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Screw. Far Cry's. Realism.

Before I bring tears to the eyes of fanboys. Far Cry 2 isn't bad. Hell, it's one of the better games I've played in a long time. I'd say it's like Saints Row 2. A long awaited break from the same old frustrating crap we always had. SR2 > GTAIV, FC2 > any other FPS. BUT!

Yes, the dreaded 'but' that allows me to make up a sobby reason of why it isn't that great.

Allow me to bring up the list of faults. Now, please note that the game is simply ****in' huge. So, there's in a way just as many faults as the next game... But... Ya' get what I mean.

  • For whatever reason, driving around only causes me to get chased by God knows who. I mean, I'm supposed to drive 2 miles, passing camps and outposts that I 'cleared' before. Every damn intersection has atleast five enemies, and two will always jump in a truck and hunt me down. Sure, I survive it again and again. But I've fixed more cars already than I shot people. Really.
  • No matter how realistic it is... I didn't expect that I had to drive ALL the time. I was hoping that I could 'teleport' from safehouse to safehouse. But it turns out that I can only quick-travel if I either drive to the nearest city for a bus, which is in the heart of the map. Or either one of the four bus-stops on the edges of the map. Now, do I have to remind you that the map is 50 sq. KM large? And the one section I'm in is 25 sq. KM already. So, basically I have to drive for up to five miles before I'm at a bus-station.
  • I haven't really shot anything... Well, three missions got me shooting five or six guys. And most of the time I had to fend off those camping pricks. But I seriously haven't killed more than I've driven around. The most chaos I've seen thus far was after the intro-ride. And that was all scripted.
  • Also, I killed a buddy. Wanna know how? Well, I got pinned down by a sniper, and took cover behind my car. I forgot that if your health is down to one bar, you'll instantly die after 10 seconds whether you're getting shot or not. So, the game send a buddy out to drag my ass out of the fire and heal me. I thought "Oh joy! A partner!". And jumped back into my car, backing up slowly thinking she'd jump in. Instead, she ran into the side of my car. Killing her. I then thought "Ofcourse..." and put the pedal to the metal.
  • Malaria... It's a nasty disease. Sure. But, and this isn't a spoiler... I was out in some ambush with my buddy Joseph(the Albanian). He got shot down, and was critically wounded. So, as I'm about to kneel over and heal him. The screen turns yellow, and the Press-LB-to-snatch-a-pill thing pops up. Now, lovely enough, the action constantly gets interupted as you're getting shot. So, after a while I managed to take the pill and get down to Joe. Who was on the verge of dying, I healed him. BUT GUESS WHAT!? I died as I revived Joseph. Now, normally the game sends out another buddy that would heal you. But, remember? I killed her.....
  • Cars are slow as hell. Really. I expected more from a Jeep with a damn V6 under the hood.
  • While the gun jamming is nice and detailed... I can't say having your MAC10 lock up on you in the middle of a fierce firefight of 4 v.s 1 is really that much fun, let alone the challenge of trying to survive while slamming the hell out of your X button is such a big thrill.
  • The storyline's quite shallow. Sure, no big deal. But I think I have the definite reason of why it's 30 hours long. 1 hour; Shooting, killing and being a badass. 29 hours; Driving from location to location.
  • Camps. Earlier I said that driving around only seems to piss off random campers. But... Who are they? Why the **** are they shooting me? WHO ARE THEY!? It's like the game tries so hard to get you ingaged in a firefight, but with all the driving, do I really have to be scared to take a damn turn at a crossroad!?

Yeah... I've got some big issues with the game. No matter how much I like it, they took realism too far.