONY decission to remove the OS install away was a bad move but for me I think is good and bad ... The good thing, hacking will not allow in the PS3 but the bad thing is ppl have pay PS3 for the service and now they are removing it !! I my opinion this problem was all started way back when hacking and pirated were famous in other place. My country was heavy in Pirated Disc during the PS2 era .. DVD was sold everywhere and cheap game disc available in almost every corner ... if u wan to compare how cheap is the pirated disc .. it like now a single PS3 disc equal to 25 PS2 game .. wow that will last em almost a year of playing ...

During that era, original Disc for PS2 was kinda pricy due to low support in Original and high support in Piracy .. this make distributor to incerease the Original price in order to cover the cost price ... Now after shifting to PS3 .. I has actually felt now, wats the feeling of ppl who buy original game ( i play Pirated with PS2 :P) ... Now i have strate on supporting Original bec i actually felt if PPl would change to orginal , the distributor might actually decrease the cost .. I change by buying original PS3 games, Blu ray movies, DVD movies...

AS the news now getting HOT about the PS3 hack, are u actually concern about the PS3 future or juz going happy with the way they now doing by hacking .. You guys think of it ... PLz SUpport Orginal and Help us Built a Better PS3 Comunity !!!! PEACE !! :D

God Of War 3 EXPOSE !!!

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By now i think all Ps3 or portion of the PS3 user would have own GOW3 !!! For me i was quite surprise as i see my PSN fren list, only 3 person has actually owned GOW3 ... Others will still busy playing BBC, MW2, FIFA10, and MAG ... Is it GOW3 launch was on the wrong Date ? It seem like others were busy playing Online rather than Single Player ... But for me, I do enjoy playing this anticipated ..... game .. it was launch on the 16 March and I owned it on the 23 March, slow me due to Mid term exam...

After playing first 1 hour actually i can conclude some regarding the game :
1) Graphic : Technically, Yes it's good but Visually : Average compare to Uncharted 2
2) Gameplay : Fun, Violent, Gory as usual from past GOW
3)Length or Replaybility : I cant say now but later in my review u may have a look at it !!

This short summary is juz a brief explain about the game .. guys and girl who love hack and slash, gore, blood, nud* (Opss), and greek mythology ... Got Get this game !! Catch my review in a short time !!