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Goodbye Gaming.

Since 2008 for nearly 8 years I have been a Hardcore Gamer. OK that may not sound like an accomplishment for those who have been gaming since they were little kids but I can definitely say over that short time period I played and done everything a gamer would do. From AAA action games to small time licensed games, I have played em all. And I haven't just players games but done other gamer related activities as well. Made game reviews, blogs, participated in competitions (and won), was part of some awesome game unions here in Gamespot (before they were all shut down), and of cause argue about gaming stuff and insult others' intelligence over the internet. lol Hell I even got banned from this website! :D (But that's a story for another time) I even had plans to open up a new dedicated Youtube channel to upload gameplay videos, walkthroughs and video reviews. In short, in this 8 years I've made my own "gaming career". I played a lot of awesome (and not so awesome games), had a great time doing all this and have very fond memories of them.

But as everything, all good things have to come to an end at some point. And I have decided to put an ellipsis to my gaming career. Why? I have my reasons.

One is that, well I'm actually losing interest in new games. Most games I see these days seems to have developed with no passion nor innovation. It always looks like something that has already been done or straight out cheap knockoff. Now I'm not speaking out for all games. There are some impressive upcoming titles. But most of them are not my type, and fails to catch my interest and thus there are only handful of games I'm anticipating.

In a way it's kinda sad how I once though gaming would be a part of my life forever but turns out to be just another hobby that comes with time and fades along with it.

But more than that I need a change of course in my life. Since the beginning I feel like I had a very simple and linear life style with so little actual achievements. Now that I turned 19, I realize I have to do much MUCH MORE than this. Start from the ground zero and work all the way up. I have so much plans to improve myself in many ways but I can't do them if half of my attention goes to staying in internet, watching movies and playing video games.

Of cause this doesn’t mean I COMPLETELY going to stop playing. There are a handful of awesome upcoming games that I just GOTTA get my hands on. (In a managed time schedule of course) There's also a few games that I have my eyes that I may or may not buy. And hey, usually most of my blogs have at least one game list; why change the habit now eh? ;)


Batman: Arkham Knight

I would like to take this space to appreciate these awesome developers. Not for just creating THE best superhero game series of all time, but also being a true inspiration to other game companies out there. Just by the 2 games they released and the one on the way they have shown a great deal of passion to their work that I haven't seen in other developers for a long time. While others create mediocre excuses and unmemorable licensed games that relies on making a quick cash grab by selling the name itself rather than putting much effort to craft quality, or sequels that also try to cover behind the fame of its predecessors with a few features or plain reskins, Rocksteady takes a superior path. They take the already successful license that is Batman and put all their effort to create the BEST game they can build not just to make money, but to compete and put itself among other high quality and infamous games as well. (Which is something they were very successful of doing so by the looks of the wide critical acclamations by everyone and dozens of awards they achieved) After that, they continue to impress by making bigger and better sequels that surpasses its predecessor while also branching out in storyline. So much success and yet they limit their most prized game series in to a trilogy to preserve its quality and to create a memorable and great story with a beginning, middle and an end. These are traits I don't see in many companies these days and which is exactly what make Rocksteady awesome.

So in short why I'm so hyped up about in this? It's a goddamn Batman game! It's the grand finale of an amazing and long remembered trilogy. And in the end, it an piece of art by a group of dedicated people.

Star Wars: Battlefront

(And any other major Star Wars game)

This is a glorious year for hardcore Star Wars fans. In one hand after 10 years we have a brand new sequel movie coming up (which is by the way going to be the first Star Wars movie I'm going to watch in a theatre :D ) and on the other hand one of the best Star Wars games of history finally returns after SO much pleas and petitions. And by what's look of it both of these seems absolutely fantastic and well crafted. As a matter of fact I don't believe I been THIS excited about a video game for a very long time now. I may be in tight schedule but like hell I would let that get between me and my most favorite franchise since childhood. :D

New Mass Effect

(And its sequels)

As a big Sci-Fi fan I must say in my opinion Mass Effect Trilogy is the best original Sci-Fi game series ever. It has a great story, interesting characters, and almost everything else I want from an awesome Sci-Fi RPG Game series. (Including but not limited to, exploring new planets, customizing awesome armours and pushing people out of buildings when I feel like it.) I admit that I was disappointed with how they handled the ending(s) of the last game but that didn't shake the affection I've to this series. And thus I'm more than excited to know more about this new game and finally return to this astonishing universe.


