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Doing it wrong: Bad Company 2

In a way, we were actually doing it right... But what the hell.

Alright, attacking team. Me and GreggD are in a squad. I decide to hop in one of those mobile AA's. He's on the turret, I'm driving. Now this is where **** hits the fan... I go into roadrage mode. I take a tracked-tank offroad, plow through 400 yards of trees and park myself inside the first base's demolition target A.

We're both yelling into the mic like some crazy morons, while he's racking up kills I back up and start going on some deranged road rage, road-killing five people using a tank that goes slower than running... When the entire building was nothing but a shell, Gregg got sniped; To which I panicked and started unleashing hell on the crate.

I jump out and begin trying to arm the little ****er by hand, to which my friend anarchy_zombie9 who somehow ended up on the other team blew me up with a RPG-7. Now this is the part where we both did it wrong...

I got out of a perfectly healthy tank, walked into the open seeing as I effectively levelled every obstruction in my road-rage and he took a potshot at me with a RPG.


His RPG blew up whatever little health the crate had left, somehow. And we never even got to arming the crate.

Moral of this story; Go nuts. You'll get the entire team on your ass in no time, and they'll even do the work for you!