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The Next Top 10 List is here!

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All right, let's get this list started with no more delays. Although, I guess I should say some stuff regarding my personal life for those curious. My break is pretty much over, although today was very good considering my factory sealed copy of God Hand arrived, meaning I have a good chance of being able to play it on MY PS2 and not requiring me to barrow my friend's Slim PS2. Now then, with all this said, its time to begin the list, considering this is the eve of Black and White's release.

However, I must fulfill an obligation regarding the runners up for my Top 10 Gym Leaders list. I will say this; it's just going to be a list of names, no pictures, no info, and no details. Just their names. Now then, let's begin.

~Top 10 Gym Leaders Honorable Mentions~

11. Blue
12. Clair
13. Pryce
14. Wattson
15. Lt. Surge
16. Gardenia
17. Jasmine
18. Flannery
19. Erika
20. Volkner

Now that that little obligation is out of the way, let's begin the true main attraction of this blog. There are no more delays… okay, there is a minor one.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this list are incredibly biased and should not be taken seriously. Also may or may not have been written by a man residing 20 floors below sea level in a bunker.

~Burner101's Top 10 Favorite Pokémon~

First Game: Gold & Silver
Fire/Water (Respectively)
I feel kind of bad that I'm starting the list with a tie between two Legendary Pokémon, it kind of hints that the person in question has terrible taste. Although, in my defense, those two are fair game in online battles… well, except Entei considering how common Earthquake is. Moving on, I could not, for the life of me, decide between the two, considering I just love their designs. Entei looks absolutely beast (pun intended) and Suicune looks like an absolute Boss. Furthermore, they both look like dogs as, Entei reminded me of a Saint Bernard due to both having very stocky appearances while Suicune looked like a Greyhound due to both having a very sleek frame. Due to the graphical limitations of the Game Boy Color, I was given the impression that Entei had a large shell on his back and Suicune had some kind of jellyfish on his.

Also, before their movies are brought up, I'm going to say it. Entei's was better, but Suicune pretty much made the fourth movie for me. Because let's be honest… Who really likes Cele… On second thought, I really shouldn't ask that question. Moving on.

First Game: Ruby & Sapphire

Probably one of the better Ghosts in franchise, Dusclops made number nine considering he looks awesome, is a Ghost, and was very good meta-game wise and could have even gone without Dusknoir. Dusclops' main role in battle is to simply be a wall that will drive your opponent nuts or drain his/her team as it absorbs attacks and retaliates. Alas, poor Dusclops doesn't get much higher on this list due to the lack of nostalgia I have for him. And there really isn't much to saw about him.

First Game: Gold & Silver

Say what you will about the Gen 2 starters being horrible and/or being copies of the Gen 1 starters, but that won't change my opinion of Feraligatr here. See, back in Gold I was rather shocked to know Croconaw could evolve again, and could only wonder what it would come out as. Needless to say, my jaw dropped upon seeing Feraligatr. It was an absolute monster that crushed most of the opponents it faced. Considering this thing is 7'7, I do believe that monster statement is justified.

Feraligatr makes eight due to the good times we had back in Gold, Crystal, and the current time we're having in HG.

First Game: Ruby & Sapphire

Last Legendary, I swear to God. Groudon may not have as much nostalgia as Feraligatr, but he does however, have much more badassery going for him. To put it simply, Groudon is the living embodiment of land, and after having a titanic battle with Kyogre, decided to sleep within the depths of the Earth in peace. Seriously, just look at him! Does Groudon look like a morning person? No, he most certainly does not, and therefore, like most Legendaries, should be left alone or bad stuff is going to happen.

How bad you ask? Well, his ability called "Drought" is pretty significant considering it increases the effects of the sun's rays and which will of course, lead to literal droughts. I don't think I need to explain why that's a bad thing. Now do I? His concept, appearance, and execution within the games give Groudon spot number seven. Now go back to sleep.

Cubone line
First Game: Red and Blue
and also
I really couldn't make up my mind on the two. I mean really, one is adorable and the other is badass. Let's begin with Cubone, a cute little Pokémon wearing its mother's skull and assumedly carrying one of her bones as a weapon. Could someone explain to me how the crap that got through the censors? Then again, it WAS the 90's so yeah, not surprised. Marowak on the other hand, is simply Cubone after becoming a badass, that's all I can say.

