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If you're down to play airsoft, you can get the same guns from the game as airsoft replicas!
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Unfortunately, Murph85 is right. PlayStation has the licensing for this title, so you wont see it on pc anytime soon __________ Play SOCOM...In real life! use video game replicas to make your airsoft play more interesting!
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Sounds fun! My friends and I took it one step further and started airsofting. We have one team play as a zombie team and we as the humans. We even use guns from Resident evil to make it feel like a video game:
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sounds good ill have to check it out. I recently got into airsofting with guns from games like MGS4, so i would love to share my experience with you guys
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Yeah you cant use prepatched games to unlock em. The way the trophy system is set up is the following: 1. Certain action is performed 2. Action creates a trigger in the game software 3. Game software notifies trophy system 4. Trophy is administered lets say you have to kill 5 guards to get a trophy. Obviously you have beaten the game a few times, so you have killed more than 5 guards. HOWEVER, the system cant go back and count what you have done. It can only count what you do. ______________________ I own replicas of guns from video games. Check em out:
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Really isnt a way to get that back. I was once playing an rpg and he game froze right at the end. Turned out the game needed a fresh re-install. Worked fine after that. Had to start my game from the beginning though. If you are a big fan of MGS4, purchase a replica gun from this site: I have a few
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Sounds like an error to me. If I were you Id re-install my game data. Normally fixes most problems. _______________________________ Catch me on the airsoft field with guns from videogames:
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Normally, whenever a game glitches, it is usually the game data. I have always found especially with the ps3 a clean re-install always fixes the problem. ______________________ Metal Gear Solid 4 Replica Guns can be purchased here:
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I understand where you are coming from. When I played MGS1, i would be terrified to hear that damn alarm sound! LOL Now i just play to continue the story. But I will say it is nothing like the original. I do own a few replica guns from MGS4:
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nah bruh. There are no servers for it anymore. Sorry. ________________________ If you want to own a MGS4 gun replica, check them out here: