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Gooo Xbox Live!

Another day, another oppertunity to complain and make the worst out of everything. :D

Now, in the past few days I've been playing Call of Duty 4 off-and-on. Some Mercs 2 here, some Unreal Tournament III there... But mainly CoD4 as I'm waiting for the lazy son-of-a-***** PC repairman to come back from his little trip to Ohio. No-one's willing to offer free repairs, and for some reason the "Downgrading from Vista to XP Pro for free" services have vanished.

So, while I'm waiting I'm getting back into Call of Duty 4. And again, I use the shotgun. Cause... Well... It's the only gun I'm decent with. That's the way things are. Put me in a battlefield with an silenced M16 and I might stand a chance camping the hell out of the enemies while making "HOLY ****!", "Son of a!" and sort-like remarks at every enemy that comes around my little corner.

Give me a AK74u, and I'll charge.

And die.

Give me anything else but the M1014 Shotgun, W1200 Shotgun, M16A4 and the AK74u - And expect me to put a new definition to the words "Epic fail". The kind of epic fail that would cause the sniper that blew my brains out to go "*facepalm* Oh... Lord...". The sort of fail that would make the guy that shot me down with the M4 yank out a grenade and blow himself into kingdom come while weeping.

I guess that should be convincing enough...

Anyway, I'm doing okay. I guess I consider every match I end with a positive kill/death ratio a good match. Mostly, I get four kills for every death. Sometimes I get one kill for every four deaths. In the end; Decent.

But what's playing Call of Duty 4, without noticing the typical "I HATE UUUU!!! {angry face}" from those players that can't stand it that I took 'em out with that "oh so useless" shotgun before they could nail me down. I got my very very first hate PM because of CoD4 today. Just like the rest of the Xbox Live community, I got tons on Halo 3, notifying me once more that my mother's a whore, I'm a mentally challenged 'kid' and I sucked because I beat him.


The Call of Duty 4 one was sort of different... This time, unlike the "ur moms a ho *****" I usually get... I got a voice-message with the kind words "**** you".

I got to give the guy credit.

It was a big step to go from ruining Halo 3, to Call of Duty 4. I could imagine that the whole mother-bashing stuff kinda sticked behind. And was replaced by dull workspace insults. "You forgot to put the A4's in the copy machine, you idiot!" - "*sip of Cup'A'Soup* **** you."

Oh, and my rep went down 6% in total in less than three days. And I didn't even do that good to be considered "Aggressive". Hell, my total kills and deaths just broke two milestones of mediocrity - Kills: 15750, Deaths: 13750.

What good can a day be without people that actually are better than you, insult you and "avoid" you? Without these clear signs of the decline in our youth... It would be like playing PacMan with people sharing ages with antique pottery.

(Little brats ftw.)

[I figured I'd post it over from GB... It's almost as if I left this place]

Poor ol' Mr. Thompson...

Life must be pretty damn good if the Florida Supreme Court comes up "Well... You have 30 days to get rid of your current clients and close that hellhole firm of yours.".

Sure, the guy was one hell of an annoyance when it comes to video games. And there's no denying that he was mentally... 'challenged' when it comes to giving up or finding new reasons to continue sueing the hell out of a company. Heck, even after nearly two years of bashing this dude...

You have to admit, man. The guy lost everything now.

Ahhh... No more insane "Thompson lies connection between Finland school-shoot out and GTAIV" news lines.

Sir Thompson, you'll be missed

And yet again Halo 3 has to remind me of all that is wrong with the game...

In a nutshell:

- All common FPS 'anti-tactics'; Camping, spawn-killing, kill stealing and VEHICLES.
- Lag.
- Press-button voice communication.
- Achievement-whoring to a new low.
- Matchmaking that is just as broken as a shattered window.

