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Another Century's Episode - Your Own Avatar

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we all know there is going to be another A.C.E game after Portable. even though this is a idea that is very unlikely to happen, i just made up for fun. so please dont get all mad. Custom Character is becoming very popular, not only can you make your favorite character's in the game that were left out. but you can also make your own character. but what if the next A.C.E game were to have a Avatar system like in White Knight Chronicle's? be able to add your own character to the story, so you dont get stuck with a ugly/annoying/creepy character. have this Avatar system be able to customize the pilot and the mech he/she pilot's. and this Custom Mech system work's a little like the one in ArmoredCore. (not like the one in FrontMission Evolved where your mech was stubby and most of the part's were the same just increased power) switch the limb's of the mech and color them. but you start out with only so many part's. in order to unlock more, you must play curtain mission's to unlock A.C.E original mecha part's. or increase friend ship with another pilot to unlock the part's of their mech. for example, if you want to build a mech similar to Alto's VF-25F. you ether must fight along side him, or complete curtain task's for him during a mission. and the way it fight's greatly depend's on the equipment given to it. such as the Freedom Gundam's Dragoon's, or Solar Aquraion's fist. so you may have to change a few part's on you mech in order for it to fight how you want. as for how your character start's off, he/she awaken's in a unkown loaction after a feirce battle with amnesia, he/she dosnt remeber where he/she is or what has happen. the only way he/she remeber's his/her name is because of the ID tag on his/her suit. he/she regain's memory's on how to pilot his/her mech while fighting mysteryous enemy's with a up-side-down V ingraved on their armor plating. like i said, this is just for fun. i know that is unlikely to happen and why. and if it ever does happen you DONT have to play with an Avatar (because for some unknown reason, some people hate CustomCharacter) im also aware of the flaw's of having your own Custom Mech. but if anyone has idea's for what they want for A.C.E 6. feel free to comment.