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What is a game for me

I really like to play computer games and there is two types I prefer: play with friends and play for new ambiance. Since I've got an Internet I always want to play co-op or collective games. Most of all I like dota, especially dota 2 by valve to play with friends. We spend **** of days to play and have fun, create our own google doc to memorise funny moments. I also played titan quest by tunngle with random strangers, it's quite cool too. I like to fight against my friends irl in quake 3 arena. My girlfriend played with me Sid Meier's Railroads ;P But sometimes I prefer play alone... to feel something new, to deep into a new life as my character. I like Limbo for it's sounds and picture, admire portal for it's humour and storyline. I was surprisingly shocked when I've been playing Deus Ex: HR - so many people to talk, a lot of secrets to discovery. Skyrim - best mountains and dragons ever, really like to hiking through the ridges and observe tops. Sometimes, I think, that I'm wasting my time, but it is just from the first look...