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soo, street fighter 4

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is pretty challenging if, like me, you've never played games like it. fighting games ive played are tha naruto ultimate ninja series and tha dragonball z budokai series. oh and sagas was tha worst dbz game ive ever played. anyways, i have no idea how to get better than to just keep practicing and learning more moves and making up combos. it truly is a fighting game of tha playstation gaming, lol.

rpg games

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alright, so im looking for some really good rpg games like tha games Bethesda made. like fallout 3 and oblivion. idt i spelled Bethesda right, lol. anyways, i really like those games cuz you can do pretty much anything. i like to be able to be free and run around nake, lmao, jk jk. you guys get tha idea. prototype came out today and i think it's gonna be a tough match between prototype and infamous. well till assassin's creed 2 come's out. i think that it'll be better tha metal gear solid. oh, btw, idk why it's so good. i mean, ive never really played those games, but they look kinda boring, so some1 tell me why it's so amazing and a 10/10. lol. anyways, so yeah, any good rpg games like fallout 3 and oblivion, hit me up guys. =).