And I am back!!! (Well, sort off, haha)

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Hey there!, don't know if anyone missed me (or even remembered me:cry: ) but I have decided to chime in a bit and just say I am alive!

In all honesty, I am working as a flight attendant now, so that has taken pretty much my entire life as of the moment. In fact, I am not even sure I can call this a proper entry as this is just a "hi, what up?" kind of thing, but hopefully starting next week I'll be trying to catch up on some blogs and post some things of my own! Anyway, talk to you all later, I'll post some pics of the places I've been too!

A little busy

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Yeah, I am just letting you guys know I have not kept track of much here at gamespot due to some business I have to take care off. I am pretty much readying everything that I need to do before I go home on the 26 of Aug, along with working pretty much everyday, so most of my time is taken.

Well, I hope you have fun in my absence (don't banscythe me or anything, I think this applies to someone specific:P) Take care guys and girls!

And I did it!

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Well, this short blog is just to say: I have joined the ranks of Big Boss! After countless tears, curses and broken controllers (ok, I am slightly exaggerating:P) I have achieved the highest rank in Metal Gear Solid 4

Well, here are some pics:

The Big Boss Emblem Screen (Full Photo)

Me and my screen results! (Full Photo)

And yes, if you must ask, I am the five year old looking one, not the bearded guy in the back. He is just a bum:lol:

As far as the emblems that I have so far:

Big Boss

























I really doubt I am going to be getting the joke ones anytime soon, they surely seem to be much more time consuming than the Big Boss one:?

Anyway, until next time:D

Hey Everybody!

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It has certainly been a while! I am a live and well, thank goodness, just very busy!:PI am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with most of your blogs, but now that I am finally getting used to having a job take my time, I think I will be able to post more. Well, to mark my return, this blog is dedicated to one of my favorite sagas of all time: Metal Gear Solid! And to celebrate, I have written reviews for all four console installments in the series. I must say, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the best game ever made, and it marks only the second time in my adult life that I have given a game a perfect score:D Ok, without further delays, here it they are:

The Saga Begins

Enter Raiden

The Cold War

Old Snake

As an apology to all for not keeping up, here is something that will hopefully make you smile (I know it made Snake smile:lol: )

I will try to keep updating more frequently! Hi and bye to all! Hope you enjoy the reviews and go an play this saga, you'll be doing yourself a favor

Finally! I got a job!

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That's right, you've heard it correctly, I finally got a friggin job! Now, wait for it, wait for it....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................I I work for Gamestop! :lol:

I am actually pretty excited that my long *** vacation (erm,9 months:P) is finally over. Now, is finally time to grab some cash and see where it all takes me.

Metal Gear Online Beta Opinions!

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Well, hello there boys and girls, its been a while. First of all, I am pretty good and hopefully you are all as well. there haven't been any big changes in my life, and that's both, a good and a bad thing:P But anyway, this blog isn't about me, but about my impressions of the Metal Gear Online Beta, which just went online today.

Ok, here it goes.

Ease of use:

The game is fairly easy to set up once you have your KonamiID and such. You'll get to create your own character and his appearance. There aren't many items to choose from, but there is enough variety that you shouldn't run into any exact duplicates of you. You also set four skills for your characters. These skills range from proficiency in a certain type of weapon, to other such things, such as being able to see traps, set a network for your team to be able to see the enemies and mastery at hand to hand combat and more. There are about 15 different skills and they all serve their purpose nicely. Some are really hard to use, but they still work. The menus are pretty straightforward and finding your way into a game is relatively painless.

Going online:

There are three choices. You can join an existing game, which is the fastest way. You can have the game find a game for you with people of your same skill. This takes a little more time, but you'll be pretty much guaranteed that you won't get an ass whooping on your first couple of runs. You can also join a training server, where you'll get to learn the ropes with a bunch of dummy targets. The playing modes available are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Base, Capture the Kerotan (basically capture the flag) and Holding Base (that is not the exact name, but basically you have to capture a base and hold the fort for as long as you can) So far, I haven't ran into any lag issues and the games have gone pretty smoothly. The game looks pretty good and it sounds good too. Is nothing groundbreaking, but at least is nice too look at and nice to listen too.

The game:

The best way to describe this is Metal Gear mixed with a third/first person shooter. All of the conventions that make Metal Gear are here. Cardboard boxes, porn magazines, close quarter combat, stealth, etc, etc. You can also be knocked out and put to sleep. This works exactly like in any Metal Gear game and its a pretty interesting approach to take. Your inventory is handled with the L2 button and weapons with the R2 button. Close quarter combat is done by pressing on the R1 button (unless you have the CQC mastery skill, you will only be able to punch though, not hold) If you have said skill, then the CQC becomes more in-depth, as you can throw, choke and use your enemies as human shields. Triangle is an action button of sorts and it'll handle all of your contextual actions, such flattening against walls, hanging and more. Crouch running is new to MG, and it works just like you'll expect. You can still lay prone, and this has been beefed up quite a bit, as you can now roll, lay on your back, play death and more. Everything is easy to control and is pretty fun overall.

