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Pitchin' Ideas

... I'll leave you with hints. Not that they'll make any sense. Well, all but one or two, maybe. By the way, did I ever tell you indie-developing is dead? Jumping the gun by taking the EA route might've screwed me, especially when it comes to the latter 'logo'.

prjcts_08_lineup.jpg picture by NJ3D

If anyones interested; I can try to find a place that hosts PDF's incase someone's interested to read 'em. Doubt that the first two will, but the third; Who knows?

Oh, and to second the interested bit again; A review(NLFHR) for Bad Company as well as the free Halo 3 DLC tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Incase the two-day-pause thing comes again.

And another 'Oh, and'. Yeah, I know. I like to recycle logos. Trademark sty1e as people call it.

Things aren't looking well...

This ain't one of those blogs where after nine paragraphs you hear me saying "Well, I'm too busy in life, so gaming is gone from my daily schedule.". No, that's practically impossible. Atleast, for me. Maybe it's a myth for most of us, as the vast majority is under 18. But, anyway, it's coming close, I guess.

But, Y'know. In the past weeks, I've been sort-of writing my own death-warrant. Yeah, it's a personal blog. On a Video Gaming Website. I know, I can spraypaint my life story on the subway walls. I can publish a book. Look, I know some of you narrowminded idiots love to point fingers and say what all in all pretty much sums up in being "Hey, look! That dude is doing something we dont do! He's trying to be superior!" with the fingers pointing wild.

Look, I don't give a ratsass, pal. The people, that read, and even comment on whatever **** I produce and write can say and think and do whatever they feel like doing. If some think I'm a nineteen year old alcoholic who's on the verge of screwing the last inch of his life away; Then that is not just your opinion, it's your judgemental brain taking command of your socially rejected ass.

I ain't writing this because I need others to say things that make me feel good. I'm typing this because it A; Makes me feel somewhat relieved. And B; If people are willing to show some good manners, it's a bonus which I appreciate.

But before I begin to make enemies...

Yeah, you've most likely noticed by the way I've written it so far; I'm not in a good mood. Not at all. Things aren't going well, and the future has only more trouble waiting for me. It's a big, gigantic cluster**** of problems. Now I'm nineteen, and according to some Podcast buddies o' mine - I drink way too much. If you consider a beer every four days being alcoholic; You must be a ****ing jackass.

Let me put it out of the way for the last time; I am a natural goddamn idiot. I talk like a Romanian who's trying to speak Swahili, I have the brain capacity of a Duyvis cocktail nut and the IQ of a German Shepard. Suck on that, stereotypes. I just went 8-Mile on you.

Anyway, I'm nineteen. In Dutch terms, I'm barely legal. If I'd still be in that godforsaken pit of Liberalism; I'd be filling stocks at a Texaco Shop. But, as I'm an American;

I got a phonebill of 378$, I own a Chevrolet S10 truck which drives 240$ worth of gasoline weekly, I live in a uptown Manhattan apartment which bleeds 750$ out of my pocket monthly and what makes it better is that the rent will go up 4% next month, Water, Gas and Electricity bills rack up to past the 500$ total.

...All in all, I only have one job. Well two, but one doesn't pay until my sorry ass has brought something worth mentioning to the table. I'm a UPS driver. For some, I am the trashbag of a bastard who happens to deliver you, the lazy man, your packages, and gets thanked by being called a "Overpaid prick who's deliveries suck and works for the nation's most anti-patriotic company.".

Anyway, I had to risk my job in order to pursuade my boss into giving me extra routes. I work seven days a week. Six hours a night. I drive routes that usually take three men to preform. And still, I barely make it through the month. Hell, it gets worse.

Day by day, I slowly sink into debt. I have never owed someone money, while knowing that there was no way in hell I am ever able of paying the guy back. People simply say "Get rid of the cellphone", "Sell the damn truck!". The truck costed me 400$. It's a old beater, it works fine and all, but the guy needed to get rid of it. All in all, I'm just lucky. I can put the truck for sale, sure, but people forget - I am from New York City. People won't use the bed of the truck to put something in there. It would get jacked within five goddamn seconds.

