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Like the stepmother in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? What was her name again...
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It's not very original, but spiders. My first instinct is always to swat them, but I'm gripped by the fear that if I miss they will turn towards me, hiss with rage and leap at my face, fangs bared. Either that or crawl over me while I sleep and...did I just see something scuttle towards my ankle?! I think I can feel something...
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Off the top of my head, The Last Remnant. The first time I heard David speak I just went 'Huh?!' There weren't exactly many Oliviers among the rest of the cast either. As far as annoying voices go (as opposed to simply poorly-acted) my vote goes to Mack and Cooke from Lost Odyssey. Those wretched kids very nearly ruined the whole experience for me - as soon as they opened their mouths I just wanted to hurt something.
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PS3 - Battle Fantasia. As God is my witness, I will become good at a fighting game again. Or perhaps 'good' is a little too ambitious; I'd settle for being able to finish the thing on Normal difficulty. Wii - House of the Dead: Overkill. I don't remember the last time I grinned ear-to-ear through an entire gaming experience like I did with this one.
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I can only assume that when he goes into a church now his skin will start to smoke and shrivel and he will have to skitter shrieking to the nearest exit. And if he goes near the holy water...