Most fights will end up in firefights though. And the shooting controls work well. You aim with the L1 button and fire with the R1 button. If you press triangle while you are aiming, the game goes into first person mode and it'll stay there until you let the aiming button go. You can move like in any first person shooter while aiming too. You cannot shot from the hip though, so if you want to use your weapon, you'll need to aim. The weapons are pretty customizable. My weapon of choice is the M4, and for that one alone you can add a scope, grenade launcher, silencer, laser sight and an extra handle for better recoil handling. For these mods you need Drebin points that are gained performing well in combat and so far I haven't found a way to keep them after a match is over. The weapon selection is also pretty nice, giving you a good amount of choices between the main types (assault rifle, light machine gun, sniper rifle, etc) You also can chose a side-arm, which basically gives you a couple different pistols as well as a tranquilizer gun and several types of grenades, claymore and magazine.

If you don't have a mic, you also have access to the Codec, which has a whole bunch of pre-recorded phrases for you to use in different situations. The game comes only with two maps, but they are huge. Each one has several stories, tunnels, sewers and are just pretty big.

So far, it seems MGO will shape to be a good online component. My main complains are that the movement of speed is very slow (you move at Snake's pace from the single player game) I understand this is supposed to be a more tactical shooter, rather than a fast paced one, but the movement speed can be unbearable at times. Also, the game only seems to support 16 players, 12 in most lobbies. While is not as big a problem with Deathmatch, the arenas are too big and this becomes a problem, specially when playing teams. Add the running speed to this, and you can spend a good amount of time without seeing any action. I think the best thing to do in the final product is either reduce the arenas in size a little bit and/or allow for more players, but judging by the amount of troubles they had just setting up this beta, I find that unlikely.

I am Back! (Updated)

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Well, I got the call at around 11 and unfortunately they decided not to let me continue:( It certainly was a little disappointing, considering I passed both days of the interview, but aw well, such is life, no big deal.

I am sorry to all those whom I will not be able to get their import games though:P

Right now, I am thinking what my next move will be, but I thank all of you guys for your support!

A Busy Week

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Well, this has been a pretty hectic week for me, as the title implies. First off, I finished Crisis Core on Sunday (Review Here) which was fantastic! I loved every second of it. And now, my week has really started.

This upcoming Saturday and Sunday I have a full day interview with a language center to see if I go an teach in Japan. They are gonna test my language skills, as well as my interpersonal and group working capacities. I don't know how well I will do, but I am excited! I have been reading very much about Japanese culture and the current Japanese state in the world. I have also started working on my English skills, since I need to excel at that.

The interview will be held at Costa Mesa, in California. I live in Bakersfield, so I am gonna have to go and stay overnight. Money is tight (may even have to sleep at the bus station if necessary:P) but I really wanna do this. Its one of my dreams to travel, Japan being one of the main destinations I wanna go to. Plus, is the only interview I have been able to book in like forever:lol: If that doesn't work, I'll have to settle for Blockbuster, which I applied today and interviews are next week. My advice to you kids: Jobs are becoming very hard to come by, even for college graduates like myself. So, if you find one that is worth it, FIGHT FOR IT!:lol:

Other than that, not much is really going on. I've been cleaning the garage in my aunts apartment and such and working out, which I am trying to take seriously after a one week sabbatical:lol:

Anyway boys and girls, I wish you an awesome week and till next time!:D

Recent Victim of the Tagging Movement

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Yes, I am one as well, thanks to the beautiful Pearl of_Egypt. So, I am gonna have fun showing you my dirty stuff!!!!:twisted:

1. I have dressed like a woman. Not once, not twice, but many times. All in the sake of theater. And in that same sake, I go all the way, even matching my underwear (in this case, panties:oops: ) with the dresses given (hey, if you are gonna be a girl on stage, you might as well look the part:lol: )

2. When I am sleeping, I don't snore, or fart... but I drool... big time

3. If you see me talking to myself, do not assume I am talking into one of those fancy bluetooth headphones that go with your phones. If you see me talking to myself, then that is probably what I am doing.

4. I have a fetish with Cloud Strife. Though most of you can probably guess that:P

5. In my dreams, I've spoken different languages that I don't speak in real life, such as Japanese and French. However, I understand what is going on, because they are always accompanied by subtitles. Yes, I dream with subtitles.

Extra: When I was 12, I turned the entire first season of Pokemon into a fan novel:P

All right, well, is time to designate my victims. KH-mixerX, Kritical_Strike, HRDKyoSaNim, Misfit8488 and SDMF TrueBlue, I choose you!!

The Story of Final Fantasy VII, Part Seven (Spoilers Ahead)

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Welcome to the seventh and final part of the story of Final Fantasy VII. It is only fitting that the last part is numbered after the game!

Arriving at the City of the Ancients, Bugen tells the group that the planet is telling him that it is in crisis. In order to save it, one must cast Holy, the most powerful defensive magic. Bugen explains that if one soul reaches the planet, while casting Holy, everything that causes damage to the planet would disappear, perhaps even living beings. But that is up to the planet to decide. Bugen finds some Cetra writing. Although he cannot understand it, Bugen finds two words written in chalk, key…music box. The music box is built in the center of the room. After finally deciphering the writings, the group finds the key in an underwater cave. Once combined, the music box begins to function, a curtain of water surrounding it. The last moments of Aerith's life playing on the curtain. Cloud notices Aerith's White Materia falling into the lake. Cloud finally understands the use of the White Materia. It was used to call Holy. Aerith had already prayed to the planet for Holy. I understand now Aerith, I'll do the rest, Cloud says, only to be faced by a common WE from his friends. Bugen explains Holy cannot move yet because something is stopping it. Sephiroth. While the group faces this new revelation of hope, they are warned that a WEAPON is in-bound to attack Midgar. Barret immediately jumps at Marlene's peril, but Caith reassures him she is in a safe place. This causes a fight within the group however, as Caith cannot justify how Barret can worry about his daughter, but still have killed so many when he blew up the Reactors. The arguing grows, until Cloud and Tifa finally manage to put it out. In order to redeem their past mistakes, Cloud orders the group to gear up, as they head to protect Midgar from WEAPON.

Thanks to their brave efforts, WEAPON retreats. At the same time, Rufus orders for the Sister Ray (transported from Junon to Midgar) to open fire upon the Northern Crater Barrier. Feeling this aura of destruction, WEAPON launches one last barrage of energy towards the Shinra building, taking out Rufus. The Sister Ray manages to fire however, piercing right through WEAPON and destroying the barrier at the Northern Crater. Before Cloud and his group decide to head to their final battle, but Caith warns them that Hojo has secluded himself at the top control panel of the Sister Ray and is planning on firing it again. Since it is connected to the Mako Reactors in Midgar, overfiring it can cause the destruction of Midgar. The group agrees they must put a stop to Hojo before going to confront Sephiroth. Before Caith can help anymore however, Reeve, the man behind Caith's operations, is put under arrest under the charges of treason by Heidegger, the new, self-proclaimed President of Shinra. Using the Highwind, the group parachutes into Midgar and war begins. After many battles, including the defeat of Proud Clod, a weapon create to fight the WEAPONS (and Heidegger and Scarlet within the machine) throughout the city, the group reaches Hojo.

Professor Hojo

Hojo confesses that he does not care for the life of Midgar. His only concern is to send the incredible energy of the Sister Ray for Sephiroth to absorb.After all, it is the least I can do for my son, Hojo confesses. Surprised and even more disgusted, Cloud now has even more fire to stop Hojo. Hojo has injected himself with a high amount of Jenova cells however, mutating his body into something else. After a dangerous fight, Cloud and his group have finally finished Shinra's rule. Back on the Highwind, Red tells the group Bugen suspects only one more week before Meteor hits the planet. Cloud tells the group however to go.

Cloud: Red XIII...... You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again?

Red XIII: .........yes.

Cloud: (to Barret) You want to see Marlene, right?

Barret: Don't ask me that.

Cloud: We'll beat Sephiroth... Then, if we don't release the power of Holy in

seven days...... There won't be a planet left to protect. If we can't beat

Sephiroth... It's as good as death for us. We'll just go a few days sooner than

the rest who'll die from Meteor.

Barret: Don't be thinkin' you're gonna lose before you even fight!

Cloud: No! What I meant was... What are we all fighting for? I want us all to

understand that. Save the planet... for the future of the planet... Sure,

that's all fine. But really, is that really how it is? For me, this is a

personal feud. I want to beat Sephiroth. And settle my past. Saving the planet

just happens to be part of that. I've been thinking. I think we all are

fighting for ourselves. For ourselves... and that someone... something... what

ever it is, that's important to us. That's what we're fighting for. That's why

we keep up this battle for the planet.

Barret: You're right... It sounds cool sayin' it's to save the planet. But I

was the one who blew up that Mako Reactor...... Lookin' back on it now, I can

see that wasn't the right way to do things. I made a lot of friends and

innocent bystanders suffer... ...At first, it was revenge against Shinra. For

attackin' my town. But now...... Yeah. I'm fightin' for Marlene. For Marlene...

For Marlene's future... Yeah... I guess I want to save the planet for Marlene's


Cloud: Go and see her. Make sure you're right, and come back. All of you. Get

off the ship and find out your reasons for yourselves. I want you to make sure.

