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Time for me to show myself

I found this picture of me whilst on one of my friend's blogs. :?Judging by the outfit I'm wearing it would have been taken in June 2004, at my school.See that sexy mofo in the yellow hat... it's my friend which means I'm that retard in the back.

PS. I don't have Down Syndrome.

New Sig

I've pretty much given up on trying to make sigs that look cool... instead I'm just going to crop things... maybe I should be a hedge bush artist. O_o I was going to at least put my name in there... but since it's an alternating sig with about 25 different pictures... I couldn't be arsed. I'm so not looking forward to my future. I've also kept my original orangutan sig in there... obviously because it was explicitly stimulating. [Out of Date]

Ok... It's decided.

I'm going to be a Producer! :o

I already have a few ideas for TV shows.

-- One man goes bankrupt and becomes a hobo. He meets another hobo and in every episode they come up with new ideas to get rich. :o

-- A family of cartoon characters are kidnapped by a family of inter-dimensional tourists and brought to the real world. :o

-- A young teenager is standing by the side of the road one morning when all of sudden he is taken away by the local trash pickup. :o He must find his way home.

-- A Bus driver wants to become a Limo driver, but the only way he can do that is if he becomes a detective. On his first assignment he falls into a portal. :o He is taken to a stick figure world where he must apply his real world knowledge to solve the mysteries of the stick figure world.

I came up with all of these today... within about 20 minutes.

I finally got PS:CS2.

After a couple of weeks of waiting to get Photoshop from my friend, he finally gave it to me today. :twisted: I've used it before in one of my courses. I can't install it just yet because my father has some policy against it or something... darn Windows. :x

Changing my Sigga and Ava.

I have an ungodly urge for transition. How do you like this sig and avatar? No Photoshop skills here, just a bit of ingenuity. Hopefully I wont get suspended for having hot babes in my sig. :P

My dreams so far.

I thought I'd give you an update of my dreams the past few weeks. I love dreams.

Dream Number 1:
Well it was back in the 18th Century I assume, I was on a charter boat. We were sailing along at the speed of smell in the middle of nowhere. The Captain wanted to show everyone how he feeds the whales. He had a Walrus impaled on an anchor and he tossed it over-board. It sank and stopped before it lowered out of sight. I was still on the boat and I saw Blue Whales under-water heading towards the anchor which acted as a fishing hook. For some reason I jumped into the water for a closer look. Then someone told me there were sharks in the water. Before I could react a shark came behind me and tried to bite me head off. it's teeth dug into my skull, but I didn't doing anything. I just floated there. I knew the shark would kill me, but I did nothing about it. Then I woke up.

Dream number 2:
I was in my English class watching the television which wasn't even plugged in. Then ET walked into the class. Yes ET the Extraterrestrial. This time he was about two feet tall and he had clothes on. He had a red long sleeve shirt underneath a white polo shirt. He was wearing dark blue jeans as well. He asked the English teacher how many students were absent from class. Then I woke up and realised I was late for school. :x

Dream number 3:
I was a Special Forces Officer in the Army. Then aliens invader Earth. Of course I was asked to send them back. My and three other guys were armed to the teeth and we were sent to Russia for some reason to shoot some aliens. We couldn't find any, but one of the other guys was abducted somehow. We found him later but he was trying to kill us, so we shot him in the ass and he ran away. Then it sort of morphed into a dream where I was kicking a football around with some other friends. It suddenly became dark and we all had red lights on our backs that turned themselves on. I looked up and a Giant Mothers hip was blocking the sun. I ran for cover but it saw me straight away. I throw a stone at it but nothing happened. I tried running into somebody's house and locking the door, then I woke up.

Apart from the usual dreams about the mrs, that's all I can remember.

My weekend of Orgasmic Proportions!

I did nothing this weekend. :|

Well, I rented out Devil May Cry 3 over the Saturday night because I didn't feel like doing the English homework which is due Tuesday. I will do it Monday night which is pretty much right now in Australia. Anyway DMC 3 was fun. I saw Dante's chest right at the start and had a woody the whole way though the rest of the game. :oops: It was a hard game but I persisted all day slashing up some demons. I ended up completing the story part of the game by the end of the day which I was satisfied with. :D I went through the story again on Sunday with the same moves and experience of the last time but I got really stuck on one of the Bosses which was easy the first time. I didn't change the difficulty or anything, but this boss was really hard for some reason. I was pissed off so I went to watch the Discovery Channel. Myth Busters was on but I only caught the last ten minutes, so I was even more angered. :evil: My step-father asked if I wanted to go see War of The Worlds at the cinemas and I said "Yes" in the most boring fashion I could think of. So I went to buy some Popcorn at the Candy Bar but I wasn't really that hungry, so I ordered a Regular size. They gave me a friggen plastic bucket that had Looney Toons pictures of it! It looked nothing like the card-board box in the picture on the wall which is what I wanted. So here I am, a 6 foot tall 15 year old male walking off to see War of the Worlds with his step-father and a Looney Toons Bucket of popcorn! :x Luckily there was only about 30 other schmucks like me who are only there to kill time. I saw the movie and was sitting there during the credits motionless and in awe. I was thinking, "The narrator sounds like Morgan Freeman." My step father didn't want to hang around so I left before I was able to check if it was Morgan Freeman and so therefore I was angry all Sunday until I wanked and lived happily ever after.

Congratulations to me on my first real Journal entry! :P Maybe I will break it up into paragraphs next time for better viewing pleasure.

If you are reading this correctly you are probably not Dyslexic.

Last weekend saw another day at my friend's house. As usual, I would avoid masturbation for weeks leading up to the day I sleep over his house, just so I would violate his spare bed during the night. It was Sunday morning when he woke me from a dream where I was playing Leap Frog with a bunch of Tutles. He told me that I was laughing in my sleep and that it annoyed him. So I said to him "Shut the f*ck up or I'll stab you" as I often say when I'm in a dumbarse mood. He replied by saying "With what? Your pin-d!ck?" I thought for a moment and told him "I chronically wet the bed." He looked like he sat on a carrot when he said "Get out!" So I went to his younger sister's room who is 6 years old. We lip wrestled and I won via submission. Then I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I thought I better go and have a sit on the toilet. 15 minutes later I finished pwning the toilet and went to wash my hands. There was no toilet paper so I washed my arse in the bathroom sink. I found it very sooting on my testicles so I decided to have a bat. I was there for about 4 minutes when my friend's mum walked in. She told me not to play with her food. Anyway, I shot her in the eyeball and everyone lived happily ever after.