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I noticed on a number of sites a lot of the haters of this game claim they don't even really like MMO's and/or wanted them to make the next single player ES game. They have an axe to grind and I've seen many of them say they actually want this game to fail. This is a pretty big issue with me since this can actually effect the game in a bad way. The beta test is not being properly conducted because it essentially has moles or saboteurs in it that are just out there trashing the game...not helping it. If they don't like MMO's then they probably do not have much experience with them. These people should not be beta testing the game.

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What I'm disappointed about is the money-grubbing.

I don't really play online RPG's, and I REALLY wanted to try this one, but the fact that they are going subscription on top of an initial $60+ bucks... NOPE. And it's suspiciously looking another pay-to-win money pit as well, what with the "Imperial Edition" and all. I may not mind a subscription based game if there wasn't a huge initial purchase and a real money pay to win shop. I haven't done a ton of research, but I'm pretty turned off to ESO right now, and they've so far lost my business.

I got to tool around on the first beta (not impressed), and I'll test out the next one this weekend, but no way in hell am I handing over that much money on a single game that so far seems no better than any other MMO, especially when there are so many that are free.

Most MMO players are used to paying a monthly fee some people have been doing it for over 10 years. Look how much content was added to Everquest or WoW over the years. How do you think that happens? It's not free to design and implement things it costs money no one is working for a company for free ya know. The monthly fee is not a valid complaint against the game since it's very common in the MMO world.

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Don't take it out on us people that are looking forward to this just because you're a single player fanboi that can't afford 15 bucks a month. People need to stop comparing it to Skyrim and other single player games.

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Just looking into getting into some new online games that I have missed in the past couple of years. I'm building a new much needed gaming PC this week that is almost done. I was curious about this game and how people thought it was doing since it has been out now about half a year. Does it have a pretty solid playerbase? Are they adding content and updates to it over time?

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Only $3.99...seems hard to beat I have never played this I'm going to snag it up I think.

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This series needs axed and rehauled... it's inferior to other RPG series. In the D&D games and the Might and Magic games your characters become more powerful over time so there is a feeling of power progression. Elder Scrolls has the idiotic level scaling so there is no cool magic spot where you're character finally becomes a badarse. In Might and Magic you could walk up to a creature and get your arse handed to you but go back to it a few levels later and crush it. Level scaling is stupid and isn't a true RPG system.

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I re-bought 7 on gog and started playing it...my characters are only about level 7 and I just hit the Barrow Downs fighting Wraiths.

Should I buy VI and play through it first since VII is the sequel technically? I played IV and V back in the day on my old Tandy computer.

Never played 3 but I doubt I'll go back that far even though it's probably a decent playthrough.

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apparently game companies have all decided to not support their games with enough servers. after all these years of MMOs and other server based games, you'd think that the game industry would get its head out of its ass and invest a little extra money for server support. this is such bs.

so, game companies make these server based games, and then dont provide enough servers for customers that have already paid money to play the game. meanwhile the game company already has your money, so there is not real initiative for the game company to quickly resolve server issues. the customer is expected to suck it up and be a big boy.

this type of corporate behavior is fraud. it's illegal to sell a product that is advertised as something that it actually is not. it seems game companies get a free pass for this type of nonsense, while game industry apologists claim that 'it's just the way things are, so deal with it.' Ok, I will deal with it by not wasting my money on another failed game.

another one bites the dust. too bad.


Actually most MMO's in the past have launched with too many servers...I would rather have a few Full servers than a bunch of Medium ones...I like servers with a good population. It's much better to add servers over time IF they are needed instead of launching too many at the beginning. Look at all the server merges that always happen in MMO's.

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There are cheaper alternatives than Dell, the PC I linked in my earlier

post is $1079, and is more powerful than the Dells discussed here, plus it

has a 5 star rating out of over 100 reviews. I'm not dissing Dell really

but If I was going to buy a pre-built PC for gaming, it probably would

not be from Dell.

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