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Its Been A While

Since my last blog post. So life is pretty good. I got ajob at gamestop. Its awesome i love it there. Tons of good perks for working there including the discount. I like getting 25% off used games :). I have addeded tons of games to my collection which you can check out in my game section. Picked upGuitar Hero 3. Its so awesome yet so hard. I just need to beat reign in blood by slayer to get the last boss battle against the devil in expert. slayer seems to be the only song that gave me alot of trouble on expert. So hopefully i get through the game soon. Other then that i am siked for all the new games that are coming out. My wallet is the only thing not happy haha keep it real till next time


So i have been catching up on some gaming and boy does it feel good. I keep buying games but not playing them because of work. But yesterday i put the some good time into it. Hopefully i get my xbox back soon and hopefully it works this time :). I got my g/f a ds and she has been lovin it. She has put in some good hrs into bomberman ds, New super mario bros and animal crossing. Good times i say. :)

Thanks Microsoft

So i sent my xbox in to get repaired a month ago. So i finally recieved it back yesterday. I was quite excited cause i have alot of gaming to catch up on. So i plug it all in and i press power. And what the f*ck do i see. 4 F*cken red lights. They sent me a damaged xbox. So i call them in and they say i will have to go through this process again .. but for this i will get a free month of xbox live gold. so that will be 2 xboxs and now 2 free months of xbox live. I say boourns to that.

Hit You With Some Knowledge

things are goin sweet. I do work a whole hell of alot but you gotta make that money. I have buyin tons of games and dvds again which has made me happy i recently picked up ouendan 2 , hotel dusk room 215,pokemon pearland final fanatsy anniversary edition. My xbox 360 has crashed. Got the 3 red lights of doom but good thing is microsoft is fixing it. so hopefully i get that back soon. I will be going to FL tomorrow so that should be excellent. Until next time friends


Havent been on here for a while. So an update is at hand. Got me a ps3 , wii and psp so i am a happy camper. Have a ton of games to play and buying more each week. I enjoy have a game collection. Now i just need the time to beat all my games :)

ultimate versus

so i watched my copy of ultimate versus last night and i have to say i loved the new scenes and music .. so parts got a whole lot better .. u could tell which scenes were new ... but it doesnt interfer with the movie it self ... the new music is awesome too ... alot of techno and drum & bass ..... makes the fight scense alot better .. the one thing that i was disappointed about were the special features .. they dont have english subs .... but other than that i loved it

metal gear soild 3

so i finally started playin this and i have to say its awesome and i am really enjoyin it .. the story is great so far ... and the characters r awesome ... the game looks great and plays great .. i cant wait to beat it

i really want more games

i was just thinkin about it and i really want and need more games old and new .... i really enjoyin gamin and collectin games now ... so its time to start buyin sweet sweet games and systems