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Why I am not with "popular opinion" about World of Warcraft.

Well, the most basic reason would be that I don't give a good goddamn whether I get 'addicted' to this game or not. The second reason is that I am not addicted to it, thus not liking it. The third reason is that unlike any of the eight million players, I find the game way too linear.

And the most important reason of why I am not with the Anti-MMORPG nutjobs, nor with the club of eight million sun hating basement critters.

In my opinion, where as always I am very very honest with; I find the game a crapjob of repeated progress with a different paintjobs. In other words, it's the same no matter where you go. It flatout sucks.

Now that all came from a dude who has played Runescape as a paid member for five years. Now that game was overall good, if you're the type of guy that takes the "I wanna do stuff" over the "I want a next gen looking game" bull****. It looked horrible, but it ran on the Java engine, etc. etc.

All in all, what that game learned me was - You don't need alot to create well thought out content that isn't the "Go from A to B" or "Get me X of that.". Further more, training skills wasn't a "You gotta do this for seven weeks, and there you go."

Hell, in World of Warcraft, it seems as if all NPCs are lazy bastards that hurrass random strangers for some halfwit job. And than pay him an item he can't even use.

Sure, I know there's around the fivehundred people that are now nodding and saying "You ignorant fool, you. Yer' supposed to advance into thy game in order to get thy good stuff, laddy.". I was already turned off by the game when I was ten minutes in, how do they expect me to make it to the I-Lost-Mah-LIIIFFEEE mark if they lost my interest at square one?

How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy a game that's major objective is to suck the soul and life out of my wretched body?

And no, dammit. I will not budge.
I will not buy Age of Conan. Why? Boobies are teh lulz, but only when they're real.

Insert horrible pun related to Battlefield Bad Company here.

Yes... All it takes is a drive to the GameStop and a pricetag that's about to change my mind, again.

Enemy Territories Quake Wars is 64.99$. Battlefield Bad Company is 59.99$. Now I don't get it, that a game which is two years older, costs five bucks more than this game. So finally the thought of "I'd love to buy both, Y'know" vanished, and I took the anti-Christ of good controls back home.

I've got something against buying two games at the same time; The last time I did it was when I bought both 007: Nightfire and 007: Everything or Nothing for the PS2, nearly three years ago.

Now, I'll never get used to the controls. Lemme put that out of the way right now. To that fella' who sworn by it, the controls are too wacky and too "INFINITY WARD WILL SUE THE **** OUT OF US!" feel it all gives.

Yeah, consider this blog a first impressions.

I've jabbed more needles into my stumach than all heroin addicts have done together in the past twenty years.
For some reason I can wear a M249, a RPG-7 and nine grenades, yet it's apperiantly so damn difficult to wear a SIDE ARM.
I've died more times already, than I've done during the entire Call of Duty 4 Veteran Campaign.

Aaaanndddd.... That what all makes up for it, according to those morons over at IGN; The Online.

It doesn't work.

Well, in total I've played eight matches. Most of the time, I get booted out, saying I lost connection and then I can't even select the multiplayer option no more, because the it fails to connect to them EA Servers. Now, we all know that their servers equal the quality of McDonald's Hamburgers. They suck.

But Christ, I figured they'd atleast hook up some extra servers...

All in all, I'm enjoying the campaign. Doing the mission where you're supposed to take down some Russian dude at a golf park. All I've been doing during that mission so far is roadkilling dudes with Golf Carts and listen to that Shotgunner dude's commentry about it.

And for some strange reason; I can't stop listening to Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door. It's so epic.

But I'm supposed to say whether I like the game or not, right? Okay. It's okay. Run of the mill. Crysis in today. Average. If this is supposed to 'replace' Call of Duty 4's success; Then they've got a helluva trek to make. They can't even get the basics right; Playability.

Though, I am enjoying the wackyness of the Single Player. It ain't half bad.

Saints Row 2 and GTAIV are the complete opposite of oneanother...

See what I did there?

It's true.