Really, what kind of being goes walking around wearing a skull and using a bone to fight? Nobody else, that's who. I never could get a Cubone or a Marowak into a team to fight the Elite Four, but that's cool. I'll just raise one for online battling. After all is said and done, the Cubone line takes sixth place. On a related note, Marowak's Yellow Sprite scares the crap out of me, even to this day, those of you who played the game will know why (friggin' Pokémon Tower).

First Game: Red and Blue
Dragon Flying

Bet you didn't see this coming, did you? Dragonite is my absolute favorite Dragon in the whole franchise. Sure, Salamence (and especially Garchomp) are more destructive dragons, but Dragonite is their precursor, so he deserves the same amount of love as they do, as Dragonite is just as destructive as they are… well okay, except for Garbrokenchomp. Sure, Dragonite looks like a giant yellow pushover, but its appearance hides the raw power coursing through its body that it will use to decimate you. And unlike some third evolution Pokémon, all Dragonite wants is to be left alone in peace, nothing more nothing less.

Also, it is probably one of the most satisfying things in the franchise to go through the Elite Four packing one of these guys, I should know because I did it in FireRed. Dragonite destroyed all of his opposition, and it was oh-so satisfying. A Pokémon definitely worth the time and effort, Dragonite earns fifth place.

First game: Red and Blue
Rock Water

Bet you didn't see this one either. Ironically, when I was a kid, I liked Omastar more. However, I now I like Kabutops more because he has scythes for hands, and everyone knows I love scythes. Now some will probably wonder why Scyther isn't on here for that reason, and here is the answer to that question. If confronted by either one, which would you be more afraid of; a rare bug about 4'11 with scythes for hands or something that died tens of thousands of years ago that has scythes for hands, about 4'03, and will not only cut you open, but drain you of your fluids? I rest my case.

Kabutops is also undeniably badass, admit it, you know its true. Look at that, that thing will chop you and your Pokémon just to suck out your bodily fluids… wait a minute… this kind of makes it like a vampire that needs to mutilate its victim to death… Even more badass… and even more intimidating. Kabutops steals fourth having said all this.

First Game: Red and Blue
Psychic Water

Hells yes, Slowbro! A bipedal pink hippo with a huge shell on its tail with psychic abilities. What part of that statement doesn't say "awesome"? I absolutely adore Slowbro, and words cannot express it enough. Sure, he's outdone by plenty of other waters, but are they pink psychic hippos? I think not.

Slowbro's massive move set, combined with nostalgia, and his awesome design (not gonna lie, he clearly has one of the best designs and you know it) nets Slowbro third place. Yes, I'm fully aware a lot hasn't been said, but seriously, look at Slowbro! What else can be said?

First Game: Red and Blue

Before I say anything else, there is one thing I have to say. Ahem, Arcanine is so fluffy that fluffiness itself pales in comparison to the fluffiness of Arcanine's insanely fluffy looking fluffy fur and outranks everything else that has ever been created that has a fluffy looking appearance. With that little obligation out of the way, I can now continue. I really couldn't decide what Fire Pokémon I liked the most, considering Magmar and Magmortor are crazy awesome, so I decided to go with the fire breathing fluffy dog. Seriously, who doesn't like Arcanine? Answer, nobody, that's who.

Unfortunately, due to Earthquake and other moves of the sort being popular, Arcanine has suffered greatly in the meta-game, and will probably never recover. But you know what? Screw that crap, Arcanine is too cool for online. Also, not going to lie, would so want one in real life, because I love dogs, and its roughly 6'3 so I could probably put a saddle on it and ride it around. Second place is awarded to Arcanine, with my previous delusion aside (admit it, it would look so badass having one as a mount).

First Game: Red and Blue
Ghost Poison

Here's the one everyone probably saw coming. Gengar is my top favorite Pokémon, yet the odd thing is, I don't know why. I mean, I love his design, I love his concept, I love how much damage he's capable of doing (feel free to ask Darth, I'm sure he remembers), and everything else about him. The thing is though, my love for Gengar just suddenly happened. It's like one day I woke up and said "Gengar is my favorite Pokémon from this day forward". Knowing me though, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened, but that's not the point.

I guess it comes from the fact that Gengar himself was incredibly unique back in the first two Generations… or maybe it has something to do with my odd feelings towards death? Well, I'm running out of time here. So I can't say a lot. Gengar practically took first place and ran off with it.

~End of this list~

And well, that's another list down. And I hope you all enjoyed it. However, don't forget, there's two more lists to select from for next time. So remember, read, comment, and vote. Until then, stay awesome everybody.

~ Burner