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Oh right.

Been a while, hasn't it?

I told you Giantbomb would tear GameSpot apart. Now the elitist group has moved to Giantbomb(mostly), it seems that only a select group of people still resides at GameSpot. Gotta say, for people like me, that just blog - Having to choose between to websites is easiest done by just saying no to both.

The lack of censorship and the lack of "I'm friends with X, I haz status!" stuff ofcourse make Giantbomb more welcoming... But the vast amount of blogs, and crap I've done on this website overthrows both.

Speaking of a history...

Good to know GameSpot is still broken. I had 24 new PM's. Stupid union telegrams that get duplicated 4 times each. Aside from that, the website is extremely slow. And the reviews are still as crappy as always. From scores that don't line up with the text, to some guy just being flatout negative...

Ah what the hell, I always used Gametrailers for a good second opinion. Atleast those guys look at it from the "We review what we see, not what we want/expected".

Aside from the... long break, I've been working about. Got a few new projects lying around. If there's still people that slightly remember me, they would know that for some reason... It just gives an akward feeling showing off your work.

Meh, if you want it... You got it.

As you can see, I ain't gone. But I guess Giantbomb gets my priority... Freedom over anything. That, and half of the guys I know are overthere.