What overshadows the simple line I just wrote, is the fact that there's two sides.

One side being ruled by the most ignorant one-way-tracked douchebags I could ever have met. The other being backed up by people that are either not old enough to cross the streets, are having great personal issues regarding what skin color they truely try to stereotype or the fact that they somehow think abusing the Z-key is gangsta.

In a few words;
GTA Fanboys - Socially rejected critters that only live by the meaning of "I was there when GTA1 came out.".
Saints Row... Idiots - Not-so-socially rejected, but you'd rather shoot them for the well being of mankind.

Originality, it doesn't have a single good goddamn thing to do with any games of this day. It's fairly simple, as we should've learned, if we weren't defending either a console or a game with our bytes and bull****ting. It's a matter of improving one another. Hell, Saints Row could've ripped GTA:SA off ten times worse than that.

In other words, it's still original enough to maintain their own grounds.

All in all, why SR2 and GTAIV are the same, yet the opposite;
- GTAIV is serious. A great game indeed, but serious to the core.
- Saints Row 2 is all about the screwing around. Sure, with GTAIV having Euphoria, and SR still running on Havok; You're gonna have your differences, nontheless, it's all about having quick laughs.

SR2 for all I care, is still ripping off GTA:SA. So, I shouldn't even be using GTAIV, but seeing as Volition Inc. made it personal by creating a trailer, mocking GTAIV's activities. I'm pretty sure it's about GTAIV v.s SR2.

What did you do in GTAIV to have fun? Pretty much taking out friends, to a bowling alley, a cabaret, etc.
What did you do in SR to have fun? Throwing yourself infront of cars for money, do demo-derbies, cause mayhem, etc.


Talk about one way tracked minds... They're running out of reasons to bash Saints Row, because it's too alike to Grand Theft Auto. Who gives a ****, it's sixty bucks well spend. And atleast, it'll give me a different session of GTA-gameplay. One that doesn't make me feel like a total bastard whenever I hang up on someone.

Dammit, did I just get biased? Ah screw it.

"Close shut the jaw, of Oblivion."

I don't know how, or why.

But for some reason, I began to start playing Oblivion again. I've clocked so many hours that by now I should've been at GameStop trying to let them trade the game for a bargain bin goodie. To be honest, I've played the game on one character for 178 hours. And I've played through the game three times.

Hell, it's the only game I've maxed out on Gamescore.

I mean, the game's so far ahead of it's time. Sure, the graphics are now feeling outdated, and when you think about it - the storyline does nothing more to it but either defending object/dude A, or closing down Oblivion Gate B, with the rest of the 24 letters being even more but randomized Oblivion realms.

And no denying that the voice acting is a crapjob. It's well preformed, just repeated to death. And the same goes for landscaping. And interiors. And speaking of which; I'll bet a buck on fifty hours of the total 178 must've been from loading times.

As most of my playing time came from when I didn't have LIVE yet, I also have been stuck at half a ton of quests that were overshadowed by game breaking glitches...

Okay, the game is riddled with screw ups and glitches that would outnumber the casualities in Iraq. But who cares?

The game is huge, has a great story, more **** to collect and quests that don't always follow the "Get me that many of that item, for I am a lazy mother****er.". I still get amazed by the intro cutscene, like BioShock - It sucks you in, it doesn't slap you with reality every five seconds. Okay, the loading times do - But the game is ****ing huge, what the hell do you want?

Didn't the game fix itself when everyone went "Huzzah!", like a bunch of acid-tripping numnuts?

Ah, I'm not going to convince you. Either you hate the game, or already played it. But there's something; This is the only RPG game I own that can truely entertain me for a crapload of hours. Unlike Mass Effect, which ends with my character giving me the akward stare as if he's crosseyed. No, that's not a spoiler. I'm just saying your character won't look that... Bright, when it's about to end.

Nothing story related, he'll just look like a complete and utter moron that ate too much Taco Bell and is urging for a trip to the Citadel Crapper.

