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TF2 is always a good time: And grats to V-Guy on his first game night!


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I'll do my best to be there.

If I were to vote, it'd be for some regular TF2 action mixed in with some regulated play, meaning all soldiers, all spies, Demoknights, etc. Nothing makes a boring old map interesting like mandating classes!


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I know the game doesn't technically have an ending, but I think I won. :P


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Gah: It's so late! You do know that most of the country is not on Pacific time, right? :cry:


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Get an ASUS Xonar DX. It's pretty damn good with my 555s. My settings are 6 channels, headphone for analog out, and S. Rock for the EQ preset. My only gripe with it is that the SPDIF and Mic input are the same port, which really sucks cause now I can't use DDL.

He wants the DG, NOT the DX. The DG has a Headphone Amp built in along with Dolby Headphone processing. Boz
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Hey the house I built survived! And it looks like you all made it to heII! Glad you had fun; if the server is still up I'll poke around some more, and maybe force it into hard mode early :devil:

I won't do that.



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It's a work night, so it's pretty unlikely I'll be able to make it since it doesn't start until 10:30PM Eastern. If you're on early, hit me on Steam and I'd be happy to join in.

I think games are limited to four people on a server, though? It's been awhile since I did multiplayer.


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Open-backed a bass-heavy would limit your selection to the Beyerdynamic DT880 and, preferably, the HiFiMan HE-400. Honestly, that's about it if you want extra bass bump, otherwise you'll need to augment your listening experience with some tactile transducers attached to your seating arrangement (e.g. Aura Basshakers). Good luck, Boz
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Tera is going free to play soon, so when that happens it might be an enjoyable distraction.

Super Monday Night Combat (free, PC)

Team Fortress 2(free, PC)


World of Warcraft (free up to Level 20)

Happy gaming,