The long story:

Halo 3's got another update. Not a mappack that puts the word 'overrated' in a overrated situation, and that is overall half-decent. Not a free-map that equals the worth of Yaris. Nothing like that... Yet. No, instead. The game recieved something only a game valued so highly by Microsoft can obtain. See, a usual game can get new achievements at some point. Expansion Packs usually involve 250 additional gamerscore to be sucked out of the game(if you didn't see the suck > whore relation here... U R phail)...

Ontop of that, you'd have to cough up a ****load of money. For something that wouldn't even last you for ten hours.

But that isn't really the deal with Halo 3's first issue, which is "Got it's ass kissed so damn much that it went from matte, to glossy.". Halo got itself the 250 additional gamerscore alright...

... And they made it appear to be 'free'. Cause, how long has it been since the Legendary Map Pack was released? And how many stubborn idiots bought it(including me)? They have the achievements set so, that they would only work if you have purchased the map pack a looong time ago, or just four hours ago. As these overly-easy to obtain achievements are set to be unlocked on specific maps. It'll take you a while before you realise that all the points are set to the DLC.

Don't get tempted by that campaign achievement... As it'll give a whopping ZERO points(Thats what GameSpot told me, haven't really checked that out myself).

Now I wouldn't be here, bashing this game like the stereotypical prick that I am if I didn't have some back-up reasons to rely on... And oh Lord, Bungie gave 'em all.

Achievement whoring. And some additional bashing to the previous one; Microsoft's precious. Even though it got dropped by Microsoft, because the Halo fame was done. I've played a bunch of matches, cause I gotta say, the achievements inspired me to play this game again. For I hate this game with a raging passion. It does a helluvalot more wrong, than it does right. But that's my opinion, right? Get your shallow ass back into the cave, I'm a troll, and a damn good one. Yathzee's right; I live underneath a bridge and hand-out business cards.

Anyway, after five matches of Big Team Battle...
...Okay, I think I just made the "Lag" issue stand out and cross itself away as DO'H. Yeah, true... Big Team Battle is like welcoming lag with open arms...

But moving on, five matches. And all five of 'em were populated by people who were trying to pursuade the rest of us to help them gain achievements. Hell, there were a bunch of kids that were underaged as all hell that were calling eachother names because they all wanted the gunner seat on the damned Warthog, while I was ordered by Chief Sergeant Pampers to drive. In the end, I just said "**** you guys", and drove them both of the cliff on the Avalanche Map.

Most statisfying team kill since Saints Row's Protect Tha Pimp *****slap-team kill.

Next match was populated by slightly more mature people, that gave up on winning after the first three seconds as they ALL wanted to get that one assassination achievement. Yeah, we lost. But I couldn't help laughing than not one managed to get the two assassinations necessary.

The funny thing is that both teams were actually populated by players that wanted to get achievements, and lose if it was necessary. Hell, I never got this many cheap kills because some wiseass was trying to do his best trying to get an assassination on me while I was shooting the hell out of him with mah battle-rifle. I got a ton of kills with the Scorpion Tank on this one "Heavy" game-mode, because all these knuckleheads we're **** on who could have the turret on the Warthog.

All in all, the achievement whores have their pleasure. (Again... If you...).
But those who actually wanna play the damn maps seriously, and don't give a damn for the achievements other than being a sort of motivation... Well, we're left in the cold. And while I can't blame Bungie for that... You'd really expect me to accept it, eh?

But, sticking with the achievements...
Not only did the game get some EXTREMELY easy-to-get achievements...
... It got a ****load of EXTREMELY easy-to-get achievements. The first game to get a extra 750 achievement points. And while 250 of the points are supposed to link to the Legendary map pack, the additional 500 are "not yet in use".

In other words, we're supposed to wait 'til we can shell out another ten bucks for a bunch of mediocre maps and get 500 easy points while bashing away in the so-called balanced online of Halo 3. Well, the balancing isn't that bad as weapon-rushes are usually a big confrontation and no-one'll get the desired weapon anyway. The thing that I hate about the weapons most is that they have the accuracy of a seizuring squirrel with braindamage.

