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PS3/360 owner new to home computers and bitcoin mining. Good card?

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So I went to Microcenter after reading a news item on yahoo. Apparently people are making lots of money with bitcoin, so I said this to the Microcenter sales person and he said a 7950 (I asked him to write it down) or R9 would work best for the money I could spend.

They didn't have anything matching that number and R9 cards were very expensive, so he said craigslist or ebay might have these cards.

On craigslist I found a 7950 for $400 and that was about $100 cheaper than the other cards he mentioned, so I bought it. It's a 7950 GT model and the guy I bought it from said it's like cars and GT means a sports model, and is better than normal. Considering bitcoins are $600 and this is $400, it was a bargain!

How many bitcoins can I make in a day with this card?

Thanks in advance for any info!

A Wise Man Once Asked Me:

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"Is the f*cking you're getting worth the f*cking you're getting?"

It applies to most of life as well as, or perhaps especially, the literal meaning of the words.

Marinate on it for a while.

Just A Public Service Announcement For Those DESPERATELY Needing A GPU Upgrade.

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Newegg has the Gigabyte GTX 650 Ti Boost on sale for $123, after rebate.

Also, the 660 and 650Ti Boost have both been dropped to ashtray money levels: $180 and $140, respectively.

Both use a single six pin adapter, so that is something to consider if AMD's somewhat less efficient cards are on your radar.

Just letting whoever know.

-BOA (AKA, John)

Upon Further Review...

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I didn't realize blogs would go all "witness protection" on our aises.

Nothing in feeds and as of yet, and no filter for frequent/favorite followers.

And another thing: I AM NOT IN A CULT AND I DON'T LEAD A CULT. I don't "follow" anybody, nor do I spout any dogma that needs to be "followed". I liked "Tracking" much better, but that ship sailed long ago. Of course "follow" is passive, yuppy-modern and vaguely politically correct, whereas as "track" is proactive and suggests hunting & stalking, so therefore it is to be avoided.

I'm right about the above sentence, you know. Subtle PCness creeps in everywhere these days. Gotta watch it.

I dunno, mates. I dunno...