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Top 10 Games all time

Heres the list of top 10 games all time: This is in terms of gameplay and story, not multiplayer or replayablility, so if I gave it lets say a 9 in my game ratings it was due to lack of these one or both of those two.

10. Super mario 3 during its time it was the best game out, they even made a movie about it!

9. Legend of Zelda Link to the past. This one was really one of the first epic games there was that wasnt turn based.

8. Heavy rain multiple endings, great story, graphics, one to always remember

7. Resident evil 4 What can I say, I love killing zombies

6.New horizons YOU HAVENT PLAYED THIS>>> IT OWNS@! multiple epic storys! sail around the world, discovery at its best

5.mass effect 2 lots of recruitable characters with their own story lines... epic game

4. Batman Arkham city: graphics, story, voice acting all perfect

3. Metal gear snake eater, something about that sniper battle really put this game high on the list

2. Metal gear 4, Love the boss battles WINK*

1. red dead redemtion

Now Red dead was epic, great music, great atmosphere, voices, characters, expansions, weapons, graphics, sandbox, only ok in multi, If you have not played a game on this list you don't know what you are missing. If you played all of them, then you know what Im talking about.

madden curse

If the madden game curse is real, and so far it has been. The saints will lose to the 7-9 seahawks in the wild card. Wow would that suck.