A dude unloaded the entire magazine of a Assault Rifle at me, and only managed to take away my shields at mid-range. Knowing that assault rifles are best used at mid-range... I'd say Bungie has a very demeaning look on the future of armed combat. Fisher-Price toy guns that spray lethal peas.

Yeah... I'm way too harsh against this game. True. But, hey... It's how I feel about the game. And afterall, we all have a way of feeling about stuff. Seems like I stand in the tiny group of people that find the game a mediocre pit of issue upon issue, that bought the game out of peer-pressure(How can you trust your own mind after it got the then-highest scores?).

Oh, and it's my 500th blog on Gamespot.

Mercenaries 2 Impressions

So. Yes.
After waiting for four days, waiting for someone to convince me to finally get this game. For my mind was slowly eating me up, constantly saying "Spend... SPEND!", while the rest of this forsaken world kept saying "Well... It's okay. Get it. Wait, on the other hand, don't.". So, ignorance ahoy and I bought the game as soon as the stores opened.

And I fairly enjoyed the first, cheesy moments of the game...
... 'Til, ehh...

Well, I fell through the goddamn map as I jumped out of my car. And I restarted the game as the last checkpoint was the actual beginning of the game. So, I got back into and started to notice the game's very basic flaws. Some stuff which I hoped they would've considered STANDARD FEATURES by now...

First of all, why can't I crouch? Dude's got kneecaps, why can't I crouch?
Second, car damage practically doesn't exsist. Sure, at 40% HP the car disintegrates - But c'mon, even Just Cause had better damage.
Third, the game reminds me waaaayyyyy too much of Just Cause.
Fourth, while I have to say, the driving is a major improvement from Just Cause, but the cars have no suspension at all. Any bump will either wreck you, or slingshot you away in mid-air.

Okay, I'm being too harsh. Wait, I'm not that harsh. Hell, I haven't even started yet.
The game has a sad excuse of a resource system; Go and collect oil. Then u can haz airstrike.
The game uses that wretched True Crime penalty system. "YOU KILLED A CIVILLIAN DUDE! >:(". Look, blame me for driving 155MPH, left to right, all over the place on a six-lane expressway. But if only them two mother****ing morons who jumped into my grill are just as wrong as I am. Giving me a 10K penalty is bull****.

Speaking of idiotic AI...
It's amazing.

I always say in pretty much any game, the AI has the survival instincts of a suicide bomber.
But, really. That statement, really, Pandemedic pwn'd me.

There's these missions for the UP Faction, where you need to catch, or kill a specific person, tucked away in some small village. Sure, I did a few of 'em. Always trying to capture them, as it gives you bonus money and eventually unlocks an achievement.

After two successfull captures, the third target of mine, cooked a grenade, threw it against a fence killed himself.
The fifth target, after capturing another one, he threw a grenade against a oil tanker, which he was standing next to.
The sixth, he jumped off a ****ing cliff!

So, there's atleast one achievement I'll never gain. These dudes are suicidal. They kill themselves even before I can reach them.

But the AI is really dumbassed. This time I'm not overreacting. There's these bunkers, inhabbited by an unlimited number of RPG soldiers that fire through small windows. One soldier's aim was so terrific from inside that he blew the building up, killing himself and six others.

All in all, there's alot wrong with this game yes. Alot of glitches, and bugs. Alot of stupid design choices. **** driving and flying sections.

But does that make the game any less fun?

Atleast, leveling an entire village with a carpet-bomb, for only one target - Awesome.
Pasting five C4's to your sporty sedan, and bailing it into a oil tanker next to your target - Epic.
Levelling an entire city, and the authorities not giving a damn for it - Win.
World in Conflict st.yled support, with GTA gameplay - Great.

Meh, can't really speak for anyone when I say it's a great game. But hey, it's a bit like Crackdown with bigger bangs.

Too Human and Too much whining.

