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Grand Theft Auto IV TRAILER on Thursday

  On Thursday, all we are going to see the new trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV[GTA IV].
In this video, all we hope[wait] that isn't only has a new trailer; we wait that it has some minutes of gameplay. And a lot of people waits this trailer since the last year, when was announced. It's certain that is one of many videos about this game, but is the first.
  Rumors already had placed Tokyo and New York as the cities that will serve of palco for the plot of the game, that always they turn around the crime, but nothing it was confirmed still.
  Visit the
official site, there is have an accountant to see how much time lacksWait for the videoWainting.For the time being, practically nothing it was disclosed on the game, not to be that it will arrive simultaneously in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (the previous versions had left first in PlayStation 2, of Sony). Whichever the choice platform, the game will receive new features content through for download.
  The game arrives on the North American shelves in 16 October. I don't have ps3 or x360 :cry: but i will watch all videos :twisted: , and you ¿
prepared to attend and if to make an impression with the first trailer?You it will be connected in the ThursdayWait more?
This game will make you to buy a videogame of the next-gen!
  See u soon!Comment!

What you think about this??

God Of War On Next Gen?!!!

Sucess of Playstation 2, GOD OF WAR is the way of the new generation, but the director Corey Balrog informs: he goes to delay.

In interview granted to the site GameDaily, the executive explained that all the producers of the first game were proprietors of a PlayStation 2 and that it intends to keep this team to take the adventures of Kratos to the new videogame of Sony. However, it will not make this running.“I do not want to hurry the production of the game and to create the climate “oh my God, us I need to finish this”, because he would pressure all for the launching goal and we would run the risk to sacrifice something”, Barlog said.

Before appearing in PlayStation 3, however, the series will have a continuation in PlayStation 2. Practically soon, “God of War II” will be shown in the GDC, fair of TI of games that happens in the next week in San Fransico.

The release is foreseen for the first fortnight of March of 2007.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed IS GOOD or NOT?

Star Wars The Force Unleashed will leave for PS3, PS2, X360 and DS. It sees the videos that I made upload and answer!:shock: Down the page.....


It will be or it will not be an excellent game? In the Physics or the game he will only be complete?You it would buy? :D:twisted:.Comment Plz. I am wainting ur answers.

Tekken 6 is disclosed in Japanese fair of arcade!

  The producer Bandai Namco disclosed in the AOU Expo 2007, dedicated fair arcades, images of Tekken 6, images of T6,its traditional surmounting of fight. In the occasion two new personages had been present: Leo, a blond boy who seem to use techniques of street fight, and Zafina, that has Arab traces and a forbidden
The video shown in the fair affirms that Tekken 6 will have the biggest cast of fighters of the series. Moreover, the customization of personages was improved, allowing much more options to the player. The modification is so great that until makes it difficult to identify the fighter. Participants as the robot Jack, the respondent Bryan and Asuka Kazama had been confirmed in this new edition of the match of martial arts. 

the new scenes they are a Japanese temple and an urban area completely destroyed, with right to an abandoned tank. “Tekken 6” is foreseen to still enter in operation in arcades in 2007.

The game also has a version confirmed for PlayStation 3 - the plate of arcade is compatible with the console, valley to detach, but not yet it has definite date.   


DS already sold a million of units in Japan in 2007!

The portable one of the Nintendo continues being a phenomenon of sold, reaching, in only five weeks, the mark of a million of devices sold in 2007. In less of one year [it was launched in 2 of March of 2006], the DS already more than arrives the 8,5 million commercialized units.

The Wii continues in the second position, distant good of the PSP, that keeps its rhythm of sold. PlayStation 3 obtained to break out itself of its predecessor :?, thanks to the launching of “Virtua Fighter 5”, that it could have been a bigger success if was not a serious problem in the special control Virtua Stick High Grating, that compelled the Sega to collect the product. The problem is decided and the company is changing the defective controls or returning the money of the purchasers.

Xbox 360 fell a little of platform, without new features of appeals the Japanese public at the moment.

It confers the platforms sold in the week and the gathered for the year of 2007: 1. Nintendo DS Lite - 201.177 - 1.103.588 2. Wii - 78.550 - 603.478 3. PSP - 32.175 - 303.113 4. PlayStation 3:twisted: - 23.431 - 178.734 5. PlayStation 2:twisted: - 16.033 - 149.437 6. Xbox 360 - 4.811 - 52.617 7. Game Boy Advance SP - 980 - 8.136 8. Game Boy Micro - 884 - 10.245 9. GameCube - 383 - 3.459 10. Nintendo DS - 121 - 561 11. Game Boy Advance - 36 - 308


In its blog, the director of “God of War II”, Cory Barlog, said that the game is “almost ready”:twisted:.

Balrog affirmed that its “primary work” is finished and that what remains to make is to fix eventual errors of programming and to pass for the final phases of the process of quality control.

The director mainly says a little of the game system, of the exchange of weapons, that is made almost that instantly. He is possible to make sequence of blows substituting weapons and magics/powers.

Also he was disclosing that a jogável demonstration was finished and will be produced in mass in the February start. The part will also have to be boxed in official magazines for PlayStation 2 and envoy to the specialized press.

A curiosity: Balrog disclosed that of War will use its recess to finish “Gears”, a game of great success for the rival console Xbox 360.

Although not to still have official date, “God of War II” is listed in store online for March middle. The heading must be one of the last great launchings for PlayStation 2.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent will have exclusive new features in the PS3

In PlayStation 3, “Splinter Cell: Double Agent” goes to bring a series of exclusive resources, as based unknown maps in new environments, beyond cooperative challenges, as well as a new spy.

It is the effort of the Ubisoft to try to come back the attentions to the game, that after arrives at the console of Sony five months the launching in Xbox 360. Beyond the new features to multiplayer it, one expects that the game usufructs the sensor of movements of the Sixaxis, control of the PS3.

Radical changes wait Sam Fisher in the new chapter of “Splinter Cell”: the game starts in 2008, one year after the events of the previous version, “Chaos Theory”. It is fulfilling penalty of 20 years behind the gratings after to commit some on crime to the death of its son, Sarah, of 23 years.

Windows Vistas compatible with 1000 games!!!

 Rick Wickham, director business-oriented of the division Windows Gaming, said to wait that more the headings arrive simultaneously at the Xbox 360 and Seen Windows. The executive affirmed even so that some games will be launched at the same time in the console of new generation and the PC, standing out that this is an individual decision of the producers.

The initiative is one amongst the varied ones created to integrate the two platforms, as games that can be played in both the formats, such as “UNO” and “Shadowrun”, for example.

The conquests (“achievements”), that they make enormous success in the Xbox Live, also will be incorporated the PC games, with the new operational system. Moreover, Wickham confirmed that the compatibility of the Seen Windows already was tested, of well-succeeded form, with more than a thousand games.

Happy New Year FOR ALL!!!


That you and its family is happy in this new year and that GOD comes to bless to all.

Either in the beach, in house or any another place of the world, they have all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.8)

After 5 Years STALKER finally gained date of lauching

After 5 years in development and one without number of adjournments, “S.T..L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl ", game of shot for PC produced for the THQ, finally it gained date of launching: in day 16 of March of 2007, the heading will arrive at the shelves of the United States.

In “S.T..L.K.E.R.", the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl serves as cloth of deep: you assume the skin of a hunter of you reward that you explore the outskirts of the plant, fighting against other hunters or mutant threats.

The question, now, it is to know if last as much time, the game has breath and potential to offer everything what it promised when was announced.
I want this game, but my pc is bad for actually games.