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I'm Back.....(Where have I been)

Well I just like to say that I'm sorry gamespot that I haven't been on in a long time, the reason for that is that I had some major problems with gamespot, and signing in and whatnot but never mind that I'm back now and ready to go. I will be doing more and more text blogs until I reach level 10 so that I can do some video blogs. As for games that I'm playing now, I've been playing alot of RainbowSix Vegas, and I just recently beat Bioshock which is an amazing game. As for the new games that just came out like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, COD4 and Guitar Hero 3 I haven't purchased any as of yet, but I will be purchasing Assassin's Creed and COD4 this weekend, and I am hoping to get Mass Effect soon but I'm still unsure about it yet, but I'm sure that I will get it. Anyways I'm glad to be back and hope to do alot of text blogs and will be writing a review ofGears of Warand probably Crackdown, so watch for them in the near future.

School ****

Well the reason that I haven't been on lately is because of school, which sucks so much a$$, I gotta get up at 7:00am the go to school till 3:00pm the play football till 5:30pm, then by the time I get home, eat, and shower it's already 7:00pm which only gives me about 2 hours to play games, because I go to bed at 9:30pm because I'm so tired from the day. Then the same thing the next day, it really sucks I can't wait to get out of school. My classes suck I have to take Travel-Tourism, English and Sound and Engineering, they all suck except for english which is an alright class, but man is it ever a long day. Anyways hope to read some comments, peace out.

World of Warcraft?

I just resendly got intowaorld of warcraft, I bought the first one the other day and so far I'm at level 13 in 2 days which isn't too bad considering the amount of time I played the game, and the first little while just getting used to the controls of the game. However all in all it's a good game and I'm really enjoying playing it and hope that I can get better at it to get up to the levels that some of you guys are at.

Very Excited!!!!!!!!!

Well if you guys read my previous blog you'd here that I am done my job and I have beaten Bioshock, and with the things that I have boughten yesterday, this pretty well rounds out the summer.I start school on Tuesday and can't wait to go back and see all my friends, and it also allows me to come on gamespot after school for a while and you can expect posts everyday from me. I have finished my written review of Bioshock and it would be really appreciated if you guys were to check it out, thanks.

Things I Picked Up Today

Well today I went out and bought some things for myself since it was my last day at work and I got my last paycheck, so I went down to the mall and picked up these items for $80:

Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1-2 got it for$20

Audioslave CD for $15

Another Audioslave CD for $10

Steve Miller Band CD for $25

Shaun of The Dead Movie $10

All in all I thought it was a good hall I love the Trailer Park Boys and I was actually gunna get the movie but I put it back and decided to get the first two seasons of the show, if you haven't seen this show you should definetly check it out. I picked up the CDs so that I would have something to listen to in my car when I drive to school in the fall and for football. And Shaun of the Dead well need I say more its a hilarious movie. I have also just finished my written review of Bioshock that I've decided to due early because I'm going to be busy this weekend so go check it out.

I've Done IT....I've Beaten Bioshock!!!

Hey just wanted to say that I have accomplished the 25 hours and 32 min that it took me to beat this game, I beat it at about 2:00am it was a loooooong day since I started at about 1 in the afternoon stopped for breaks and to eat, but I made it, It was probably the longest I've ever played a game in a row before, but it was worth it up till the end which I can't even discuss because I'll give away spoilers, anyways I'm looking to write a review for this game sometime over the long weekend so watch out for that.

Almost Done!!

Today I am looking to finish Bioshock, I'm currently about 17 hours into it and the reasone that I decided to finish it today is because I got today off work because I wasn't feeling very well, so I hope to finish that today. I also on the weekend finished Metal Gear Solid 3:Subsitince which you can read my review for more but let me say that IMO this is the best in the series thought it was better thanthe second one because in the second one your just on those damn struts and its so annoying. Anyways check out my review if you want for MGS3, I will be looking to write a review for Bioshock this weekend, so look for that.

UFC74:Respect Results!!!!!!!!