But aside of Mass Effect and Oblivion, not one RPG really sucked me in. Sure, there's BioShock, but some jackass must've swapped genre's, as it's a shooter, not a RPG. And World of Warcraft's truely a work of art - As I am told... That game's got less potential than a twig with a mitten on it. I dunno how people get addicted to the game, it's more of the same everywhere you go.

Speaking of Mass Effect, didn't that story rock your socks nearing the end game? It's pure genious, did William Shatner write it, or something?

It's that I'm waiting for Fallout 3, otherwise I would've considered mentioning it.

Fingerless Gloves Podcast.

GreggD, be there next time, man. We're running out of excuses overhere. So, the first partial episode, which HightimesBX tagged off as a "Pilot" episode, as we were a man short.

Maybe I should tell that "Explicit Language" is one major factor. But who the heck am I for spoiling that suprise, eh?

Enjoy it. We atleast a helluva time making it.

Sadistic pit of 1450 murdering minions...

Yeah, only Artificial Intelligence can whipe eachother out and make it look like a massive genocide; 725 Rebels, 725 Combine, 15 Antlion Guards, 15 Fast Zombies and 10 Headcrabs. One open arena.

hl2gmod-20080621-210827-1.png picture by NJ3D
Two Hour Mark; 723 Killed. All Antlion Guards, Zombies and Headcrabs... are Pwn'd.

hl2gmod-20080621-215414-1.png picture by NJ3D
Three Hour Mark; 1135 killed.

Okay, I'll admit. Things kinda got slow, so I fired a nuke. Killed atleast a hundred instantly. Yeah, it's a slide-show while playing, but watching all these little AI idiots kill eachother; I now know how God feels...

But, I'll have to admit - Valve's written some damn decent AI scripts; They actually retreat if there's a group of Rebels that outmatch 'em, they run into the little building(the one with the white car on the roof). And shoot from the two windows, while taking cover.

By the way, counting all dead bodies was ... I don't even know why the heck I found it necessary to do it.

According to the gamer of today; My taste in video games is tasteless.

Yes, I've decided to cancel my pre-order for Battlefield Bad Company, and decided to order Enemy Territories Quake Wars for the X360. That game no-one seems to like, well it's atleast capable of giving me something barely any games can do;

Having. A. Good. Time.

It's got no ragdoll, let alone any physics objects, 2003-dated graphics and 8-on-8 multiplayer which is mainly populated out of bots.

Atleast I'm enjoying it, while I couldn't stop laughing at the clunky controls of Battlefield, and the multiplayer that hasn't got bots supported. I'm old fashioned, I'd rather take a numbnut of a scripted ally, over the Xbox LIVE player that have killed Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and GTAIV's online for me.

And seeing as Battlefield's SP is to say the least; A crapfest of clunky-ness and stupid "OH DIGGIDY DAMN WE ALMOST RIPPED COD4 OFF RIGHT THERE, WHEW!" gameplay divertions all over the place - I won't be easily convinced as MP seems to be the only plus then.

Monday afternoon - Enemy Territories Quake War's stone-old graphics and gameplay... And fun.

Game Tactics 101 #2 - Epic Assplosions, or 'nades...

garrysmod_epicassplosion-1.jpg picture by NJ3DWhat gains you the most kills? No, it ain't your trigger finger. It aint your horrible aiming skill. It's that little ball shaped thing with a pin in it that goes boom when thrown.

Ask yourself; Do you know what it's original purpose was in life? It's to 'flush' out enemies who are camping out behind cover.

I bet I just learned 1.4 million gamers a new thing in life...

Now, seeing as we live in the internet era; The purpose of grenades in video games is to 'Spam' your enemy until he's on low enough health to take him down with your horrible aiming.

Something that only a few people actually did, trowing grenades to either numb a enemy down, or you just trow one over a building hoping for an easy kill; Until Halo 3 gave those who just can't fire that Fisher-Price gun accuratly enough to kill a person a new way to become great and mighty.