As I'm literally bashing the living hell out of my G-key, which decided to go housewife on me and only work half of the times while I sit here annoyed by the fact that it still works, thus not having enough reason to replace it.

.....Aannnyyyywaaayyy; As I was doing that. I came across some interesting brain-chow:
Too Human now officially has two, and I repeat two *******. For the generous gaming community has tore it a brand sparkling new one.
Dennis Dyack on the other hand doesn't deserve to even have a single one for the fact that he's being so goddamn anal it's a new world record.

Christ, so many ****ing G's. Words, why must thy contain so many god forsaken G's!?

But back to that game that makes S.T.A.L.K.E.R's massive delay look like nothing whatsoever.
Back in '99, Dyack's ignorance spread began with the announcing of Too Human at E3 1999. A name, a logo. Nothing more, nothing less.

...Now it's frickin' '08.
And look where we have stranded.

I already considered Dyack the most ignorant douchebag for his unique capability of being so goddamn full of himself, it actually made him chubby. When this man goes to take a leak, he's pissing pure golden ignorance and ****s bricks of solid douche. Quite the personality.

Now, allow me to tell you something. It's related to common sense, and the thing I'm about to say is something that might be completely obvious to you.
- Every game developer is allowed to say 'I consider my game great', without being considered being completely full of yourself. For it's your own creation, something you'll most definatly like yourself. Dennis Dyack on the other hand, doesn't just love his own creation; His mission over the past years was to not just convince everyone else, his mission was to make everyone like the damn thing. And if you didn't, he'd consider you a tasteless dumbass.

After a few personal vandetta's here and there...
Well, after nearly ten mother****ing years, countless of debates, previews and such bull later...

Too Human turns out to be a pit of mediocre-ness.
A big mess between back story and lackluster gameplay.
The type of game like Halo 3, where you're thrown in a big mess wondering "What the hell happened!?". Only Halo 3 makes up for the "Here you go...Y'know what happened", for having TWO additional games infront of it. While Too Human plays as if there has been a number of prequels you should've played, and you're thrown inthere thinking "Yeah... I uhh... Will find out, I guess.".

Hell, if a reviewer says "It isn't bad...", you know damn well he's trying to say "...But it sure ain't good either.". Thanks Kevin VanOrd, you made my day.

Oh, and I'm trying to make a comeback on GameSpot as well as Giantbomb with the whole blogging thing. Someone, please fix GameSpot already. It's like driving a car with three wheels. It's possible, but you know damn well if you get that fourth wheel back on it's a helluva lot better.

The Sins of a Father.

Goddamn, completely forgot about this.
Yes, it's a download. It's not like I'm trying to give you a virus or somethin', the flu's not really my thing.

Oh, and I wanted to bring up something.

What the hell is going on? I don't care for this beta layout - I'm paying for subscriber specific things; And they keep on getting taken away:

- Game Guides; Do these even get made anymore?
- Themes; All gone, for this new one.
- Downloads; For some reason I can't get the high-speed stuff working, nor do the videos download in that HD quality bull**** I'm promised.
- Specific beta/demo/etc. downloads; Haven't seen these in a long while...

I'm a paying customer;
If anyone's going to give me a workaround, I'd suggest you'd pull your head of your ass and acknowledge that it's BROKEN. Sure, it works in a way - But when you're paying, you think differently about certain things.

Writing Controversy.

Every designer has his own sty.le to what he makes. Dennis Dyack works into details, yet keeps it simple. Cliff Bleszinski is all about brutality. Sam Houser is always on the edge of what is morally wrong and right. It goes on and on. I tend to walk on Bill O'Reilly's grass and put politics in a dark corner and make it wear "I'm a *****" hat. Three out of four projects I'm working full time on at this time are related to politics in a way...

The fourth one?

Well, imagine when a game starts off with the protagonist who's about to turn good after years of evil.
Begins to build a life again, as a whole new man.
Until his past catches up again, that turns the tides all over again.