Grand Theft Auto V

Basically this is the open world game fans' (life my self's) wet dream. It is a gigantic game that has EVERYTHING. I'm actually going to need another blog just to type what I love about this game. And that's just the standard version. The PC Version also comes with gorgeous graphics, The Rockstar Editor that lets player create actual movies out of gameplay vids and of course ridiculous mods. So in short this is a game that I would spend hundreds of hours in without any regrets... which is exactly why I skeptical of buying it.

Mortal Kombat X

Fatality! Well other than it's good looking story, new characters, brutal kombat, stunning graphics, the best reason I may buy this is that my friends are done competing in Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us over and over and are moving on to this game. So I should probably too. ;)

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

(And sequels of the franchise)

Remember I said how some developers rely on the fame of successful predecessors to make more games? Well this series is walking on a tightrope at this point. Each of their games gives out something that makes it better/unique from the rest of the series but at the same time it falls on short on other points reminding us that this series came way too far. AC4: Black Flag was pretty awesome (it even won my Game of the Year 2013) but the last game AC: Unity was a complete disappointment mostly because of how of the technical issues if suffers with making it unbearable to play. AC: Rogue here seems to be a Black Flag 1.5. But yet it has a story that looks at the series in a whole new perceptive which makes it a lot more interesting that it's overhyped counterpart. Is that a good reason to buy this game? Perhaps. All I know for sure is that even though I'm a huge fan of this series for what it was, I'm going to think more than thrice before buying any of their future releases. (Which seems to have no end.)

LEGO Avengers 2 & LEGO Jurassic Park

What can I say they are the LEGO Versions of my favourite movies. :D If there are enough new content in these games (instead of same 'ol levels and puzzles) I'm definitely going to buy them. So we'll see.

So this seems to be it. I would probably blog once in a while about stuff and about game I bought, but then again who gives a crap right? It's not like anyone in this site read others' blogs any more. As a matter of fact I didn't type this for other people but as a memento for myself. To remind myself of this decision I made and why I did it. A written promise if you will. So finally I would like to end this blog with statistics that sums up the hobby that was once part of my life.


Bought Games: 93

Completed Games: 84

Incomplete Games: 9

Most anticipated Games: 3

Thank you and farewell to whoever reading this. May the force be with you.

Bee Out.

My Incomplete Games List - Watermelon Edition

It's been 3 years since I last blogged about the games I wasn't able to finish. I don't always leave any game without completing it 100%. But when I do I have reasons. ;)

1) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Bought Date: 2008/7/16

This game was bought during my "noob years" in racing games. I think the biggest problem was the cop cars; who were simply invincible and always catch me during races which was too annoying to go through. Who knows. Maybe my skills have been improved since then and maybe I'll give it another shot......someday. :P

Chances of finishing the game: Low

2) Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection

Bought Date: 2011/5/10

Zoo Tycoon was one of my favourite games back then. In 2008 I bought ZT2 and it's expansion pack "Extinct Animals" and loved it's campaign, animals, gameplay features and such. Which is why after 3 years I bought rest of it's expansion packs "Endangered Animals", "African Adventure" and "Marine Mania". And I have to say after a while, it got a tiresome. Not sure if it's because I'm more in to story and action based games, or because I'm not used these kinda strategy games any more but after finishing a few of the new extra campaigns I gave up on this :/

I might try out this game in next year or so after I'm done playing the 2 dozens of other games I have in mind but till then.....

Chances of finishing the game: Low

3) Cars 2

Bought Date: 2011/12/20

What I really loved about the predecessor game "Cars: Mater National" is that it has a really simple but funny story surrounding the ever loving Cars characters, good free roaming world in Radiator Springs, lots of racing modes, side activities and of cause the simple but good customization options. This game had EXACTLY NONE of that. The objective is plain and simple. Go through races in 5 stages. That's it. No story, no free roaming, not even actual character interactions except for the beginning. Just go to menu , pick a mission, pick a character and finish the mission.

I don't say the game is total meltdown. It has new features like ability to fight with weapons and gadgets, great racing tracks and fun to play in co-op as well. But without the lively characters and freedom of the series we know and love, this game falls under being just another racing game out there.

