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First Post in over a year!!!

Wow, it's been a year since I last signed on. I've come to this site every now and then, but only for about a minute maybe to find out the name of an episode or something like that. But I have not signed in since last september!!! so, i think this blog post is way over due. LOL! If I had been posting blogs during the year, here's what a couple of them might have been like

Surprise. We're going to Florida!

I went on a vacation to Florida in august and had no idea we were going. We were supposed to leave for the airport at 3 in the morng, and our parants didn't tell us anything about the trip untill after 11 the night before!!! so we only had about 3 1/2 hrs to pack. omg!!! i was soooo happy. i have no idea how they were able to keep that a secret for so long! i don't think i could have done that. but i'm so glad we did. it would have been hard waiting for a vaction like that for so long. We went to disney world, universal studios. and islands of adventure. we were also going to go to busch gardens and sea world, but we were soooo tired so we just spent those days relaxing at the resort. that was one of the best weeks of my life

Sweet 16

i turned 16 in June. i wasn't really planning on having a big sweet 16, or having one at all. mostly because i would not have had alot of people to invite because we moved and i haven't made that many close friends yet. but my best friends and my brothers threw me a really great surprise party instead. it means so much that they did that for me. they figured that i shouldn't spend my 16th birthday doing nothing. they're soooo sweet. they planned it so well. i was at my friends house while they set up everything in my back yard. they did alot of work to plan it, but it's too much to write. but i'm really greatful to have friends and family like them :)


I'm so happy I got excepted into cosmetology school. the high schools in my county have this school where the students can go if they are already sure of what they want to become. but you have to get really good grades, and if you do get excepted, you get to spend half of the school day there and you get to learn for alot less than you'd have to pay in a real school. SO i'm in cosmo now and I am loving it!!!

Ok. That's enough writng for now. Just wanted to let you all know....I'm back!!! :D Make Over

Well, I have not been on this site for about two weeks and I cameon yesterday and the site is so different! Everything has changed. To me, the other way was better. This one is more confusing and colorless. It took me for ever to figure out how to write a new blog entry. The forums are all different and so are all of the main pages for shows. It's all rearranged. I miss the other way, but I guess I'll have to deal with this. Oh well, I guess I'll get used to it eventually :(

Total Drama Island

I love this show! I'm so happy it came to the US. It's so cool. AN animated reality series. I love Bridgette. She's my favoritte character. And Gwen. I like her too. She's cool and tough. Hmm... what more to say? I LOVE TDI!!!!!! My new favoritte show (does not mean i don't still love the bratz :P)

To Miss My Friends

This August, my family and I are moving to PA, or maybe September, depending on when the house is done building. Today, my 7 year old friend who lives next door left for Florida for the whole Summer. SO we'll never see her again. Her cousin who is 8 who spends alot of time next door, and is also my friend will still come over, but soon, we'll never got to see each other. It's sooo sad. I'm really going to miss them. I remember when I first met them five years ago. Every single day we have good weather, we would always be outside playing together. They'd evcen come inside my house sometimes to play on our wii.

My mother owns a store here in NY, and sometimes my bros and I help out. So after we move, we would still come back to work. Matbe we'll visit them sometimes. I hope they can come and visit is in PA and spend about a week together. Those two are like little sisters to me. :( It's a real shame to say good bye:cry:

MySpace Best Friends Comments

My Birthday

At 3:29 PM I would be turning 15! OMG! I still remember when I just turned 5. Good times, good times... I have no idea how it's going to be celebrated, but I have a feeling there is going to be a surprise party. I think my little brother gave it away a little. But I'm not sure...;)

My mom is a profesional baker and cake decorator, so I'm sure i should be getting a Bday cake. She also owns a party store, so I'll be getting balloons. Making a party would be so easy. Why shouldn't I expect it? LOL! :P

... addition of colorful balloons!These are excellent holiday giftshappy b-day NANCY!happy birthday tinker bell


WHOO! Summer is on it's way! My school ends this Monday. I'm so excited cause I'm going tohave such an exciting vacation.

This weekend our backyard swimming pool will be set up

My 15th birthday is this Wendsday (June 18th)

In July I'm going to see my big sister in Canada (in my book, home of the BEST cartoons lol)

in August we are moving from the crowded city streets to the great suburben life into a costom built house that will soon be done building

OMG! i can't wait for summer vacation to begin. Have a happy Summer everyone!

three great TV weekends coming my way!

I'm so excited ! I have a few upcoming saturday that have somthing special on tv that I cant wait for.

4-11: Spongebob Pest of the West

4-12: Winx club reruns return to 4kids

4-19: I'm going to the Bratz movie in the theater (and the begining of spring break!)

5-2: Zoey 101 Special-Chasing Zoey

yeah I know that I misssed out the 26th, nothing happens then. But still, I have a few good TV weekends coming up. YAY! Now I have somthing to look foward to every week...

Bratz still airing?

I was just wondering if Bratz episodes are still airing. I think there is a Bratz Series 2. I saw on the internet that there is a new DVD called Bratz Ralley 500. It's based on a new bratz series. Same characters and everything. I read the episodes on it and they are not the one from the first series. Completly new ones! I don't know if it has the same plot but there is a new series. I don't know where it is airing. Probably in Europe and Australia cause the dvd is a region 4 dvd. I hope they bring it to US and Canada.


I'm Back, and ready for Cheering!

Hey all! It's been almost 4ever since I wrote a log entry. I've been visitibng the site every now and then, but never wrote any blog entry. So.... what should I say now. Well, I'm really just writing to let everyone know I'm still here.

Well, I'm trying out for the cheerleader team at my school. The tryouts are on the twelth, and by then, I have to be able to do a full split! I found that out about two weeks ago when I went to the cheerleading orrientation. Since then, it's just been a bunch of working out and practicing with me, and I did it! Luckily, I have been practicing from before, so I had a head start. YAY! LOL! So soon, I may be cheering for the school's football team. It's so exciting. This is what I've always wanted. Wish me luck!:D


!8 More Days!!!

Awsome, there are only 18 more days till Christmas!!! I'm so excited. Right now, we are in the teens, then the single digits, and then the big day will finally be here! I's so close, yet so far. I'm so happy because this Monday, The Christmas Special of the Powerpuff Girls: Twas the Fight Before Christmas is going on. I LOVE THAT ONE!!! I hope they air the Rugrats Special too, some day soon. I love that one, too. I recorded it last year, but I can't find the tape it was on. Buut I havr a video with all the Nicktoon holiday specials that I love on it, so I'll record the rugrats one, too. I alsowant to get the All Grown Up special. So far on that video, I have the spounbob, Jimmy Nutron and Fairly Odd parents special ohn that video.

Anyways, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I can hardly wait!!!