I have a feeling that when a 17 year old hostage who gets a bullet to the skull off-screen is as morally ****ed up as it could get. And if polticians are already raging on about a scene in GTAIV that isn't even there; This might put 'em off.
But dare to deny that it's a helluva setting for revenge.

Have no damn idea of what I am talking about?
Give it a few days, one PDF file'll explain it.

And yes, blogging with this mysterious sense is quite the mood-maker when it comes to what I'm writing. Usually when I try to write up a concept, it's all about scale.
This one, on the other hand....

...Is all about the feel.

PDF in a few days.

Development Hell

Crazy week thus far. I got my computer back, already. Even though I lost all my files(again), cramming all I had ever saved on the 23 USB sticks I purchased at Curcuit City real quick before the thing went belly up. Hell, the guy decided to listen to me(seems like everyone listens when you flash a 20 dollar bill), and he installed XP. On my painfully annoying request, I wanted him to download those Vista themes suitable for XP. I kinda got used to the slick looks of Vista... So, I'm back on full power with the Vista looks to support it.

Development Hell

Paragraphs. Professional looking. I'm full of myself.

Anyway, Activision. Oh, my bad. "Activision-Blizzard", the two golden bricks Blizzard threw through the Window of Spend Your Time Well, Diablo and Warcraft, without the Blizzard name and fame within the Activision name, the CEO of the 'Vision must be goddamn insane. Alright, I suck at rhyming, it sounded catchy in my head.

dropped several games.
First, I didn't give a damn. It happens all the time, and second, usually the games on the list wouldn't have caught my interest to begin with.

Before I rage on about how Activision-Blizzard's out of their damn minds for dropping such a line up, YES! I know GameSpot, IGN, etc, they all mentioned they were put in Limbo. They weren't terminated, they weren't dropped, they were set on the list "To Be Executed". But wouldn't you think that Activision-Blizzard would've considered the chances of profit, success and overall what the game itself is gonna reach, that basically it means "It's over, the project is off."?

If a game gets on the Blacklist. It won't get off. Atleast, not unless the Activision-Blizzard office gets raided Revenge of the Nerds-st.yle over the fate of the game.

But back to what they're dropping, from the press release;

  • Wet (Never heard of it)
  • Ghostbusters (Some PR dude regret all he said, and now's claiming it isn't on the blacklist)
  • Riddick: The Assault on Dark Athena (Bastards)
  • World in Conflict: The Soviet Assault Expansion Pack (C'mon dammit! I wanted to be a Commie)
  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (...Yeah)
  • Zombie Wranglers (What?)
  • Brutal Legend (Personally, havent heard of it. Seems like everyone else loves it)
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (Insert Hugh Hefner Quote Here)

Now why would they be dropping Soviet Assault? It's taking too long? Sounds reasonable, atleast for what they're creating, too much time needed.
What about Riddick? Sounds like it was all a wild yell of "RESSURECTION MONEY!!!".
The 50 Cent? No disrespect to him, nor his music. But making money out of people's flatout ignorance(Which is obviously the only reason why some actually bought the original one), better off gone.

The rest? Aside from Ghostbusters, I personally don't know, nor do I care. Why Ghostbusters was on this list in the first place, while there was a demo on ComicCon? Just to say "Here, this is what you're gonna miss out thanks to those Spyro loving jackasses!"? Though, I'm seriously doubting the future of this game. Ghostbusters is a new IP, something that publishers would refuse straight away weren't it for the fact that all the writing work has been done before. I'd say, if it honestly were on this list, not as a mistake. I'm putting a fifty on this gig being cancelled by Christmas.

Still, it's a damn shame they're putting a stop to Soviet Assault. World in Conflict's a great game, a great game that needed a expension pack as soon as possible. Like C&C.

Beating a dead horse...

...Always seems to give that one last pulse. Like rebooting a computer that's fairly screwed up.

