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The long awaited final Top 10.

Greetings everybody… All right, this is way overdue, but it's better than never having it, right? Well, might as well mention I'm out of college until the fall. What does this have to do with anything? No idea, blog posting may or may not be affected, too early to determine. No more delay, it's time for the moment everyone has been waiting for.

So kid, you just beat the eight Gym Leaders of your region and possibly an evil organization. Do you think you're the best around (and nothing's ever going to keep you down)? Well, you are not. In fact, you need to now go across the obligatory dungeon known as "Victory Road" to reach the regions league and take on that Region's Elite Four, and the Champion. This is the last stop on the journey, and you better make sure you've got everything you need to win, because you'll definitely need all you have in order to win. Now I kind of wish there was a small animation of the protagonist stepping up to the League as the sky darkens and the outlines of the Elite Four and the Champion loom above. This is…

~Top 10 Elite Four (Champions included)~

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this list are those solely belonging to that of the writer. There is only one song called "Push It To The Limit", it is by Paul Engemann and was used the in the movie Scarface. There are no others. List may also contain slight spoilers.

Position: Third/Second
Region: Kanto/Hoenn
Pokémon Specialization: Ghost (Both)
I figured it'd be best to get rid of (most of) my bias in this list as early as possible. And as usual, I couldn't choose one or the other, so it is left at a tie. These two are absolute polar opposites appearance wise, but are the same when it comes down to their Pokémon of choice. Speaking of their appearances, they both appear to be very non-threatening, Agatha being an old woman and Phoebe… um… being a belly dancer (I guess that's what she's supposed to be.). Do not underestimate them, for they will both knock you down in their respective games if you do so. On a final side-note, Agatha is gone from the E4 roster in Generations II and IV, with no reasons being given at all, although the two most popular reasons according to the fans is that she has either retired during the three year time skip or passed away. With nothing else to say, the masters of the Ghosts claim number 10 on the list.

Position: Second (Gens I and III), Third (Gens II and IV)
Region: Kanto/Johto
Pokémon Specialization: Fighting

The man who never stands up, a lot of people know who Bruno is simply because well… he's been in the E4 for two straight Generations. Bruno is also famous for being ridiculously easy, as a single psychic Pokémon could sweep the majority of Bruno's team and he would be unable to hit it with anything super effective. Regardless of that, Bruno seems to be a fan favorite, probably because he made an appearance in the anime (while it was still good). Reminds me of a reason the anime irritates me (seriously, was it too hard to have battles against five people), but this is not the place for that. Bruno takes spot number 9 by the horns and throws it into submission.

Position: First
Region: Sinnoh
Pokémon Specialization: Bug

The kid deserves some credit. When people build their teams, Bug Pokémon are often overlooked due to their poor stats. However, there are several exceptions to this, and Aaron makes use of those exceptions to put up a fight. Granted his Diamond & Pearl team is nothing to write home about, but it's his Platinum team that gets him on the list. He replaces Beautifly and Dustox with Yanmega and Scizor, now take those two and put them in the same line-up with Heracross, Vespiquen, and Drapion. Yeah, not looking so easy now, isn't it?

All in all, Aaron nets eighth place in the list.

Position: Fourth
Region: Johto (technically Kanto)
Pokémon Specialization: Dark

My memories of my battles with Karen are just plain weird. The battles are easy, yet at the same time my Pokémon are fainting left and right against her. Don't think I'll remember the reason why, but that's fine with me. This is probably because she's the last of the E4 to be fought before the Champion, which of course makes sense. Her team, however, is just weird. Sure, you can bring along a fighting Pokémon, but its not going to do you much good considering only two of her Pokémon have that weakness (Umbreon and Houndoom to be precise) while Murkrow will hit that fighter with flying moves scoring super effective hits. Furthermore, her Gengar, unlike what one would expect, is a complete pushover while her Vileplume spams STAB Petal Dance that has the potential for a 2-3HKO. At the end of the day, Karen has spot number seven in her grasps for very good reasons.

Position: Second
Region: Johto (Technically Kanto)
Pokémon Specialization: Poison

There's a reason Koga didn't make my Top 10 Favorite Gym Leaders, or it's Honorable Mentions section, because this is where I believe Koga belongs. As one could expect of him, Koga has maintained his love of Poison Pokémon and it makes him rather deadly. Especially in Gen IV when all of his team can poison you, and even worse is two of his Pokémon know Toxic, which is a poison that's damage doubles each turn (of course, in Gen II three of his Pokémon knew it, no idea why it was dropped). Granted a psychic Pokémon could sweep his team, but not even psychics are immune to poison and then Forretress could always use Explosion and that will definitely OHKO any Psychic. This makes him one of the few second position members of the E4 to be threatening within a battle.

Having that said, Koga earns sixth place, because he earned itlike his spot on the E4 (by fan speculation anyway).

And now, with the E4 half complete, it is now time for the Champion's half of the list. Also, the format will remain unchanged. Enjoy.

