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God of War!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most amazing game I have ever played in my entire gaming career. The violence, the weapons, the spells, THE BOSSES!!!! This game was blessed by the big guy upstairs and I can't wait for God of War 2.

What games should I get?

Hey, just got a new PS2 and I was wondering what other games I should get. I have Deadlocked, SC III, Jak III and Budokai Tenkiachi. What else should I get?

I am getting a PS2!!!

I am getting a PS2 for Christams with Soul Caliber 3, Rachet and Clank Deadlocked and Budokai Tenichi. I am going to lock myself in my room and play until I am dead. What other games should I get?


I am playing all of my zelda games again just to be fresh for whenever Twilight Princess comes out.

Heres an idea

What I just did with my friend Ross (Flamecrafter) is totally wicked. We swapped systems His PS2 and my GCN are in each others hands. You all should try it with someone you "trust".

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 Kicks @$$

I just got it from Amazon, but I got number 2 first. THEY ROCK! I love Jet Black, the Anti Hero. HE is so cool looking and he kicked me @$$ like sixty times! They are so fun, but Fire Leo is frickin hard.

Metroid Prime 2

I just got the game for Christmas and I love it. The multiplayer is so much fun and I am fustruated with single player. It's a lot harder than the first one.
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