7 Years

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wow time sure flies when your working and studying and its good to see gamespot is still on till now =]

should i?

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ummmm im thinking if i should buy that 199$ dsi but i wanna buy also the 3ds :( which one should i get :Y

Oh wow :O

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Dang i know i said i havent been 3 years ago but dang lol well at least im back but im really playing Pokemon for now but i am playing with digimon but for people who still wanna trade pks just msg me and il get back lol

ps: i almost forgot my password here ahahaha

my new trainer card =]

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if this doesnt show then here's my Pokemon Code: BzJay 0775 5282 1914 =]

It's good to be back in here

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Wow it's been 3 years i havent join of any pokemon topics and trading well im back! if anyone willing to battle or trade anything just give me a msg and il return it asap =]

three days

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ok people i got only 3 days to trade/battle/ or anything else to do abt pokemon diamond or pearl so if you want something tell me now
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