Major updates and let's have four pages of comments.....Please?

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Yo, Burner here. Well, it's time for another update. I've changed a lot of things recently. For example, my personal image and information. Also, My avatar is the Red mage from Final Fantasy 1 and my personal image is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. And yes, Sephiroth is a GUY. Don't you dare confuse Sephiroth's gender....Anyways, creepy moment. I've finally leanred how to put a picture at the top of my Blogs ^_^. The pic I chose was an easy choice, a pic that advertises 8-bit theater. 8-bit Theater is one of the world's best comics. It makes fun of RPG's and other common video game gags. Anyways, I thought I'd try something new. We're going to play game.

This game require's all of you guys, my friends, to ask me questions and I will reply the answer. You can ask me a question about anything.....So, without further something, LET'S BEGIN!


The tonight blog with Burner101!

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And here's your host! Welcome to the, blog. Plenty of stuff to discuss. I think I'll start by listing tonights topics. Number one is my fight against the Elite Four in Pearl, number two will be the assembly of my ultimate team, number three will be the announcement of a site I found and number four will be........A wildcard.

#1: First of all before I begin, I would like to note that my strongest pokemon at this time was my LV 57 Palkia, my weakest my LV 50 Rapidash and the others were in between. The fight against the first three members of the E4 was like a walk in the park. Aaron, Bertha and Flint were like ants compared to my strategy and skills. Then came the homocidal squirrels known as Lucain and the Champion. Lucain's fight took about ten to fifteen minutes on acount of two reasons. #1: His Mr. Mime Thunderpunched my Honchkrow KO'ing it. #2: His Bronzong knocked my Rapidash only for it to come back and critical hit it with Fire Blast. Then came the Champion.Her Spiritomb was taken out by my Palkia after one surf and Spacial Rend. Her Garchomp took out my Lucario but not before taking a few dragon pulses. After my Lucario fell, my Palkia stepped in and finished the LV 66 monster. I then took out HER Lucario with two Earthquakes from my Toreterra. My Luxray destryoed her Milotic, my Toreterra reappeared to take out her Gastrodon and my Rapidash one-hit KO'ed her Roserade.

#2: My Ultimate team is still in the process of completion. However, these are the pokemon that will be in it. Starmie, Scizor, Dragonite, Gengar, Weavile and Armadoll. However like I said before, it's still in the process.

#3: Well as you all know, I'm a fan of techno music. But not only do I love techno, I LOVE video game music. In fact, this site not only had video game soundtracks, it also had ANIME soundtracks. I downloaded a few songs from this site and I'm already to download more tomorrow. I'll post the link if people are interested.


Good night everybody!

Return from the point of Cedar and an apology for absence.

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Date: 5/19/07

Time: 8:21 PM

Welcome........Ah, I didn't try hard enough.

This blog just got *bleep*ed up. UGH! I SPENT AN HOUR WORKING ON THIS THIS **** AND IT GETS SCREWED UP! Dang it, I'm suing the administrators for messing up my blog. Well...I'm just letting you all know I'm back.

Tribute to all my favorite anime characters and such and such

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Date: 4/30/07

Time: 8:55

Yoyoyo-yo yo-yoyo, it's Burner time! I've deiced that from here out, I'll post a new blog every five days. And I apologize to those who I haven't posted in their blogs yet. Before I begin on the main subject, I'd like to thankj Kametsou for introducing me to the godly website that is deviantART. So, I think of something for him to express my gratitude. Okay on subject, I decided to dedicate this blog to a lot of my fav. anime characters. I'm gonna make this fun by having everyone guess who the characters are and what anime they're from. READY? BEGIN!

And these are all I can think of......If the links don't work, well then it's pointless...Anways, I hope you all like my fav. characters. Feel free to ask questions. Chao!


Spring break review and the invasion of the alienated fish.

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Date: 4/15/07

Time: 5:19 PM.

Yo, Burner here! It's come to my attention that I should have all my friends review their time off here. But, I'll start off.

Friday: My friend and I traded GBA games. In exchange for my Pokemon Saphire(sp?) version, I got his copy of Megaman Battle network 2! My Dad also got a cool Laptop.

Saturday: My dad bought me the WiFi USB connector while he was at Bestbuy. I justr played with my friends.

Sunday-Tuesday: Played my games and with my friends.

Wednesday: My dad installed the Wi-Fi software on his Laptop.

Thursday : Tried my Wi-fi games out. Rocked so much. My Dad also left for his golf league.

Friday: I made some sprite comics and I bought a new memory card for my PS2.

Saturday: I rented Samurai Warriors 2 Empires and my Mom and I went shopping in the monring. My friend came over and the two of us watched Crayon Shin-Chan.

Sunday: I found a stick that looked like Banryu from Inyuasha. I felt like Bankotsu until it broke and I died a little inside. I taught my friend how to make spire comics correctly and I made this blog post.

Thats about it. Oh guys, please join this site.

Not only will you be part of an all anime site, but you can see my comics! Gentlemen and Ladies, PEACE OUT! 

Having a thick talk for dinner.

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Date: 4/2/07

Time: 3:40 PM.

I'm starting to run out of time for my comics and RP's. My friends come over nearly every day(which doesn't bother me.), I've got games to play, and other stuff to do on the internet. So forgive me for not commenting on any of your blogs. I just can't do everything at once. Well, I could, it'd just be a crappy job. With that said, I'm gonna make three issuses of my comic today. And I'm gonna post in the VJ RP for you XP. I don't think this blog is going to be as big as the last one. Oh well, who cares as long as it's out? I guess your all wondering why I haven't posted in the forums in all of my favorite shows? Well, I'll explain that.

You see, I hate coming into forums at the mid-point of the series of the show or if it's done. That just goes to show......something. I don't know, I just don't like it that much. I think thats pretty much it Hold it, let me try to think of the best things ever.

Burner's list of the best things EVER!

Video games, internet,, anime, Conan O' Brian, Video game music, Big bellied wo-*rest was cut off due to unknown reasons*

I wonder what happened to my list? I think someone's trying to mess with me. Thats all.

Financial Decay Peninsula

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Time: 8:14 PM.

Date: 3/19/07.

Something random that came to my mind. I think someone's gonna call Pheonix Right on me for the following reasons.

Burner's list of lawsuits/things to pay for.

1. The hopes, dreams and spines of n00bs.

2. The fourth wall.

3. The laws of physics.

4. And many random things here.

Okay seriously, I'll explain the REAL list. First,I reserved a copy of the long awaited Pokemon Pearl version. Next, I wanted to buy one of those things you use to connect your DS to the internet....I have no idea how much those are worth. Than comes a horrible truth. I lost my copy of Megaman Battle Network 2. It's either in my room somewhere's gone for all eternity. So, I might need to buy another one. Also, The Roast of Willaim Shatner is out on DVD and I'd like to purchase it. Not to mention the Bo-bobo DVD and the Viewtiful Joe DVD's. Than comes my love of Magna's. I'm looking forward to buying FMA, Megaman and RK.

Here's a list to shorten up that gigantic wall of text.

Burner's list of things to buy.

1. Pokemon Pearl version

2. That USB DS internet connection thing.

3. Possible copy of MMBN2.

4. DVD's

5. Magna's.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. And just to let you guys know, I'm feeling forgoten here. I mean, Kametsou and XP are the only one's who post on my blogs....And I post on Mother3's blogs. So please, show you care.

Starting my new plan.----HAIL THE BURNER!

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Recently, I've relized that everyone I know has a cool looking profile page. So, I've decicded to step-up my game to.....part of theirs. So, I'll post a new blog once a month starting Febuary. So....I'm gonna wrap this up now.