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Some more mini-reviews.

Might as well, amirite?

  • Ballad of Gay Tony: GTAIV's 20 dollar add-on with stuff that should've been in the original game. Yeah, that's basically what ALL DLC is good for, but this one in specific left me wondering whether they took the DLC deal with Microsoft as a excuse to catch up on old times. I recall Rockstar Games' PR dudes going "We're dead serious now" story-wise and this comes along. Sure, I'm complaining... But it's here, and minus the 20$ pricetag - It's finally here, and it's damn good fun.
  • Dragon Age: Origins: BioWare's new poke at old times. Quite frankly, I didn't play DA:O's "predecessor" so I can't really say anything in relation to it. So I'll just stick with saying BioWare nailed it again. I bought it for the X360 causeI can't be assed installing it and all that considering the graphics aren't worth debating about anyway. The game plays a bit like Mass Effect on a Oblivion kind of structure. Though there's this really neat, and a wee bit clunky party system that covers most of the combat - All in all, it's definitely designed for the PC I can tell you that, it works like a pain in the ass on the X360, and I think it's fair to assume the PS3 suffers from the same issue. All in all, it's a great game... And loooonnnnnngggg.
  • Halo 3: ODST: I bought the game for 35$ at a mom and pop's store, and I still feel cheated out of my money. Part of me was stupid for buying a game I'm not all that interested in, part being that the game is rather... minimalized if you catch my drift. The character flashbacks put aside, which are by a mile the best things about the game, the "lone ranger" pulling through an abandoned city with maybe 5-or-6 enemies every 4 intersections really left me bored. Halo 3 was a thrill ride, from one epic firefight to the next. As much as I like a occasional 'break', a 4 hour trek through a empty city... I didn't like that so much. All in all, flashbacks are awesome. Lone city treks are boring. Firefight is a nice addition though it won't justify a purchase, atleast not for me. Though the 2nd disc with ALL Halo 3 DLC on disc was a nice addition. :D
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Demo: Boycott bull**** set aside... I've got just one thing to say: Kill all sons of *****es, that's my official instruction. That uhhh... that means it's good.