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Game Radar: Team Fortress 2 Game Night!


  • When: Thu May 3, 2012 @ 8:00 PM Eastern (5:00PM Pacific)
  • Duration:Two hours or more, participation dependent
  • Server: (TBD)
  • What: Team Fortress 2
  • Where to buy: Steam (No purchase necessary)
  • Platform: PC
  • Map(s): (TBD)
  • Chat Resource: Game Night Chatroom (requires Java)

First and foremost: Spread the word! If you're planning on playing, tell your friends! Tweet about the event, post to FUSE, or send smoke signals: The more players the better!

Please, if you are not using your Gamespot ID in Team Fortress 2, respond with your handle so I can translate! You can also add me on Steam under the handle Bozanimal, just give me a heads-up ahead of time.

1. How do I get in on the action?
It is important to join the chatroom (requires Java) to get info on server status. If the chatroom is not open for any reason, post a question in this thread with your issue.

2. I am from another timezone. What time is that for me?

3. What mode will we be playing?
The game modes will vary depending on the server. We'll be cycling through a couple different modes over the course of two hours (or more).

4. Can I drop by late to participate?
Of course! Why not? Be sure to post what time you plan to show right here.

5. What GameSpot folks will I be playing with?
This is notan official Gamespot Community Game Night, it is a "Game Radar" event hosted by the community (or me, rather). As such, GameSpot Staff members may or may not be in attendance. If you're looking to headshot a particular site staff member, Ranger, or Moderator, hit them up directly to ask them if they plan to participate.

6. Do I get an emblem for playing?
No. Unless the Staff elect to play there will be no emblem, just the pleasure of playing a great game with fellow Gamespot community members, and taunting them over their mutilated, cartoonish corpses.

7. So, do I have a good chance of kicking your butt?
Yes, I'm quite terrible. All of my characters have a magnet on their back just for opposing Spies. I'm a pretty good sport, though, so feel free to post those kill shots and endlessly mock my noobishness.

8. Where should I report my "Game Radar" experience?
Feel free to discuss your experience here. Or there. You can also Tweet about it using the #gsfuse hastag, post an update to FUSE directly, or blog about it right here on Gamespot!