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Mistakes of the week.

I'm merely human, but in hindsight... I regret doing all of them. I'll make a lil' list outta it;

  • PRESTIGED IN CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2: Ohhh yes. Never once did I prestige in any of the last three CoD's. I did it out of pure misery in WaW and it pretty much killed my joy right there. To this day, the game's gone untouched since I prestiged in that game. This was before all that crap DLC Treyarch pumped out. I've been playing CoD:MW2 for so long, I got the Fall camo for the AK47, M14 EBR, M16A4, UMP 45. Long story short, unlocking the camos ran old so I figured "**** it" and hit the prestige button. It's like a fat man climbing a 90 degree steep hill, I feel... weak without my insanely overpowered material.
  • MAG. Just the game in general. I love it, I really do. It's Battlefield on anabolic steroids, minus the huge selection of vehicles. But I swear, I can only die so many times before I just give up. And while dying isn't a huge issue in a game like MAG, respawning is. I feel like grabbing a rifle and unload hell on a old fashioned clock. Thirty seconds respawn, if I'm unlucky. I die so damn much, I've seen every damn second in that countdown. **** me sideways!
  • BIOSHOCK 2. I scored the game 4 days before release. Was done with it 3 days before release. How far did I get into it? The third area/mission. The game just fails at gripping me. That what dragged me into Bioshock was the story, the twists and the atmosphere. Well, I kinda know the story and it's all tragic, yeah... Boo-hoo. The game lost me before the first twist could occur and the atmosphere was a bit lacking. I dunno, severe case of "been there, done that".
  • GEORGE HARRISON. I fell asleep with my MP3 player on(The iPod was five bucks more expensive, sue me), with Harrison's Set on You playing on loop. I feel like Dexter, only bad lyrics instead of French.
  • DENMARK. Leaving tuesday. Whats my preperation? Flannel shirt, pants, underwear, faint knowledge of Copenhagen and the three words of Danish I know; "Jeg elsker dig". Wanna know what happened last time I did this?

Portsmouth, UK

Portsmouth, United Kingdom. January 4th, 11:15PM, -5 degrees celcius... No hotel, no destination, trains gridlocked, busses stuck and even cars got stuck in the FIVE inches of snow.

I'm ****ed.