Enemy sighted? Trow the two 'nades you got, hopefully you got him right there. If not, he'll be at such low health that even with your skill - He'll be down in a second. That way, the kiddies who couldn't get one kill; Now can stop whining, and kill endless of enemies for as long as they get grenades.

The people at Infinity Ward have most likely learned from Halo 3, whom developed Russian enemies that'll spam you with grenades as if the New York Yankees are snowballin' the the Junior League. "Are they throwin' snowballs?" - "Nah, they're apperiantly packed with 85 grenades a person."

So, they've also given your online CoD4 character the ability to throw 'nades as if you're Derek Jeter himself. Being able to throw a grenade over two three story buildings, in three seconds, so the poor bastard on the other side will die as the thing goes down.

Basically? Why shoot your enemy, while you can first pelt him with grenades? Exactly. Why throw at sight, when you can expect the enemy to leave a building, 35 yards away, when there's three four-story buildings inbetween - You just become Derek Jeter, and throw it over the buildings. If he lives, just camp out and screw him twice with your amazing camping skills.

Giving those who suck, a reason to be less sucky.

(I know, it ain't rushing. I will get back to it...)

Aspiring Designer = image

Game Tactics 101 #1 - Camping out.

garrysmod_camping-1.png picture by NJ3DCamping is a tactic, yes. As much of a tactic as whining so much about people camping out, that people drop live grenades at their feet.

Camping, unlike Rushing, requires no skill. As all you do is sit in a dark corner, and wait until some clueless moron runs past. You'd consider it smart, but it's rather creepy.

You're waiting, in a dark corner, with a big big mean gun, until some kid runs past. Then you leave the shades, and stalk him until he finally drops. Followed by a well fitted "You got raped!".

To let you learn something about the history of camping, within video games; Camping originated by the British. Who love to drag living-rooms-on-wheels to some deslocate foresty area, where they can bore themselves into a self inflicted coma.

Y'know, like how those ice cold S.A.S roll.

The basics work; You wait at a specific choke-point, until some dude runs past, or until you get kicked for being in-active. Once you've got a kill, you have to yell specifically "I killed the mother****er!", while those other five on your team got one helluva time finding themselves in John Wayne-themed shootouts with overpowered pea-shooters people call "Sniper Rifles".

Now camping is strictly forbidden if you give a slightest damn for your reputation. But seeing as you haven't got a reputation...

... Camping is the most usefull strategy if you want to be known in the world of semi-realistic murdering. Okay, it's flatout sad. But, seeing as running about is as much of a working strategy, wait, I'll get back to that.

Be patriotic.
Go Yellowstone Park on that bastard.
Sit, wait, kill.
Who cares that others are busting their asses, right?

Cheap kills, for our declining economy!

Sometime when I'm in the mood; #2 - Rushing.

Seventh? Not bad, not bad at all.

Hell, atleast they didn't censor it. BRING DOWN MONTREAL! :P

Congratulations to SophinaK, who I don't know, neither do I know smadiso1, but I do know Oilers99 and I just wanna say; I told you so. You'd win something. And Misfit1119, who's apperiantly tied with Oilers. And Chikin, ofcourse.

Though, even while I ended up being seventh, and only recieved one point, "Judge 1" gave some personal feedback;

"Judge 1: This is a very fleshed out concept for an intriguing alternate history shooter. I believe that the Cold War is a setting full of potential (especially in the case of alternate history scenarios) that has yet to be fully realized, and this design goes a long way towards exploiting that opening. The very story-oriented approach that this idea takes combined with the wide variety of locations present make this pitch sound both fun and compelling. The design document is full of flavor text and dialogue to help set the mood, and the included maps and fully planned out missions help to visualize it in action. The potential multiplayer options listed would continue to add more replay value and variety, though the rank and experience system might need some additional looking into--it seems a bit too similar to Call of Duty 4."

Damn, I'm happy. Didn't even win, yet it feels great.

And to those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about: A link.