Chances of finishing the game: VERY LOW

4) Need for Speed: Underground

Bought Date: 2012/11/1

I played A LOT of games in my life but other than RTS and Sports games THIS must be the most boring one out of em all. I seriously don't know why many people love this. Sure the new customization techniques they bought are great but other than that it's just plain and boring even for a racing game. Why? For starters the campaign mode is very linear. You only get to choose from 1-5 races at a time and all take place old limited amount of tracks. It's just going from A to B and then in next race B to A and in the other A to C with a SLIGHTLY different route and so on. Things get even more tedious in circuits when you have to go in same road over and over and over and over again.

Not to mention the roads. It feels more like ice skating rather than driving.

Chances of finishing the game: VERY LOW as in probably NEVER :P

5) Need for Speed Underground 2

Bought Date: 2012/11/1

This one on the other hand is simply AWESOME. It is major step forward from it's boring predecessor as it has a good open world with lots of tracks, not very linear and has ability to chose from many different races, variety to imported cars to choose from and not to mention, the BEST car customization of all the racing games I have seen so far. ;) Unfortunately the reason I wasn't able to finish this is because at the time I had awesome-er games to play back then and I simply didn't have time. But now that I'm not planning to buy any game for the next 3-4 months I might be able to get back behind the wheels again. ;)

Chances of finishing the game: Moderate

So there you have it: My wall of shame. :P The bright side is my game completing percentage has been increased to 93%; which is a good number in my books; though there is always room for more. ;)

Thanks for reading guys. :)

Bee Out.

Getting real tired of your shit Darth!

To fight monsters, I created a monster of my own...

Heyy guys. It's been a while. I come to this site every day though I lost contact with almost every one of you ever since the removal of unions. Most people have left the site as well. Oh well. :/

Anyway the new gen consoles are here and the games are ready to take a new leap in technology. If you wanna stay ahead on game, you gonna need some new hardware. ;)

Booya My new Gaming rig! :D

Gigabyte H87-HD3 Motherboard

Intel Core™ i7-4770 3.4Ghz Processor

6GB DDR3 RAM (4GB G.Skill + 2GB Patriot)

3TB SATA Hard Disk (+ Old 500GB Hard Disk)

IN WIN Commander II Bronze 750W Power Supply

And my Crown Jewel....

Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 3GB VGA CARD!!

Damn straight it's FTW!


IN WIN GT1 System Unit Casing

Delux T20 Professional Gaming Keyboard

Asus Blu-Ray Writer

I swear I don't put flowers over it and worship every morning........
Special features include keypad, Volume Knob, USB Port, SD and Micros SD Slots... other than looking totally awesome
Belly of the Beast.....

No more gaming with slow motion lags, low pixelated graphics, and blocky charcters; it's time to take down the new-gen games in their maximum fire power and beyond. 8)

And a worthy mention: I had this idea of buying a new PC for many reasons; Play new games, To learn 3D Animation and also Game development (with CryEngine 3 or Unreal Engine 4) But what really gave me the push to buy it quickly is this:


This game looks absolutely AMAZING. The in-game screenshots themselves looks very detailed and even better than Trailers with pre-rendered graphics themselves. Considering this is new-gen only (so not chained by old gen tech) the developers are going to reach Unreal Engine 4's full potential. Because of this and the fact that this game is the Epic Conclusion for my favorite and the BEST Superhero game series of history, I want to experience this game in it's full glory. ;)

Knight of Awesomeness
MEEP MEEP Motherfucker!
Thanks for doing my job for me Batman!

Of cause it's going to take some while to test this new rig out in a new game. Like 4 months; since that's when the life changing A/Level exams begin. :o But on the bright side the new PC gives me a reason for me to go through it and not suicide.... :P

Anyway Thank You for sparing a moment of your time...for my showing off. :P

Bee Out.

My Game List - 2013

OK I'm REALLY late to post this blog. But better late than never right? :P So here are the game I bought this year ordered by the worst one to the GAME OF THE YEAR! :D

16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I don't know what's worse; Getting beaten by a giant mutated turtle or that thing lay on top of you....

Game Completed

Rate: 6/10 (Meh)

The game got some good fighting styles, witty humor and homage for the good ‘ol Turtle brothers. But it had a story that is very much equal to a 22 minute cartoon episode, bad camera control, lots of bugs, short campaign, uninteresting unblockables which made this game nothing more than another mediocre game.