Then I want you to come back.

Cid: Maybe ain't none of us'll come back. Meteor's gonna kill us anyway. Let's

just forget any useless struggling!

Cloud: I know why I'm fighting. I'm fighting to save the planet, and that's

that. But besides that, There's something personal too... A very personal

memory that I have. What about you all? I want all of you to find that

something within yourselves. If you don't find it, then that's okay too. You

can't fight without a reason, right? So, I won't hold it against you if you

don't come back.

The group leaves, only Tifa and Cloud left. Tifa, like Cloud, has nowhere to go. Tifa is the only remnant of Cloud's past, and the same it is for Tifa with Cloud. Tifa confesses to Cloud that he is all that matters to her. Cloud and Tifa spend the night watching the sunset, outside the Higwind. At the same time, Red visits his grandfather, whom now on his deathbed, tells Red to be strong. Vincent finally finds Lucrecia's cave, where Lucrecia has been living within a crystallized Mako Fountain. Vincent recalls his tragic past. His confession to Lucrecia and his rejection, Lucrecia's pain and suffering, the birth of Sephiroth and his final moments as a human being. When confronting Hojo, Hojo shoots the young Turk. Experimenting on him, he turns Vincent into an incredible creature. More powerful, more agile than any human. He can recover from mortal wounds in a matter of minutes, making him almost immortal. But all of this at the cost of his humanity and his ability to feel. This is how the never aging Vincent Valentine came to be. Lucrecia asks Vincent what happened to her son, a baby she never got to hold. Vincent tells Lucrecia, that Sephiroth is dead (Both Red's and Vincent quest are optional, but are part of the cannon) Back at the Highwind, Cloud Strife is ready to depart. Tifa Lockheart, Barret Wallace, Nanaki Red XIII, Yuffie Kisaragi, Caith Sith, Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine with him.

Bizarro Sephiroth

Safer Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel

Finally reaching Sephiroth after countless battles against monsters and the defeat of the ultimate Jenova, Cloud and his group are ready to show Sephiroth their determination. Sephiroth's power is such that he becomes Bizarro Sephiroth, a powerful creature and soon evolved into Safer Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel. Sephiroth's power however, is not enough to stop Cloud and his group. Whether or not Holy works, Cloud feels that they have done all they could. Destiny prepares something different for Cloud however, as he is summoned into the Spirit World by none other than Sephiroth, where the final battle truly begins. One on one now, the general and the mercenary clash. Cloud unleashes all of his energy, liberating his maximum attack, the Omnislash, a barrage of 15 consecutive slashes that cut through the sound barrier. After this attack, the general finally dies, his evil spirit dissipating into the Lifestream. The Lifestream surrounds Cloud, and soon a gentle hand appears from within. A gentle hand Cloud that makes the cold Cloud smile once again. Before taking the hand however, Cloud comes back to the real world. Tifa, with her hand stretched calls out to Cloud, as the Northern Crater collapses. Tifa falls, but the mercenary catches her and once again fulfill his promise.

The Final Battle (As seen in Advent Children)

Cloud: .....I think I'm beginning to understand.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: An answer from the Planet... the Promised Land... I think I can meet her... there

Tifa: Yeah, let's go meet her.

The rest of the group is also ok. However, Holy's movement is starting to destroy the cave. Lady Luck, don't fail me know, prays Cid, before dropping his cigarette from his mouth as the Highwind crashes into the crater. The group boards and the explosion of Holy takes them out of the crater. Before the Highwind completely falls into piece, Cid activates the emergency lever, jettisoning the bridge of the Higwind, which spreads wings and flies away. The group, flying over Midgar, watch as Meteor approaches. From Kalm, little Marlene watches as well. The flower girl?, Marlene says, as she feels a gentle spirit. From Cosmo Canyon, to Junon, the whole planet is in expectation to what will happen. Holy surrounds the city, but Meteor penetrates through. Forget about Midgar, we should begin to worry about the planet, Red proclaims.

With nothing else to do, the group prays for a miracle. And said miracle, happens. From within every reach of the planet, the Lifestream begins to emerge, creating a web of spirit energy, supporting Holy. The group watches in awe. The Lifestream, Cloud says to himself. A blinding light engulfs the world, and the last image we see, is that of Aerith Gainsborough, the planet's guardian angel. Credits roll.

Five hundred years later, a fire red fur creature runs amongst the plains, its two cubs in tow. Scaling the nearby cliffs, the creature and his cubs overlook the green paradise that has grown over Midgar. An older Red XIII watches over the city, where the laughter of children can be heard. The end.

I hope you have all enjoyed these entries and hopefully for those that have never experienced this masterpiece, I hope you do one day. But don't go, for tomorrow the entries will continue, going over the characters that make this tale one of the best stories in games.

Cloud and Aerith **** Amano Artwork)

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