I do so, because they're boxes. It's not something people drag away within five minutes.

Seeing as selling the truck isn't gonna happen. Buying a new car is sure as hell a no-go. Why? Do you know someone who's selling a decent car for less than one grand? I don't think so. Sure, there's this '91 Camaro in the Auto-Trader that goes for 995$. I actually went to look at it. He forgot the fine print; "Car has no engine".

The phone? I already cancelled the 'contract', but seeing as it's a long term deal, it'll cost me atleast 100$ a month 'til Jan '09.

Now, I know some are saying "But how the **** is he still buying games, and why in the hell is he even buying 'em?". Simple awnser. I can still afford the damn things, you nitwit. I'm not flat-broke. I'm getting there, though. Video games kinda but me off the whole "Five minutes of clearing my mind, equals five minutes of mind-torturing myself". Shrinks call it "escaping reality".

Hmmpff, right. Even if I was in a self-inflicted coma caused by flying head-on into a wall; I would still know the bank and the people I'm starting to owe money to, they want their money back. And the bills, even if I'm playing a game like GTAIV for the first minute; In the back of my head, I know damn well my pockets are gonna be empty again within 27 days.

Now, it's becoming quite the life-story. So, I'm gonna tie a end to it.

I'm barely an adult, I live on my own, the only family I have, and that is willing to care for me, is a uncle who's in Holland. My debts are growing, I'm getting treated like I am a worthless sack of ****, my girlfriend decided to break up after three years and being my usual me; I'm supposed to let it fly by and pretend as if nothing happened.

Life's quite the ****in' *****.
Ain't it?

Podcast III - The Day When Your IQ Sinks Like a Brick.

...And love it.

All in all; How many times can I be called an alcoholic, are people too affected by reviews, Guitar Hero for the Wii sold like crazy and apperiantly it's a mystery whom actually bought the Cramp-o-Matic and to top it we need motiviation. Oh, and some religious babble which I got a mental blackout of.

And, sir HightimesBX wants me to advertise as if this is TellSell TV. So, I shall advertise.

If you got any disturbing, akward, insensitive, bastard-like, rambling, annoying, erotic or any other kind of question you wouldn't ask within a normal state of mind; PM HightimesBX. GreggD made a email address that's so damn difficult to remember, so you'll have to do your sadistic bidding at Sir Bruce.

Also... Incase the listeners survived to the end of the podcast, we're looking for guests. Atleast, Hightimes wants a guest. If you find yourself worthy enough, and have a IQ of a German Shepard, please, again give HightimesBX a PM.

Alright, got that over with.
Back to daily business.

There's one more thing I want to mention. Have you ever had it that this song, which is okay, or rather decent, is just so addicting that you listen to it for over fifty times before you yell "ENOUGH!!!!!"? I happened to trip over The J Geils Band with their 80's hit "Centerfold". I'll give you two tips in order to "erase" the song offa' your mind;

Listen through the entire five minutes of Lipps Inc.'s "Funkytown". Or sing along the entire nine minutes of MeatLoaf's "Bat Out of Hell". By the way, I can now sing all lyrics of Bat out of Hell... I am so sad. Angel is the centerfold... Like a bat out of hell I be gone when the mornin' comes.

Celebrating the 4th of July with bashing the hell out of Bad Company.

While I myself don't care for the 4th of July. The meaning perhaps might still mean something for me, but the fireworks stuff, I guess I grew out of it. Last year I spend the evening just sitting next to the Hudson and watching this tree in Jersey burn down to the ground.

So, what the hell - Have a good 4th of July all.

But back to the celebration;

Battlefield Bad Company, now it finally works for me. And now they finally managed to get out of the "We don't care" shed, and apologized for the issues 'related to' server overload. Also known as "We weren't prepared, alright!? ALRIGHT!? CUT US SOME SLACK DAMMIT!"

