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Finally a break!

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My vacation is finally here! 2 weeks of nothing to do but relax, play games, bike riding, and generally being up late, then up early again (why waste time sleeping?). I'm definitely looking forward to it, as work has been hairy lately, and a break is just what my body (and mind) need. Hoping to get back into GoW for awhile working towards Seriously..., finish up Forza & Stuntman, play some Rock Band, and start a few games I've been sitting on for awhile and haven't had a chance to play yet (COD4, R6V2, Lost Planet, Bioshock). Also looking forward to getting out and enjoy the sun a little bit, since working in retail has a way of making you feel like a cave dweller sometimes.

Start the music, let the party begin!!

New Pics

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Just a quick one today. Uploaded some music related pics (my drum kits, guitar, etc.) and a couple pics of my current living room/gaming set-up. No vids yet-haven't tried my cam for that yet. Coming soon!

I'm Back!!

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Just realised that it's been almost a year since I wrote anything on here-didn't seem that long! I've been busy with work and playing games and music, but figured it was time to write something up. I've been doing various gigs to fill in for friends on drums, and still plowing away at games I'm trying to complete. Then there's the 20 or so games I haven't even played yet in my collection! The problem with working next to a used game store I guess...lol. Anywho, I'm still online, still gaming, and still playing music for anyone wondering where I've been. Hopefully I can contribute a little more in the near future!!

It's about time!!

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Finally got a new 360 the other day-my living room is starting to come together. Now with my new HDTV (37" LCD)and stereo set-up, it totally rocks. Even tv is fun to watch again lol. Picked up NHL 08, even though I've been a die-hard 2K gamer. Couldn't argue with the AI. System came with Forza 2 and Gears of War. I'm already level 16 on Forza. Loved the first, and this one is just as good, even if eerily similar...Started dynasty with NHL08, and while the game play is superb, it's definitely lacking in some other areas compared to 2K. Still, great game overall. This system is amazing, right down to the linking my messenger to it. Will upload some pics sometime if I ever get around to it. Got to go, I think it's calling for another game...

Gig this weekend!!

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So, I go to work today, and one of the guys I work with tells me his drummer screwed up his leg snowboarding and they need a replacement or they'll have to cancel their show. And, of course, me being the live gig hound I am, I offer to fill in. WooHoo! The bad part-It's an original band and I have to learn about 20 songs (2 sets) for Saturday night. The good part, at least it's only 20, since they have an opening band, and it's fairly straightforward rock stuff. This should be a blast!! A couple of other guys I work with play in this band too, and they're all really good players, and pretty good guys. It's a neat sounding band, and even have a pedal steel player. I'm really pumped for this one, even thought it's just a local gig, since I haven't done any shows for a little while. I guess I'm going to be pretty busy for the next couple of days-time to break out the charts and start practicing! Is it spamming if I give out their myspace music site? Better not, just to be safe I guess. Well, gotta go-I'll try to post a follow up after the show!!

NHL GM's...What were they thinking?

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Gotta wonder about a few of the trades that were made today in the NHL... Toronto trades for a player who they could have had for nothing (Perrault was unrestricted earlier in the season and they passed on him), and Atlanta trades a plethora of draft picks for Tkachuk, a has-been player who's nowhere near his former self. The sweet pick-ups were naturally Roberts going to Pittsburgh (would have loved him in Ottawa), Guerin going to San Jose (after a bidding war with Anaheim), and the NY Islanders snagging Ryan Smyth (Captain Canada) from Edmonton after they couldn't get a deal done. Hard to believe they couldn't (wouldn't?) get something done with the career Oiler, and heart and soul of the team. Philly shored up their woeful goaltending situation by picking up Biron from Buffalo for a draft pick, freeing up some cash for the Sabres. Most of the others were lesser deals for depth, including the Senators picking up Saprykin from Phoenix, as part of their fire sale. The Pens also got Laraque from the Coyotes, finally getting some "protection" for Crosby and Malkin. Gotta believe Ferguson's days in Toronto are numbered, after not being able to make any kind of move to improve his team again. Muckler may not be far behind, if the Senators bow out early again this year.

More work done...

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Set up a pic account at image shack, and uploaded a bunch of photos-worked around the problem with not being able to upload photos to my home page on gamespot. I guess you can upload a photo from home computer, but can't overwrite. Image shack uploads solved the problem. Added a couple things to my signature panels for forums, fixed up preferences, and changes my pics for home page-easy as pie. Anyone interested, it's the same as my username here and myspace-Buckswana. Still need to finish my game ratings and tagging, but another time. Still figuring out this photo thing, but I think I've got it now...here's a look at my last drum kit (Yamaha Turbo Tour Custom). When I get a new camera (B&E'd and ripped off awhile ago-scumbags) I'll try to post some pics of my latest kit, and electronic kit and home set-up. Thanks for the adds friends-you know who you are.

Work in progress...

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Finally did a little work on my page, uploaded a few photos, and updated my games list. Hope to get some more done soon. Trying to find time between work, games, and playing/recording new tunes. Picked up a new guitar effects/recording interface (POD V.2)-thing is wicked. Straight into the board, no mics needed, gives you everything you need for guitar. Got my electronic drums up and running, with a more realistic sounding brain. Can't wait to do some more recording!! Just need a DI for the bass....

Joined soccer, NHL, and F1 unions. All the best sports....

Far Cry PC

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Finally finished Far Cry on realistic-insane.