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Have Facebook? Don't Like Justin Bieber?

Well its late at night, me and my friend are bored messing around on the internet when we decided to create a facebook page.. that we think you will find true.... Just check it out for yourself, xD.

PS. We are hoping to get quite a few " Likes" ( Fans)!/pages/I-bet-this-weirdo-can-get-more-fans-than-Justin-bieber/147833291895749

What do you think of The new iPhone 4/ iOs4?

Well Apple recently announced that the new iPhone will be coming out. And I have to say it looks really nice! But what Im more excited about is " iOs4" which is the new OS coming for: Ipods, Iphones, and ipads in the Fall. The new update comes out on June 21st. And its FREE! I , myself cant believe its free... Cause you know apple. What do you think about all these new features, updates, and upgrade, etc? Or what do you think about apple in general. I would explain what I think about apple but that would be a whole new blog post. But if you want to hear my opinions on Apple Please tell me. Ill be glad to make a blog about that. :D


Well for some people summer break isnt quite there yet, I feel for you.

So far my summer break is awesome just because I dont have to be in school... But its really boring. Most of my Friends are out of town or already have plans.. Hopefully it gets better! So long " Blog" short, how is your summer break going? :D

You should check out my YouTube Page! ^_^

Wow.. its been a while since I posted a blog. Sorry, but its not like anybody likes em. :P Or do you? Well anyways.. Ive really been getting into making gameplay videos for my youtube channle, But i dont have a very big audience so-to-speak. :x So here I am to tell you about it, and hope that you check it out sometime. As of right now I have about 40 subscribers... Alot isnt it? :P. I do a mixture of videos: Gameplay, tutorials, etc. So if you would be check out one of my Page, and subscribe? I will be sure to return the faror ^_^. im really wanting to do more with my YouTube account but whats the point if I dont get much views. So check it out! PLease? And what would be really AWESOME is after checking out my vids, etc. if you would give me some suggestions on what you would like to see. Thanks SO much 8)

By the way heres the link:

Getting VAC Banned for no reason! ( Honestly)

Well people I hate to say, but I am VAC banned from all Modern Warfare 2 servers.... Now before you go saying : " You Dirty Hacker! You deserve it!" No I actually don't becuase Im going to be honest to you people as I was with the steam Support ( which is horrible support) When I would open my game, it would freeze for about 20 seconds then I would hear a beep. The screen would go blank, so I would alt-Tab out, and notice the "IW Console" was open. There was a smaller box inside the bigger box saying " Cheat Detected". What?! Yeah I had no idea what it was talking about, because i honestly dont " cheat/hack ". At first I thought well maybe its my virus protection. So I restarted my computer thinking that would solve my problem. Well it Didn't, the same thing came up. Then I went on to find out I was VAC Banned.... For honestly no reason! I put this a support ticket on Steams Support page. No help, all I got was Automated messages about how **** the VAC security is, and that they can't remove it. "I understand your frustration in this matter; however, our system has confirmed that the ban was applied legitimately" That is totally not right at all! Well thats all for this blog, please comment....:evil:

When/How Did you start Gaming?

To start out, I really started gaming when I was young. I was in our basement looking through cabinets when i came across a strange thing..... It was the PlayStation 1! The Original! Of course i wasnt sure what it was, so i went in my dads office, which he had in that basement at the time, and asked him what it was. He then told me what it was. So we both took it up to our TV in the living room. He hooked it up to the TV, turned it on.... And as some of you might remember that original Playstation start-up-sound. The first game I played on it was Tekken! Such a great game series. I can actually remember playing on that Playstation for quite a long time. I still have the old thing, and alot of the games that i used to play. Believe it or not it still works! i rarely dust it off, and turn it on, but when I do, it reminds me of my " younger days." As of right now, I mostly play my games on the PC, I have an Xbox 360, and a Gamecube.

So please write a comment about how you started... I want to hear your story!8)

My Rant about SOME people who play Modern Warfare 2.

To start out this blog, i just wanna say, that ive been playing and following the Call Of Duty series for quite some time now. I can remember playing all they way back to Call Of Duty. ( The Original) Ive been following The COD series and Infinity Ward. I dont want to say I'm I fanboy, but I am a FAN. Now what i want to really talk about is all these NEW people to the Call Of Duty series, most of the people who you see on the internet who upload Call Of Duty videos,most are new, What i mean by NEW is that they may have started the whole game series at COD4, some even started it at Modern Warfare 2. Yet they seem to be taking all the glory of being so-called "FAMOUS" gamers. Now dont get me wrong there are some good players, not to brag, butI am pretty good too...... Think of it this way: " Youve been working at a certain Job, or working for a certain company for years. Then all of a sudden this new guy comes and seems to get a higer pay in 1 year, than you got in lets say 10 years. ( If that helps at all.) Then you have people who are completely NEW to the series, who just Critizie Modern Warfare 2, to no end. Sure the game has some flaws, ill even admit that, but its still a great game,right?

Tell me what you think....

Ghost vs. Gaz In Modern Warfare 2.

Did anybody else find the irony in Modern Warfare 2? What im talking about is Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 and Gaz from Modern Warfare...... Did anybody else find it funny that Gaz died at the end of Modern Warfare , and there is a guy in Modern Warfare 2 named ghost, that is always wearing a mask, and sounds exactly like Gaz? Well I did.:D I mean its sounds like it could be, hence the name Ghost..... What do you think, leave a comment........8)

Communicating With Me.

If you want to play any games with me , via Xbox live, or the Steam Network. Live GT: Brand0n7777. Steam: Silent_Sniper_x7. You can email me at any time:

Im also on xfire: Brand0n777. Add me anytime, and ask to play, more than likely I will.:D