Alright, so I got to experience the entire Battlefield experience, and experienced something completely different from the single player campaign. Which I actually loved. I mean, throughout the entire campaign the Artillery Marker was my tool of warfare. Shotty, 'nades, RPG and the trusty anti-everything Russian artillery marker which is named to a bunch of letters and numbers.

What differs so greatly from the single player campaign? Well, the fact that I'm abusing the word experience isn't it. The fact that my guns are like peashooters. I am not doing any harm whatsoever. The game has some serious issues. One standing out in particular.

The game doesn't really tell you when you're about to shell a team buddy or a enemy.

I saw this guy sniping from the building, no blue, nor a red dot above him since he was inside a building. Before I start, the game has a two-second delay before the crosshair is changing to a blue-X or a red-dot. And usually, it's a enemy if there's no icon above his head.

So, I think "BOOM HEADSHOT!", and I snipe the dude in the head in a split second.

'Team Kill -15'

I'm yelling 'WHAT THE HELL?!", and the guy's bashing me to the ground for actually nailing the perfect headshot. To stick with the same subject, in the same match, which I started out being a Demo-guy with; I blast this guy away with my beloved Franchi SPAS12. Apperiantly, there was a teammate right behind him who was about to knife him.

'Cause I got a kill, as well as a team kill. Seeing as usual, the game doesn't actually show you whether it's an enemy or a friendly for a second or two, I unload three shells into the both of 'em.

Hell, I usually end up negative, while I've actually managed to get ten kills. I kill an enemy, and slaughter a helpless victim of a team mate along with it.

My main issue with the game's online, while fun - It's too fast paced for it's own good. Be honest, nine out of ten times there's atleast two people with a massive negative score, whom have actually gotten more enemy kills in total than you. It's because they shoot anything that moves that hasn't got a marker on his head.

And seeing it only takes half a second to blatantly rip a guy a new ********, the two-second delay of a friendly-icon or enemy-icon popping up is kinda a "Well, sucks, doesn't it?" thing.

Ah screw it. Happy Independence Day. I'm gonna get some ribs at my mother's wonderfull BBQ. And watch some ESPN. Like a true American with a mother that doesn't speak a lick of English.

It's either creativity or boredom. Or both...

Yeah, having alot of free time results in creating maps for several games...

Command & Conquer 3: "Urban Apocalypse"
Lets just say that this map is gonna be the 'System Killer' with already having 2000+ objects on the map, while I'm not even done with one-fourth of the map. It'll be a urban map, yeah... Before I'm getting to damn obvious, it's alot of work. Why am I doing it? Well, I haven't got a single clue. By the way; Clicking the links opens a bigger version in a new tab/page.

CC3_Urbanapocalypse1.jpg picture by NJ3D
Latest part I'm workin' on. Hence the lacking details.

CC3_Urbanapocalypse2.jpg picture by NJ3D
Image of how far I'm going in detail. Also, that little field of Tiberium's gonna cover your income. That, or the countless of Tiberium Spikes.

CC3_Urbanapocalypse3.jpg picture by NJ3D
Yeah, I've got a long way to go.

Crysis: "Facility"
Remember this one? I've advanced a bit in the height. Custom made the stairs, as they're the most difficult to create. But other than that, the entire building itself doesn't consist out of premade brushes or ArchType Entities. This is a great map to show off to people of what you can create within the Sandbox Editor.

Facility008.jpg picture by NJ3D
Okay, it only got three floors taller since last time. Shush.

Facility009.jpg picture by NJ3D
The only way to get from one building to the other.

Facility010.jpg picture by NJ3D
And judging by the elavator shaft, the building is gonna reach the 25 floors tall. Not bad, eh?

Ah, who am I kidding? I love doing it...

So, I'm Elite. Now what?

Amazing how people seem to forget that you can tie a end to a blog within a few lines, but like anyone else. I'll have to make a five paragraph long story out of it, of how I reached elite and how I don't give one good goddamn for the game Rainbow Six Vegas 2 anymore since.

