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Wii internet

As the title says i got the internet on my Wii now so i can now play Smash Bro.s Brawl online now so if anyone wants to play just give me your friend code and yes brawl is the only online game i have sorry guys:P also i put my Wii Number on my profile as well later dudes8)

Hi everyone

Yes everyone i come back again to see how everyone's doing i bet all of u missed me right:P anyway over the course of my disaperance i got with a girl i love and learned of new things good and other things if u get my what im saying8) and belive it or not i broke my hand fighting this retard ( everyone can laugh at me for this:P:lol:) enough about me how have u guys been well laterz gotta check peoples blogs and my messages i have 33:lol: anyways laterz;).

Sephiroth vs Roxas and Sora

Ok me and my associate have been debating for days who would win in a fight between Sephiroth and the Kingdom Heart characters Roxas and Sora hes says that either of the two would beat sephiroth i like both Roxas and Sora but cmon Sephiroth would beat them easy but anyway i want you guys opinion on this because im laughing at this guy everyday for saying this laterz:P:lol:.

Back from vacation

Im back at my boring complex again but you know what makes it worse my 360 is broken it won't read any game i put in it so have to get that fixed but my mom is lazy and won't take it to the game store to get it fixed well anyway i got 2 new games Assassin's Creed and Guitar Hero III actually i traded my friend Kane & Lynch for GH 3 i know i got him good did'nt i well later guys sorry for not commenting in your blogs my dad was on the PC 24/7.

Dragonball Z Online game

As the title says i found and have been playing this Dragonball Z online game its pretty weird but cool i like it so i thought i would show u guys its called Earth's Special Forces maybe u heard of it anyway heres the links

first u have to download Half-Life this is the link

then ESF 1.2.3

Also if u want to add more things to your mod ESF goto

well if u need any help just let me know laterz:)

Good news everyone =]

Well i finally have a X-Box 360 again:roll: its been a year since my last one got stolen and now my dad bought me a new one thank god now i can play gears if my friend would give it back already:P.

I got beat-up today =[

As the title says i got whooped today by a no good friend of mine he started by coming to me saying my friends said i would whoop his butt so he came to me after that and said that and said a verse Lil Wayne says about White people haveing blue veins i toke it offensive so i called him out and got my ass handed to me because it was so slippery outside i kept sliping and fell once so he kept hitting me and eventually my friends stopped it and thats about it:cry::(

P.S. i will get him back for insulting my family race:evil:

Need some info on why my PSP wont charge?

Like the title says my PSP wont charge today every time i plug it in i see the battery symbol disapper and the green light doesnt change to orange also when i turn it off the light goes orange but it doesnt charge my battery so if anyone knows whats wrong plz help if u must know i do charge it 24/7 every chance i get maybe its over charge idk:evil::cry::(

PS. Sorry Guys for not commenting in your blogs life's keeping me busy:P

5 things u dont know about your Bro :P

I got tagged by Dei to do this so might as well;)

1.Im mixed with White and Black:D

2.I broke my arm one time when i fell off my bike:oops::P

3.One time me and my friend Shermen got jumped by 3 girls:P

4.I cant look girls in the eyes that good i will turn away i dont know why.:oops:

5.I hate to watch scary movies and games the and last scary game ive played was Resident Evil Zero:P:oops:

I guess il tag Benco18, Anthonykomonski, Domovsky, i know they are banned but they were good friends MickeySteroid and Drewski90 later peoples:D