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Guild Wars 2 Beta Codes and Marriage


The Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta is THIS WEEKEND, and I've got codes. I'll be giving them out via Twitter over the remainder of the day (06/07/2012). Keep and eye out and be fast to snag one!

AlsO, I've been married for NINE years as of today. Those nine years were filled with joy and pain, triumphs and sorrows, and I am grateful for all the hard work and luck that has gone into our life in that time. In the time I've been with Dr. Bozif have:

  • Gone to art school
  • Graduated college
  • Stood by her through Cancer- twice
  • Been through three career jobs
  • Bought three cars
  • Three apartments and one house
  • Trips to Montreal, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Disney World, Miami, London, Paris, Jamaica, Savannah, New York City, Nova Scotia, and Las Vegas
  • Seen Dr. Boz through two graduations, both undergrad and her Ph.D
  • Had three kids- at once
  • Dozens of fights
  • Probably several hundred movies
  • Probably several hundred hours of video games together
  • Thousands of meals

Though everything I have come to the conclusion that a successful marriage takes a lotof work, but that work is the most rewarding of any you might undertake.