Now, I've posted two blogs about my new computer and it's... share of problems. First one, three months ago - I, with my usual state of ignorance, decided it was best to install Windows XP myself, rather than spending 25$ extra on a dude who can actually do it. I used to work as a Internet technician I just say. Anyway, I installed XP myself. And I managed to pull it off. For so long.

I wanted the bigger hard-drive, the 400GB one to be the main C: drive. With the original one, that came with the computer hardware, would be secundary. I tried to get it straight like that, but it ended up with XP throwing files over all hard-drives. Even the two 1GB USB sticks I plugged in as soon as I unboxed the computer. So, apperiantly when I detached one of the USB drives, the thing became unstable and started somesort of "protection" sequene. Which in Microsoft terms, simply means "Martyrdom TEH FILES!". So, XP went down, and so did all my files.

I learned from my mistakes, ***in' suprise, and called a guy to install Vista for me. As the bastard refused to install XP, "cause Vista is superior in any way". So, he installed Vista and I was stuck with the anti-christ of gaming. Microsoft Vista. No matter what, even with all the updates - My preformance has dropped big time, many games don't work on Vista and half of the files I download don't run on Vista yet.

But all problems aside; The thing worked, and I paid over 1500$ in total, including the repairs. All reason to take what I have, and shut the hell up.

... 'Til this wretched morning. "Driver error, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot."
Did that for half an hour, and it worked. Tried some stuff, like for instance, unlike last time, I took the oppertunity to dump all most of my files and pr0n on a USB. I played some games. I watched half of the Sony E3 2008 conference. And it all worked...

Then I went to take a leak. And when I came back, the wonders of modern technology ****canned me again.
"Driver error, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot."

While it does work.

I've been rebooting the damn thing for two hours. And then it finally has the energy to put through.
And the funny thing of it all; I have no clue on what the hell is wrong with the thing. All I can think of is the guy screwing up installing Vista as well. Though, if he did, it would've happened a long time earlier, right?

Damn the computers...
Wait, rephrase. Damn the computers that are a straight up pain in the ass.

GoldenEye: Source...

Allow me to go eightyfive year old grandpa on you;

I remember back in the days, playing GoldenEye on the N64. Four player splitscreen, all yelling "C'mon, that's BULL****!" like the early symptoms of becoming the stereotypical Xbox Live player we are. I, holing myself up in the toilets on the Facility map, covering the perimeter with proximity mines and a 12 Guage Shotgun. My buddy Paul, who owned the game, charging with the AK, kicking all our asses. The third guy, Jim(R.I.P.) running about, not knowing what the hell the controls are. And the last fella', Jeffrey, finds new ways to super-camp the Golden Gun.

That all changed when Paulie got Perfect Dark, we never played the "Best FPS ever" together ever again. Though, it was because of Perfect Dark simply being better. Putting all bots of "Brutal Vengance". One good player, one mediocre, and two reaching new lows per gun they find. Paulie, in love with the phenomenon "RUN! THEY'RE COMIN' FOR US!". Me throwing around N-bomb's and blinding everyone, including myself, Jimmy shooting tons of holes in the walls, but somehow not hitting the enemies and Jeff who simply says "**** it" and goes to hide out underneath a bunch of boxes, blowing the hell out of everyone that passes.

It's been over four years since I last played 007: GoldenEye. I own a copy of Perfect Dark, but I don't have one of those packs, and can't play Single-Player.

Seeing as I got 'em Steam games running again, I figured I'd download some mods. GoldenEye: Source being one of them. And damn does GoldenEye: Source look alot like 007: GoldenEye. Copyright infringement FTW! Anyway, it's got all the maps revised in Source format. Props, items and most textures used from the HL2 engine. But the extreme gore, and the ragdolling - Priceless.

To name something, the walking down a hallway on the Citadel map(Big open radarplatform, roughly 80FT above ground), and hearing a shotgun blast, followed by watching the poor bastard smack his face against the walkway you're walking on. Followed by watching him drop all the way to the ground. It's got all the guns, levels and even some custom stuff. It's truely a total conversion.