Well incase some of you guys didn't know UFC74 was last night and itturned out to be a very good card with two marquee fights. Going into this event there was alot of hype for the return of Canadian Georges St.Pierre who was coming off losing his title in a devestating loss to the underdog Matt Serra, and alot of people would wonder how he rebounded coming off a loss, and he would be fighting the very fast up and coming star Josh Koscheck, who was coming off the biggest win of his career in defeating Diego Sanchez who was undefeated at the time.This fight turned out to be a really good fight, with Georges out working Koscheck and controlling him on the ground which we have never seen happen to Koscheck on the ground since he is a 4 timeDivision-1 NCAA National Wrestling champion,and Georges ran through him he didn't look hurt trough the fight and his new camp that he has been training with in New Mexico really paid off because he really proved through out the fight and won a unamious decision. Thus earning him a title shot against the winner of Matt Serra and Matt Hughes for the Welterweight Championship.

Now in the main event this fight featured the 28 year old killer who was coming off one of the biggest upsets in UFC by scoring a head kick KO over highly favoured Mirko Cro Cop who many people thought was going to rule the division, the man who KO him was Gabriel Gonzaga who would be facing the 44 year old captain america Randy Couture who is coming off beating the 6'8 giant Tim Sylvia to win the Heavyweight championship and this fight between Gozaga was considered to be more of a diffulcult match-up than it would be against Cro Cop. However Randy Couture surpassed reality once again as he completly destroyed Gonzaga by putting him in a clinch and slamming him to the ground which opened a nasty cut over Gonzagas nose, and Couture smelled the blood and kept punching and elbowing until the ref stopped the fight in the 3rd round. Randy Couture wins by 3rd round tko and remains the Heavyweight Champion.

In the other fights other canadian Patrick Cote scored a beautiful upset win over Kendall Grove by KOing him in the first round with a well placed right hand to the head. Roger Huerta showed that he really is a forced to be reackoned with in the Lightweight division as he scored a tko victory over decorated contender Alberto Crane. Joe Stevenson won a unamious decision over high regarded Kurt Pellingrino which will mostlikely earn himself a title shot with the victory.

All in all it was a very good UFC and if some of you guys aren't into it you should really check it out by checking out some of the fights by looking them up in youtube or going to mmaplayground.com and clicking mma videos and it is a really exciting sport that is continueing to grow in popularity and should be considered amoung the top of the sporting world.

Biggest Box Offices Hits........This Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well gamespot with the summer winding down and with the release of the new movie War which stars Jet Li and Michael Stratham(the guy from Crank), this movie lookslike it could be a very good success in the box office.And when I was watching TV today after playing some Bioshock which is turning out to be an ok game, anyways I was watching a commercial for the new movie War which it's theatres tommorrow, and while watching it they said it was going to be the best action movie hitof the summer. However with other hit action movies like The Bourne Ultimatim and Transformers it made me wonder what are the best movies in each category, so I though about it and I came toa road blockin of course the comedy department, which always showcases the best of the best, and this year it had such hits as:The Simpsons, Superbad, Rush Hour 3, INow Pronouce You Chuck and Larry, Mr.Bean(which looks hilarious), Ballsof Fury(hits tommorrow), and Underdog. This is by far the hardest category to choose from, andout of these 7 comedies I have seen4(Simpsons,Superbad,RH3,Chuck and Larry), and I have to say that for methe best comedy would have too be narroweddown to The Simpsons and Superbad which were both hilarious, however I found thatSuperbad was a bit funnier with some reallygood acting.However it was not my favourite movie of the summer it was close but it fell just short of The Simpsons which finally released their movie after 20 seasons on the air and the much anticipated movie made a net gross of 76 million dollars in the first weekend and 165 million dollars so far this summer, and has only been out done by Harry Potter andThe Order of The Phoenix(good movie). Now the next movies that I'm looking most foward to is War(going after work to go see it), Shoot Em'Up and Balls of Fury. Another movie that I wouldn't mind seeing is Mr. Bean which looks very funny.Sonow that you know my favourite comedy andthe movies that I'm looking forward to why don't you post a comment and tell me yours.

Next Big Game too Come Out?

Hey guys with the current release of Bioshock I was wondering what game this year will be in contention to take down Bioshock and recieve the most Hype when it comes out. I'm sure that every knows it's gunna be between three games: GTA:IV, Halo 3 and Mass Effect, but I was wondering what you think is the most hyped and will make the most sales on it's release date. I think that it's gunna be Halo 3, like I'm sure alot of other people will as well, but both Mass Effect and GTA:IV have both a good chance at taking Halo 3 down.

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