Position: Champion
Region: Sinnoh
Pokémon Specialization: Various

I'll let her have her gif, only because it looks better than the non-moving sprite she has in Diamond and Pearl. Cynthia starts off the list for well, being the only threatening part of the E4. Sinnoh didn't exactly have a good selection running for it you see. However, Cynthia on her own is definitely the challenge to take down, especially considering she's packing a Garchomp, a Lucario, a Miltoic, and a Spiritomb. Those four on their own are just enough to crush most teams guaranteed. As for another reason why she scores low? Well, this comic: http://www.doublepuma.com/gamelog/games/ppt69/

For someone specialized in various, she sure seems to have a weakness to ice for some odd reason (balanced team my ass). Regardless, Cynthia gains fifth place.

Position: Champion
Region: Unova
Pokémon Specialization: Bug

I find it odd that Alder lacks a gif, with B&W being Gen V and all. You think he'd have a gif. That aside, Alder doesn't have much going for him either, but he's got a little more. First and foremost, he uses Bug Pokémon, granted he only has three but that's enough to count. If a Champion were going to specialize, would they pick Bug? Well, Alder did and he's clearly a challenge.

Unfortunately, because N is a cheating *****, you can't fight Alder on your first run of the Unova E4 and therefore, have to come back later. And yes, I haven't fought him yet as other games of importance have come up. The only other things that put Alder higher than Cynthia are his design (come on, you know its awesome), the fact he's just wandering the region instead of being in the League all day (granted other Champions head out for various reasons), and lastly, he has the Afro Bull. Those reasons are absolutely legitimate to me. With nothing else to say, Alder steals fourth.

Position: Champion
Region: Hoenn
Pokémon Specialization: Steel

Mostly everyone in the E4 has very offensive teams that never let up attacking, Steven's the complete opposite of that, in that he walls you while attacking your weak point for massive damage. Sure, he's packing three Steels (Skarmory, Aggron, and Metagross), two Rocks (Cradily and Armaldo), and a Ground (Claydol), but after fighting Darks, Ghosts, Ices, and Dragons, what are the odds you have Pokémon that can take these guys on? That's another thing Steven has going for him, sure, you could have called him being the Champion, but could you call what he was going to use? Even if you did call it, you had to make your way through four other strong trainers before reaching him and had to plan for them as well. In short, Steven has the perfect defense already set up before you even fight him.

However, with proper training and planning, Steven's perfect defense can be brought crumbling down to the ground. Steven is handed third place, on a nice silver platter with all of this said.

Position: Fourth/Champion
Region: Kanto/Johto
Pokémon Specialization: Dragon

So, you got past Will, bypassed Koga's ninja nonsense, curb stomped Bruno, and survived Karen. And who's waiting for you at the end, your good pal Lance, the only man you know whose packing Dragonites! I never saw Lance coming when I first played, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't have been able to won my first time regardless. And there's a good reason for this, the man is packing three Dragonites, which at this point in the game are hard to come by (although not as hard as Gens I and III). Dragons, which may I remind you, are very powerful stat wise and have wide varieties of moves at their disposal making them very threatening. Furthermore, Lance is very fond of the move Hyper Beam, a devastating move capable of a OHKO on the poor Pokémon it gets hit with, however the user has to spend the next turn recharging allowing a chance to strike back.

If there is ANY kind of relief at all in this, it's that any Ice attack is capable of a OHKO on a Dragonite. An Ice Pokémon actually is capable of being a nice addition on your team, but God help you if you use it against Lance, because chances are after it knocks out one his Dragonites, or comes close to doing so, Lance will whip out his Charizard and probably one-shot your ice Pokémon. Chances are though, he'll start the battle with a Gyrados, which will go down with on Electric attack, and that leaves you the three Dragonites, the Charizard, and an Aerodactyl to take down.

After everything is said and done, Lance is granted second place. I do wonder how he became the Champion in the first place…

And now, for the moment you all have been waiting for…

Blue (or Green if that faithful)/GARY ************* OAK (couldn't resist)
Position: Champion
Region: Kanto
Pokémon Specialization: Various

So, you just beat the ever-loving crap out of Lance (hence the Fourth position), when he only has one Dragonite and no Charizard, and are about to become the Champion, only for him to inform you that somebody else already IS the Champion. And before you can even guess who it is, the dread Rival theme is heard as none other than the original Troll himself walks up from nowhere and tells you he just curb stomped the E4 and became the Champion, and will gladly do it to you. There is a LOT going against you in this battle before you even begin, and I'll gladly explain it all. For starters, you just got down fighting with Lance, granted he's not packing his Champion party, but he's still hard to take down considering its Gen I and III. Secondly, you have no time to even heal up before this battle begins unlike the other Champion battles in the series, even in the Gen III remake there's no time to heal. And third and most importantly, Blue's team has no theme to exploit and is higher leveled than Lance's team.

Even if you saw Blue being the Champion, what can you do against him when your team's borderline wasted from your previous battle with Lance with no time to heal? Furthermore, the last three Pokémon in his team completely revolve around what Starter you chose, so in a way, this team is built to counter whatever you may have set up while maintaining good balance. The only thing you can take advantage of is the fact you battled his team before even entering Victory Road so you should be able to remember what you'll be up against minus an evolution or three. Of course, it's very possible to beat Blue, it's just that you have a lot of things going against you in comparison to the previous Champions.

Thus, with nothing else to say, Blue is awarded the number one spot.

~End of this List~

Well, that's the last one… for now. I'm tempted to do an ending monologue, but I feel the list speaks for itself and thus, does not require one. I hope you guys enjoyed it. So, until next time…