15. Deadpool

The normal-st thing you see in this game

Game Completed

Rate: 7.5/10 (Meh+Deadpool)

The humor and funny scenes of the game is what kept it going considering how hilarious they were. But the overall uninteresting story, mediocre and somewhat boring gameplay, very weak use of the supporting characters and antagonists stopped the game from being a memorable one. Feels like a project done by the developers when they were bored or had nothing better to do. Thumbs up for Nolan North’s voice acting though.

14. Transformers: The Movie Video Game

The Advance Giant Alien Robot Warrior's weapon of choice: Light Pole

Game Completed

Rate: 7/10 (OK)

This game has both good and bad. The missions of the game are unbalanced. Some of the missions are so easy and repetitive while some are hard and frustrating. The last battle against Megatron in the Autobot Campaign is so easy that it doesn’t feel like an epic showdown at all. Nevertheless it had some great battles. (More battles than the movie itself) Another pro is that the Transformers themselves. There are lots of Giant Alien robots with special weapons and vehicle modes as playable or fight against and also most of them have dialogues and special scenes which is something the movie lacks. (Except Ratchet who only appear in 2 cutscenes of the game.) Also with good freeroaming in different environments, additional tasks to do and collectibles to find, this game was enjoyable and worth spending time on.

13. Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Surprise Butt-Inject

Game Completed

Rate: 8/10 (Good)

The game is all about solving crimes as the world’s greatest detective. The story is great and takes the player different parts of the city to solve many kinds interesting mysteries. There are also a number of puzzles with a balanced difficulty so that you can enjoy while solving them. (Unlike Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis which was an awful headache even with the help of walkthroughs) I do have a little problem with the ending though…

12. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

You can say, these guys are penetrating each other. Ba dum tsss

Game Completed

Rate: 8/10 (Cool)

Snikt snikt!

11. Need for Speed: The Run

Ice and Snow Take it slow: F*** that.

Game Completed

Rate: 8/10 (Cool)

The game has awesome graphics, great action and scenes. (for a racing game) It's not as blood pumping as the NFS: MOST WANTED in 2005 but still a good game.

10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Everybody look like ants!

Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (Great)

It’s a great and unique experience and brings sniper simulator video games to a whole new level.

09. Crysis 3

When all New Yorkers decline to pay tax....

Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (Great)

An awesome game. While fantastic graphics and the environment created by it is what shines this game above others, it also has a great gameplay combined with the weapons and powers of the suit which are really fun to use against the wide range of enemies. The sci-fi story is good (not great, not memorable but good) but their attempt to give a moral message in the end was so bad that it was funny. Not to mention the numerous plot holes. Most notable improvements include the bow which is a really handy weapon when going stealth, ability to use alien weapons which causes devastating damage, a new upgrade system that gives many types of advantages in the battlefield and also the ability to hack both human and alien technologies for both defensive and offensive purposes. I also find the new databank to be interesting as it gives many Intel about the story and its characters. The music score (which is composed by Hans Zimmer btw) is really amazing. In short this game and the whole CRYSIS series is a great first person shooter sci-fi series; though not good or interesting enough to go beyond what they came so far.

08. The Walking Dead: Season 1

You gotta admit, that Zombie looks so good that he deserve his own TV Series...

Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (Fantastic)

For a zombie game this has a very impressive and unpredictable story with great characters, voice roles and rpg story gameplay.

07. Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

Add a Mr. Freeze joke here.

Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (FATALITY!)

It’s a great bloodthirsty fighting game. This game is all about defeating your opponent(s) with pure brutal fighting and carnage. There is a wide range of playable character roster with each of them having their own unique set of skills and fighting moves. There are characters with mystical powers, technological weapons and ones who rely on their own brute force. The story is good; Not very memorable but good for a fighting game. I also love the animations of X-Ray moves and finishing moves; they are just plain gory and bloody. And not to mention the enemy AI is very challenging. I had a very hard time defeating them in the story mode because of that. (That and the fact that I’m a rookie at these types of games and couldn’t do those special power moves correctly) Not to mention the last dual against Shao Khan; It was TOO damn hard and challenging that it took me 5 months to defeat him and the game. But in short, this was an awesome game and a unique experience for me.

06. Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman vs. Not-Deadpool

Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (Great)

A great game but not good enough by the BATMAN ARKHAM standards. It has a good story filled with action. I especially like the whole Batman meets Joker for the first time story; it is done very cleverly and perfectly. The new voice actors do a marvelous job as well. Roger Craig Smith does a great impression of a young and aggressive Batman while Troy Baker does a great impression of Mark Hamil’s Joker Voice. But unfortunately its lack of improvement, short story and gameplay and glitches scars the game. The only things new are a few gadgets, ability to free roam the whole Gotham City (Which is very lifeless) and a few minor changes. The Riddler Puzzles (Which plays a big part in each Arkham Game) are not as clever as in previous titles but instead just copies of them. Not to mention the short story and the very limited amount of side quests which makes the whole game very short that it can be finished in a day or less. And there are these glitches. Some of them are graphical glitches which are just annoying but some of them directly affect the game and make some missions inaccessible and ruin the fun. So in conclusion this game is a great action and superheroes game but does not come to the high level made by its predecessors.

05. Dishonored


Game Completed

Rate: 8.5/10 (FRESH)

This game is simply fantastic. The first thing you notice is the new, fresh and devastated environment. It place in a fiction industrial city known as Dunwall which is run by technology that has advanced in a very different way from ours. The already environment unfriendly city is plagued by rats infecting people turning them in to weepers (similar to Zombies) and killing them. This combined with the artistic graphics of the game creates a very dark and mysterious but interesting environment for the player to roam. The silent protagonist named Corvo is on a revenge mission to destroy the tyranny that is controlling the city and to do so he is not just armed with variety of weapons, but also really awesome mystical powers which can be used to go stealthily or go rampaging. (And also he has a really cool mask and costume :P ) The one thing I really love about this game is its freedom. The game is mission based which means you go to a hub after each mission and they can be replayed by going to menu. BUT unlike other games such as this, it’s not going from one check point to the other. The game has a really big environments which has many ways to reach the main objective or just roam around to find many cool stuff such as books containing about other stories that further tells about the mysteries that lurks among this city which makes this game world even more interesting. Also it gives you vast number of choices. Even the fate of your enemies and main targets is your choice. You can either kill them (in any creative way you wish using your powers and surroundings) or neutralize them non lethally. Not just enemies but also others (who don’t have a primary role in the story) are killable. And all these choices you make will affect future events, on how different characters will respond to you, and finally on the ending.

In short this game has a very interesting and mysterious game world, lots of freedom and very enjoyable gameplay and has a very good potential to become a series of its own. (If done right)

04. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Ya feeling lucky punk?

Game Completed

Rate: 9/10 (AWESOME)

Great Game….I’m also a little bored to comment more. :P

03. The Wolf Among Us

Just in case this blog is not weird enough...

Game Completed

Rate: 10/10 (OUTSTANDING)

Another magnificent and awesome piece of work by Telltale Games. The game has a very interesting story with many memorable scenes, and especially great characters. I love how they combine real world with the world of fairy tales that we know and love for decades. Another interesting thing I see is how vastly different and unique the protagonist is from the one in previous Telltale game, The Walking Dead. Another improvement is the quick time events which has more actions and more choices when fighting off against dangerous (and sometimes freaky) enemies. The game has the ability to bind the players with its power of suspense and thus I can’t wait for the next episode!

02. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Deadpool and his Amazing Friends

Game Completed

Rate: 10/10 (MARVELOUS!)

This is an AMAZING, FANTASTIC and INCREDIBLE video game. It has more than 100 of famous (and not so famous) Marvel Heroes and Villains as playable characters with their own unique set of powers. Also, it has a great story with wacky humor and lots of action. The missions are filled with clever puzzles that require the unique powers of each character and take place in many infamous Marvel locations such as the Stark Tower, X-Mansion, Baxter Building, and Asteroid M and even under the sea. There are also a lot of great side quests and side missions (which are often narrated by ever loving Deadpool) which are really fun to do. The voice actors do a great job in their roles and the music may not be memorable but it has the action and Marvel-ish tone in them that goes great with the scenes and gameplay. I also like hero customizer where we can create our own character with different super powers. Simply put, this game is THE ULTIMATE LEGO Game.






Suck it GTA

Game Completed

Rate: 9.5/10 (LEGENDARY!)

THIS is the best open world game I played yet. After AC3 I thought this series went downhill but fortunately I was wrong; the series just got bigger and even more fun. The story is really great and interesting. Unlike the previous AC games which are very much centered around the Assassin-Templar war and the first civilization arc, this game also tells the true story of pirates and how they truly lived in the Golden Age of Pirates; as opposed to the Hollywood clichés we see in Pirate movies these days. We get to meet real and infamous pirates and become part of historical moments of this great era. And of cause it also cleverly binds the true historical story with the series’ fictional one. Though this also makes the game more of a pirate game rather than an Assassin one. And I really love the whole big environment. The game takes place in West Indies and the game is very successful at remaking that environment in to one game. There are busy cities, fishing villages, caves, jungles and not just on the sea, the player can now also explore under the sea. And there are lots of things to do in this big and beautiful world. There are side quests such as Assassin and Navel Contracts returned from the predecessors but also A LOT of new stuff; Such as exploring under water for chests while also surviving Shark attacks, looking for buried treasures using the clues given by the maps you find, sea creatures hunting, robbing ware houses etc. But what is really awesome is the ability to control your own ship. You can use this to explore the game world to find new locations but also attack enemy ships with the variety of naval weapons at your disposal and even raid in to them and plunder. And there are lots of customization options to upgrade or change the appearance and make your ship unique that the Jackdaw is more like second playable character rather than your ship. And of cause there’s also the present day gameplay which is not that much important but was able to keep things interesting enough. In short this brilliant game gives everything you would want to do as a true pirate, a great story and one awesome game world which makes this the best open world game I play up to date and the best Assassin Creed game by fun factor.

Note: You may have noticed (or not :P) this game got 9.5 while the 2 previous games of this list got 10. The 0.5 was reduced from this game due to it’s graphic glitches but since it is perfect in every other way (and the fact that I love this game :D ) I believe this one deserve to be the GAME OF THE YEAR.

Other games:

Other than the games I bought which are listed above, I also played some old games and finally was able to finish them this year. Those are,

1. Need for Speed: Carbon

2. Need for Speed: Shift

3. Spider-Man 3

4. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Thank primus I at last completed these. :D


Bought Games: 16

Completed Games: 20

Incomplete Games: 0

In short 2013 was spent with many awesome (and not so awesome :P ) games ranging from interactive stories, superheroes, aliens, pirates, zombies blood and gore to humorous and childish games. ;) So I must say while 2013 wasn’t filled much with personal achievements it certainly was one of the best in my never ending gaming career. :D

Random Funny Video: Why Superheroes Make Terrible Bosses

Thanks for reading.

Bee Out

Bought a new Laptop! :D

Hi humans! I hope you guys remember me. :) I wasn't able to blog for awhile due to being busy with studies and all but I was always around Gamespot the whole time; reading news and others' blogs, popping my head now and then but now I rise from the darkness with a powerful tool of mass destruction! :twisted:


Booya! :D

For the fellow PC Geeks:

Core i5 2.60 Processor

15.6" Display

4 GB Ram


Onboard VGA

(Name anything else I should specify)

I wasn't really in need of a laptop because I already got a damn awesome gaming PC but since I'm learning Software Engineering now and a laptop of my own is necessary to do my studies and projects, I bought it.

You know the best part is? Now I can hang out with you guys in internet even when I'm outside! :D Prepare for the ultimate TROLLnage! :twisted:

(Oh and in case you wondered I'm typing this blog from my lap right now :D )

(Yes there's a picture of white horses in my work table. DEAL WITH IT!!! :evil: )

Randome Funny Video: J.J. Abrams Takes Audience Suggestions for Star Wars Episode 7!

Thanks for Reading.

Bee Out

Ultimate Gamers Network. (BEST place for Video game news! :D )

Heyy guys! :D Long time no see. ;) Well you guys must be wondering what is Ultimate Gamers Network is. Well it's a FACEBOOK page me and 2 of my plas started a while back. It is a page where we give out new news on video games, rumors, reviews trailers and ofcause anything funny related on games. :D



You might think why UGU when there are many other official websites. Well we find the best news from all this sites ranging from IGN, Gamespot, Kokatu and many other sites and bring them right to your news feed. And which of these websites give you funny stuff eh? ;)

If you think this might reveal your real name to us (to me :twisted: ) don't worry; simply DON'T tell you liked the page so I will never know it's you. ;)

This page might not turn out to be big time spot. Or won't last long. But hey, one like won't kill you. ;)

(oh and a don't mind the cover photo. We're working on it. :P )

Thanks for reading.

Bee Out.