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How important is money in your life? After having worked constantly for the past 7 years I can say with confidence that money means close to nothing in my life. After saying that I want to assure you that I do not say it out of a desire to seem "better" or "more learned" but rather out of a genuine interest in how many other people feel the same way. Money is a means to an end and nothing more. I need money to pay for school and similar expenses but beyond that it seems a rather trivial matter.

I am told that you need money to do anything in this country/world. Fine, I'll entertain that idea for a bit. You need money for a mode of transportation beyond walking and you need money in order to stay inside of many residences (either private or businesses). Money is also needed generally for food and water. Seems like a rather imporatant thing with just those 3 things that were mentioned. I'm sure you could come up with many more.

Now for my view on things. Community. What if we all shared what we had and cooperated together in order to survive? I firmly believe that technology only serves to further destroy humanity, taking our humanity from us over time bit by bit. Gone are personal responsability, now its the machines fault. Gone are personal meetings, now we use blogs, instant messangers, and email for personal communication. We even have automated grocery lanes and bank tellers. Gone is even the feeling of closeness on in our own neighborhoods. I don't even know half of the people on my own road (about 200 houses over a 4 mile stretch) and many other people have voiced that same observation.

It is not money that drives our society, that wanting of more. The desire to have more stuff, more possessions. Maybe not that desire outright in the open but underneath it drives us. Advertisements claim their new car or grill will give us bliss and cause all of our problems to go away. What happened to buying only what your family needs, not "needs" like needing a new pair of shoes or that new video game but needs like food. If there where a communtity like the church in the book of Acts that would be a simpler matter then what you might think.
All things shared, if something is needed it is given to those in need. If someone has extra of whatever they make or grow it is given away. Shelter, food, water, clothes are all shared. Is such a place possible?

College VS HighSchool

Having been in college for a full 2 semesters now I think it adequate to compare and contrast the two experiences.

Highschool was filled with long and dull days with little homework. only a few of the c las ses excited me and the rest bored me to tears. The teachers were not caring for their students and did not care if they passed or failed. The entire atmosphere was that of a carefree existence with little intrusion by reality to show us (student body) what it was like in the real world.

College has been fun so far with exciting clas ses s and caring professors that want to see you pass and even excell in all that you do. the atmosphere is academic with the weekends being laid back hangout sessions.

suffice to say that college is far superior to highschool if not more expensive but totally worth the cost. add to that, in college you find out what your passions are, what you are exellent at and what you want to do for the rest of your life. pretty good package deal there.


I just drop by occasionally to see if GS is still alive. kinda funny how no one seems to remember but I can remember many....must not have made a large impression at all. sad to know.

uneven teams

was playing BF2 last night on Strike at Kharkland on a zboard Chicago server. I was the MEC as I always am, nothing seemed amiss. Then I checked the team sizes and this is what I get - MEC = 21 players, USMC = 41 players. this is just sad. it was major stackage. too bad the MEC won anyways. Just a reminder, Friends don't let Friends stack teams. over and out.

What's in your wallet?

I am getting paid as a dishwasher now at a pizza joint. It is sooo easy tis kinda a joke. but it gets me gas money and VG money so all is good, eh.