But, yeah. I'm like those people. So.

Five hours long I did nothing more than repeat the same thing; Load up a map, run in, try to gain CQB points or Marksman points. And continue until I unlock enough A.C.E.S levels to boost me over the 50000XP mark.

In total, I must've killed over 1700 terrorists just today. And something came to my mind.

Tom Clancy must have something against Mexicans. Cause even when you look at their faces, they seem caucasian. Hell, I've actually killed my own character's twin once. A Mexican-sounding guy, who had the same face as I did. Y'know, the gray-ish late-40's face.

So, it's to conclude that Tom Clancy, or atleast Ubisoft lives by the motto "If he already sounds Mexican, you shoot first and ask questions later.".

All in all, I didn't just learn that Clancy's got severe issues with people that live south of the U.S border, I also learned that the reward for killing so many Mexican 'terrorists', whom all apperiantly love to hang out in a Villa while being armed with guns that are bigger than themselves... And whom I have in total killed enough of to make the streets of Monterrey seem empty...

Before I totally drift off into my massacre... The reward for killing so many of 'em is indeed, like I said; Worthless.

Yeah, ****ty conclusion eh? Well, I warned you, buddy. Anyway, I'm goin' back to blow the hell out of helpless Russians and bombard their villages. Or I can always team up with a psychopathic bald man that has a akward love for green sticks, and for some reason has something against blonde ladies.

No more Rainbow Six Vegas 2... Unless NeoJedi's still putting through with the get-together.

More of the same can be good...

The Rainbow Six Vegas 2 update was released today, along with it all came a crapload of new A.C.E.S ranks. Now I already knew that they made it so it would automatically give all the earned XP if you had racked up enough kills for new A.C.E.S levels.

I figured it would come in a DLC package, and as I didn't see "Rainbow Six Vegas 2" under the Content tab at the Marketplace, I figured what the hell, I'll get some more kills and somewhat advance, Y'know.

As usual, the Ubisoft games are riddled with constant auto-updates. But today it was different... Somekind of huge update. Also known as the "What the hell is this sh... Oh, awesome." type o' updates.

I look at my rank, which used to be 2nd Lieutenant. Which I busted my ass wide open for to get there. Now I'm Colonel. The last rank prior to elite. And, when I started a T-Hunt with a buddy o' mine, Mr. Gearhead3000. I apperiantly am only 23000XP away from the rank I could never get to. And finally get my worthless reward, three custom camo's no-one gives a damn about. And a 30 point achievement. Another one worth five. Well, I like it... Ah, dammit.

Anyway, what I was talking about... Oh yeah, boredom. Vegas 1 had, in my case, the same problem. The game would get so boring, that even at 1st Lieutenant I felt like battering myself to death with a Tupperware box.

So, all in all...The point this blog is supposed to have, and does not contain in any way shape so far...

What Ubisoft gave is more of the same. Now, I'm not jumping a hole in the sky, but it's okay. It's good. Free, and it gives some more replayability. Puts a tiny smile on your face. Which is better than nothing, right?

Well, dammit. The point is; Such smaller updates are in my opinion, three times better than five maps which cost 10 bucks total. Or a complete expansion pack worth 30 dollar. Small update containing more of what we like, not love, like. For free.

And another thing. NeoJedi, Sir Denny. Try to form another get-together within R6V2. That was great. And now, well you've got more reason to do it again.

Oh, how I miss the parodies...

Originality, not too obvious yet you know damn well what they mean and it's almost GTA-styl3d. Damn shame that GTA stopped after True Grime: Street Cleaners.

Gears of War Gary Jules trailer.

Rainbow Six Vegas tactical gameplay.

Solid Snake = Fail.

Kane's Wrath... Again.

If you think I spend another thirty bucks to get the console version of Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, which I already own, and played, and completed on the PC, just to get some more achievements and most likely never play Xbox LIVE matches with?

Well, then you're right...