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Braak Online!!!

I finally got connected to XBOX Live! Give me your friend name and I'll see you on tonight!

Games playing:

Halo 2

Double Agent

Gears of War

Why me Jesus?!!!

Haven't been on for a while!  U know why?  Because my house got directly hit by lightning!!  My speakers got blown so now I can't hear my favorite songs or play any games!  I misplaced my MP3 cd so I don't have the organizer to just put it on my MP3 so I got to wait till school tomorrow to pop in my flash drive!  In other news, my mom finally may buy a new computer so hopefully I can get far on WoW for the 2 months that I payed for.  Only played for 1 day out of 60 so far.  Played for free month and I got my 360 back.  Yeah....I kinda wasn't supposed to buy it but I got it back now!  Still grounded for another 2 weeks without playing it, but while momma is gone the boys shall play!!!

Most Anticipated games!!! (Not numbered by favored)

1.) Gothic 3 (PC)

2.) F.E.A.R. (360)

3.) F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point (PC)

4.) WoW: Burning Crusade (PC)

5.) GW: Nightfall (PC)

6.) Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PC)

7.) Battlefield: 2142 (PC)

8.) Dead Rising (360)

9.) Crysis (PC)

10.) Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PC)

11.) Halo 2 (PC)

12.) MK: Armageddon (Xbox)

13.) GTA IV (360)

14. ) Halo 3 (360)

Gothic 3 is my most anticipated with GTA being 2nd!!!

Pay day today!!!

I'm gonna go buy a 360 game tomorrow.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking of Oblivion, DOA 4, or Far Cry.  Which one would you get?

XBOX 360 Points confusion!

I'm excited about my 360 but what do achievement points do?  I hear achievement points and Microsoft points. Are they the same thing?  I only have a couple points right now.  Are those the ones I use to buy new stuff and downloads?

I Need a Banner bad!!!

My computer is so old I don't have paint shop pro on it.  Can someone make me a banner in their free time?  It doesn't need to be extreme.  Just want my name and pics from Gothic 3, Guild Wars, Hitman, Grand Theft Auto, and F.E.A.R.